New Transavia Lyon-Beirut route to be established in April 2019

Building up quite a good reputation in Lebanon during the past year or so, Transavia France, the low-cost arm of the Air France-KLM Group and the French operations of Transavia, will be launching a weekly flight from Lyon to Beirut, starting April 2019. The Boeing 737-800 aircraft will operate this route once a week on Saturdays only, all the way to the Lyon–Saint-Exupéry Airport, and the trip will cost around 79 euros . Tickets went…

South Africa Added to Countries Lebanese can Visit Without a VISA

2 weeks ago
Lebanese will no longer need a visa to visit South Africa, following recent changes done by the South African authorities in visa waiver agreements with some countries. “Citizens from countries which will now no longer ...

Direct Flights from #Beirut to #Amsterdam

3 weeks ago
I had no idea we had direct flights from Beirut’s airport to Amsterdam but I came across this post on the Embassy of the Netherlands’ page: Ready for take off ✈️ Great news! Transavia has ...

#Lebanon is too Diverse for a Single Trip – Video by Tolt is Out

4 weeks ago
So the famous French travel vlogger Tolt did end up releasing a “Don’t go to #Lebanon” and it looks pretty cool! However, it did feel like watching the “Rise Above Lebanon” tourism video with all ...

The Real Problem with Beirut’s Airport

1 month ago
August is the busiest month for traveling as airports are generally crowded and Beirut’s airport is no exception to that. The only problem is that no additional measures are taken during this month to ease ...

Lebanese General Security To Start Issuing 10-Year Passports

2 months ago
About time! The Lebanese General Security will start issuing 10-year passports staring August 10th. The passport will cost 500,000LL which is considerably more expensive than most passports around the world. Nevertheless, I’d rather pay 500,000LL ...

TLS Offices Now Open at Opera House on Martyrs Square

2 months ago
The news is over a month old but I just noticed it. Those who wish to apply for VISAs to Australia, Denmark, France, Italy, Switzerland and Great Britain can now head to the new TLS ...

MEA Airlines Completes First Direct Flight from #Beirut to #Madrid

3 months ago
MEA’s Airbus A320 arrived today in Madrid just over 4 hours after setting off from Beirut’s international airport. MEA Airlines had announced new routes a couple of months ago and today marks the first non-direct ...

Lebanese Nizam Hussein Shalak Has Been Stuck in Ecuador Airport For Over 40 Days

4 months ago
We have a Lebanese real-life version of the “Terminal”, whereas a 56-year old Lebanese has been stuck in an Ecuadorian airport for the past 42 days, and the Lebanese authorities have just learned about him! ...