After Rola Hoteit, Erica Chbeir Becomes Second Female Pilot to Join the MEA

Rota Hoteit is no longer the only female airline pilot in Lebanon as Erica Chbeir has recently joined the Middle East Airlines and is currently a First Officer aka Copilot. I was also told that a third female cadet pilot might be joining soon but I can't confirm it yet :D Given that only 3% of the airline pilots around the world are women, I think it's great to see two female pilots . Thumbs…

Emirates to Operate First Ever Airbus 380 to Beirut

On March 29th, Emirates will operate its first ever A380 flight to the Rafic Al Hariri International Airport, making it the first ever scheduled A380 service to Beirut. The Emirates A380 service will operate as EK 957 and EK 958, departing Dubai at 0725hrs and arriving in Beirut at 1030hrs. The flight will depart Beirut at 1415hrs arriving in Dubai at 1905hrs on the same day. The A380 double-decker plane accommodates 429 Economy seats, 76…

Expats Will ONLY be Charged 1000 LL for Issuing a Lebanese Passport

2 weeks ago
I saw a tweet yesterday by Lebanon’s Foreign Affairs minister stating that Lebanese expats will now be able to get a Lebanese passport for only 1000LL and that it will be delivered to them free ...

Wild Discovery: Making the Schengen Visas Nightmare Easy

3 months ago
As Lebanese passport holders, we are at a massive disadvantage when we want to travel. Virtually most countries you’d wanna visit, need a pre-approved visa if you’re a Lebanese passport holder. If you have been ...

Baddak Tleff Amsterdam?

3 months ago
There’s a local travel agency promoting its offers in a funny/witty and sometimes inappropriate way. It was brought to my attention by a blog reader (Thanks Rita) and two of the offers caught my attention. ...

In Pictures: Newly Revamped Cedar Lounge

4 months ago
The Cedar Lounge was recently revamped but I only had the chance to visit it a couple of days ago. There’s still one side that wasn’t unveiled but it already feels fresher and trendier. More ...

Public Works & Transport Minister Promised to Reopen Rene Mouawad Airport by Next Year

4 months ago
Public Works and Transport Minister Youssef Fenianos promised a couple of months ago pilgrims traveling to Mecca that they will be able to depart from the renovated Rene Moawad airport by next year. Back in ...

Electronic Ban lifted onboard MEA’s flights bound to London

4 months ago
Middle East Airlines just announced today to all its passengers that the ban on the carriage of larger phones, laptops and tablets in the cabin on-board MEA flights to London was finally lifted. Seven months ...

Beirut Airport Expansion Planned To Accommodate An Additional 5 Million Passengers

4 months ago
The airport was originally built in 1992 to accommodate 6 million passengers and obviously need a whole revamp, not just an expansion plan. However the real problem is not only in the airport’s capacity but ...
Middle East

MEA Suspends Flights to Iraq’s Erbil

5 months ago
Iraq’s Kurdistan vote for independence has resulted in more than 92% of voters saying “Yes” and the Iraqi authorities don’t seem too happy about it. They have already ordered the country’s Kurdish area to surrender ...