Lebanese no longer need a Visa to Travel to Qatar

Qatar issued a memo yesterday adding Lebanon to its list of countries whose citizens are exempt from visa requirement. The memo issued by Qatar's Airport Passports Departments stated that tourist visas will be granted instantly upon arrival from now on. Just a quick reminder, it was almost impossible for Lebanese to get a visa to Qatar in the past few years but things have apparently changed ever since Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt cut…

Air Canada CEO in Favor of a Beirut-Montreal Direct Flight

There are ongoing talks between the Lebanese authorities and the Canadian ones to allow a direct flight from Montreal to Beirut but it doesn't look like it's gonna happen anytime soon. Air Canada's CEO announced recently that he's in favor of a Montreal-Beirut flight as the Lebanese community is one of the biggest in Canada and specifically Montreal. The Canadian government is still however against allowing such a flight for security reasons. The non-stop flight…

AUB Professor Denied Entry to the US Due to New “Extreme Vetting” Measures

2 weeks ago
George Saad, a Lebanese professor at the American University of Beirut, was “wrongfully denied entry to the US because of new “extreme vetting” measures”, according to the New York Post. When he landed Friday, Saad ...

I’m Taking Part in MEA’s Digital Networking Event in Sharm el Sheikh

1 month ago
Middle East Airlines is organizing its first digital networking event this year in Sharm el Sheikh and I’m gladly taking part in it and taking my wife and kid with me as well. There are ...

Off to Hawaii

3 months ago
Hello, this is Zahi, Najib’s brother and this is my first post on the blog. I moved to the US few years ago and I am currently residing in Portland with my wife and 3 ...

Royal Jordanian Get Poetic on US/UK Ban

3 months ago
This is even better than the Emirates reply, and that’s not the first time RJ pokes fun at Trump’s travel bans. The latest US Travel ban forbids passengers on flights from more than 10 Middle ...

UK Just Banned Laptops, Tablets on Flights from Lebanon & Five Other Countries

3 months ago
After US authorities banned electronic devices from cabin baggage on flights from more than 10 Middle Eastern and North African countries, the UK followed suit and issued a similar flight ban on anything electronic larger ...

US Ban on Electronic Devices to Affect 9 Middle Eastern Airports

3 months ago
CNN, BBC and The Guardian are reporting that the US authorities have just banned electronic devices from cabin baggage on flights from more than 10 Middle Eastern and North African countries. The requirement would forbid ...

Why I was Visiting Philip Morris in Switzerland

3 months ago
My recent trip to the Philip Morris International (PMI) Research Center in Neuchâtel in Switzerland might have come as a shock to many. Most of you know I don’t smoke, and that I’m a staunch ...

I’m off to Switzerland

3 months ago
I’m flying to Geneva this morning and staying in Lausanne till Saturday where I’ll be visiting the Philip Morris International R&D Facilities. Lausanne is not a touristic destination from what I’ve heard but I don’t ...