Lebanon’s Spike App Wins $100K at GITEX’s Future Stars!

Building on last year's momentum at GITEX Future Stars, Speed@BDD had another strong presence this year with 15 Lebanese-based startups and one of its alumnus were able to clinch the first prize of $100K in cash at the Supernova Challenge. Spike App was competing with more than 200 startups in that competition and its owner Ziad was able to win over the crowd and jury and walk away with the big prize. Ziad had also…

Malak Al Tawouk Launch Their New Mobile app: “Djeijital”

Earlier this month, on September 17, Malak Al Tawouk launched their new mobile application, entitled "DJEIJITAL", an amalgan of the words DJEIJ and DIGITAL. The announcement came in a very humorous way on their Facebook page: "Sar 3enna application w sar 3enna application! 🎶 💃🏻 Serna Mlouk 3asr el DJEIJITAL! El Application mawjoude 3al Apple Store w 3a Google Play Store, nazlouwa w tlobo delivery mnel app hek hek darab el jou3! w 3a fekra 3a awal…

“Abtal Al Internet” by Google Helps Children Fight online Trolls and Scammers

1 week ago
Google has launched a cool platform named “Abtal Al Internet” (Internet Heroes) in Arabic where children are taught to detect scammers and fraudsters on the internet. The platform is for free and has plenty of ...

#NotEverythingIsForSharing: Alfa’s Timely Reminder

1 week ago
It’s like every single day, countless new videos are shared online of people in situations they will most probably later regret. Most of the time, it’s the people concerned themselves that share something they later ...

Spotify To Launch Soon in the Middle East?

4 weeks ago
Music streaming service Spotify is set to join Apple Music and launch in the Middle East by November according to some sources. The internal company email that was obtained by Music Business Worldwide states the ...

Telecom Ministry IEME Announces New Measures To Prevent Illegally Imported Devices

1 month ago
Telecom Ministry Jamal Jarrah tweeted a statement issued by the Ministry announcing new measures to prevent illegally imported mobile devices. Unlike the useless and ineffective decision taken few years back forcing smartphone users to register ...

Fiber Optics Soon in Jounieh?

1 month ago
The ISF released a statement last week stating that part of the northbound Jounieh highway will be closed for four days in order to install fiber optic cables. The works included fiber loops, cleaning manholes ...

My First Drone: DJI Spark

2 months ago
I’ve been meaning to buy a drone for photography for quite some time now but I didn’t need anything too professional or pricey. While it’s easy to find cheap drones just to fly them around, ...

Mobile Data Consumption Up by 70% from 2017

2 months ago
Businessnews reported last week that data consumption through mobile phones between 2016 and 2017 has increased by 78% for Alfa users and 66% for Touch users, and that the annual data consumption is expected to ...

Google Lets You Find Your Art Doppelgänger

3 months ago
I’ve been wanting try this feature since January but it wasn’t available in Lebanon (still not available). Basically The Google Arts & Culture app released an update few months ago that helps you find your ...