Lebanese General Security To Start Issuing 10-Year Passports

About time! The Lebanese General Security will start issuing 10-year passports staring August 10th. The passport will cost 500,000LL which is considerably more expensive than most passports around the world. Nevertheless, I'd rather pay 500,000LL rather than pay 300,000LL for a 5 year old passport. In comparison, a 10 year UK passport costs around $150 while a Canadian passport only costs $160. Germany has one of the world's most powerful passports and it barely costs…

MEA Airlines Completes First Direct Flight from #Beirut to #Madrid

2 months ago
MEA’s Airbus A320 arrived today in Madrid just over 4 hours after setting off from Beirut’s international airport. MEA Airlines had announced new routes a couple of months ago and today marks the first non-direct ...

Lebanese Nizam Hussein Shalak Has Been Stuck in Ecuador Airport For Over 40 Days

2 months ago
We have a Lebanese real-life version of the “Terminal”, whereas a 56-year old Lebanese has been stuck in an Ecuadorian airport for the past 42 days, and the Lebanese authorities have just learned about him! ...

The Huawei Experience in Milano

2 months ago
Prior to the launch of the Huawei P20 Pro in Lebanon, I had the privilege to visit the Huawei Experience Store in Milano and was among the first to try out the Huawei P20 pro ...

#UltimateEXPEDITION With Ford in Ras Al Khaimah, Dubai

4 months ago
A couple of weeks back, I flew to Dubai to a first hand experience with Ford’s latest SUV: the all-new 2018 Ford Expedition. We’ve already been to several experiences in Dubai with Ford and they ...

After Rola Hoteit, Erica Chbeir Becomes Second Female Pilot to Join the MEA

5 months ago
Rota Hoteit is no longer the only female airline pilot in Lebanon as Erica Chbeir has recently joined the Middle East Airlines and is currently a First Officer aka Copilot. I was also told that ...

Emirates to Operate First Ever Airbus 380 to Beirut

5 months ago
On March 29th, Emirates will operate its first ever A380 flight to the Rafic Al Hariri International Airport, making it the first ever scheduled A380 service to Beirut. The Emirates A380 service will operate as ...

Expats Will ONLY be Charged 1000 LL for Issuing a Lebanese Passport

5 months ago
I saw a tweet yesterday by Lebanon’s Foreign Affairs minister stating that Lebanese expats will now be able to get a Lebanese passport for only 1000LL and that it will be delivered to them free ...

Wild Discovery: Making the Schengen Visas Nightmare Easy

8 months ago
As Lebanese passport holders, we are at a massive disadvantage when we want to travel. Virtually most countries you’d wanna visit, need a pre-approved visa if you’re a Lebanese passport holder. If you have been ...