National Geographic Lists #Lebanon on its 2018 Best Summer Destinations

National Geographic listed #lebanon as one of the top destinations this summer. The list contains the likes of Iceland, Southern Indonesia, Masai Mara, Mongolia and aPapua New Guinea. Here's what the article said about Lebanon: The Spaniards argue that crème brûlée is just a French version of crema catalana. Welsh historians claim Arthur Guinness smuggled his famous stout recipe from a Welsh tavern to Dublin. And Lebanon … Lebanon wants their hummus back. Often overlooked…

Discover The Magic of Jezzine

The Jezzine region is one of the most beautiful regions in Lebanon, with its unexplored natural landscapes, mountain peaks and gorgeous pine forests and of course its one-of-a-kind waterfall. I always recommend Jezzine to anyone visiting Lebanon and Jezzine's tourism office just released a couple of awesome videos to promote the region. The first one is a promotional one ... while the second is Jezzine through the eyes of the highly esteemed journalist Claude Abou…

Tripoli Summed up in this 2-Minute Video

10 months ago
Check out this beautiful video on Tripoli by Hadi Hajar. A 2 minute and 24 seconds video that perfectly sums up Lebanon’s second-largest city. The Citadel, The Rashid Karameh International Exhibition Center, The souks, the ...

Call 1735 to Report Valet Parking Companies Charging Over LL5000

10 months ago
A month ago, the Ministry of Interior & Tourism agreed in a joint statement to fix the valet service price at 5000 Lebanese Liras but the decision was apparently not yet enforced. According to the ...

Mar Charbel’s 24m Long Statue Installed on Faraya’s Mount of the Cross

11 months ago
Lebanon’s largest statue of St Charbel was finally installed today in Faraya on top of the Mount of the Cross. The long monument, which weighs 40 tons, was built with highly durable materials (mainly fiberglass) ...

Bistr’eau: A Seafood Gem at The Heart of Batroun

1 year ago
Bistr’eau (I love the name!) is a new seafood bistro that opened on the Batroun port as an extension to the beautiful L’Auberge de la Mer hotel. The bistro overlooks the port and fishermen boats ...

Edde Sands Slashes Admission Prices in Half

1 year ago
Eddé Sands is one of the most beautiful beach resorts in Lebanon but it’s not one you can afford to go to on a weekly basis or even spend the weekend there. Since I held ...

How to Enjoy A Beach Day in Lebanon On a 50,000 LBP Budget

1 year ago
It’s the end of the month, I’m almost out of money (as usual) but the weather is too nice not to be at the beach. I usually spend somewhere between $50 and $70 on my ...

Trail-runner Patrick Vaughan Sets new Record for the Lebanon Mountain Trail

1 year ago
The Lebanon Mountain Trail (LMT) is the longest hiking trail in Lebanon as it pretty much covers the whole country. It extends from Kobayat in the north of Lebanon to Marjaayoun in the south, a ...

Lebanon is Not Really Among The 20 Most Dangerous Countries in the World for Tourists

1 year ago
Business Insider released an article today listing the 20 most dangerous countries in the world for tourists. The list was extracted from The World Economic Forum’s 2017 Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index Report, which measures ...