Stunning 7-Minute Video on Akkar: Lebanon’s Green Treasure

Akkar Trail shared a 7-minute video showcasing Akkar's green treasure which occupies 20% of Akkar's total area. The forests in Akkar are among the largest and most bio-diverse in Lebanon and there are several protected natural sites and even a Cedar forest reserve. Check out this stunning documentary, hoping that necessary measures will be taken to preserve this green heaven, managing the wildfires and prevent fires from devouring forests.

A Powerful ICRC Video On Targeting Hospitals in War Zones

ICRC shared few days ago a powerful video aimed at shedding lights on health workers and hospitals being attached in war zones. The video entitled "Why We Can’t Save Her Life" shows a father driving his dying daughter to a nearby hospital only to find out that the hospital was bombed. From May 2016 to today, the ICRC has registered in 16 countries alone over 1,200 incidents of violence against health-care facilities or personnel. More…

#ForwardWithLebanon: Lebanon and the EU

6 months ago
Since 2011, it feels like most of the work being done by the international community in Lebanon, has been geared towards refugees. While the refugee crisis has required a lot of support from the rest ...

Videos Explaining The 2018 Electoral Law/Voting Process

7 months ago
I stumbled upon few informational videos that will help you understand the new electoral law, the voting process and guide you on how to vote correctly in the upcoming 2018 elections. Some of them even ...

#TrueLoveNeverGoesBlind: A Wonderful Initiative by Alfa This Valentine’s Day

8 months ago
A couple of months back, I was at Alfa’s HQ when they offered three legally blind children the gift of sight and I captured the heart-warming moment they start seeing properly again. It was a ...

Phoenicia Hotel Beautiful Yet Daring Valentine Ad

8 months ago
This is the second brilliant video produced by Phoenicia Hotel in the past six months, first with the beautiful tribute to Beirut and now with this emotional, captivating and daring Valentine ad. It’s a call ...

Is Incineration the Right Solution for Beirut?

8 months ago
How should we handle the ongoing garbage crisis? Should we acquire incinerators? How can we manage such facilities without polluting? What kind of waste should we incinerate? Amid the lack of transparency from the Lebanese ...

If We’re All Paying our Municipalities, Where Does our Money go?

11 months ago
If you want to buy or rent a house, start a business, use your mobile phone or landline, consume electricity or water, you are paying municipalities. Municipalities benefit from almost every service out there in ...

Tripoli Summed up in this 2-Minute Video

1 year ago
Check out this beautiful video on Tripoli by Hadi Hajar. A 2 minute and 24 seconds video that perfectly sums up Lebanon’s second-largest city. The Citadel, The Rashid Karameh International Exhibition Center, The souks, the ...
Old Lebanon

Old 1957 Footage of Lebanon

1 year ago
The Lebanese Heritage FB page shared a short video of a 1957 journey by German journalists to Beirut, Jordan, Palestine, Syria and Iraq. The video shows parts of Beirut, the Cedars, Baalbeck and aerial views ...