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Radioactive Sanitary Towels Seized At The Beirut Airport

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That’s just crazy stuff! More than half a ton of sanitary towels containing a radioactive substance were seized today at the Beirut Rafic Hariri Airport. The pads confiscated were all Chinese-made and delivered to Lebanon through Dubai. The news were reported by Reuters but they didn’t mention what level of radioactivity had been detected.

I think this is far worse than expired or rotten products and I hope the authorities will be able to trace back the source and see if any radioactive products are being sold in the market. We need to know the name of the company and who the hell is sending half a ton of radioactive sanitary towels to our market. On another note, this is the first time I hear about the Lebanese Atomic Energy Agency. I had no clue we had such a thing in Lebanon so I looked up a bit and found a website and the below info:

The Lebanese Atomic Energy Commission (LAEC) was established in 1996 with the support and collaboration of the International Atomic Energy Agency and the Arabic Atomic Energy Commission, in order to promote the peaceful application of atomic energy in Lebanon. The Commission is the only institution of its kind within the CNRS. Recently through its operational arm a radiation protection infrastructure is being established. The Commission is currently involved in environmental and food monitoring programmes using state of the art equipment and techniques.

Remembering Sarah el Khatib On World Cancer Day

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cancer via ArtSheep

Sara el Khatib was a 4th year pharmacy student at LAU and was battling cancer, living with an amputation and enduring the accompanying pain. Sara gave the below inspiring TEDx talk 14 days before she passed away, leaving us with 4 objects, symbolizing 4 lessons she had learned while battling cancer.

As brilliantly quoted in the poster above, cancer changes your live not the value of it. Let’s remember Sara, Simon and all those who lost the battle, as well as the survivors and all those battling cancer on this day.


Simon Has Unfortunately Lost His Fight Against Leukemia

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Simon Badaoui dedicated his life to helping people since his early age and was a Lebanese Red Cross volunteer. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with leukemia five years ago and an online fundraising campaign was started last year to cover all the expenses needed for his surgery and treatment. All of Lebanon supported Simon and the expenses were covered in few days only, but unfortunately Leukemia is not easy to fight and Simon died two days ago.

May he rest in peace.

Beirut And Tripoli Slaughterhouses Temporarily Closed

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I read in the past few days that slaughterhouses in Beirut and Tripoli were temporarily closed as they failed to meet health standards regarding the way animals are killed and how the facility is maintained. This is good news but it’s funny that they decided to examine the slaughterhouses after checking the restaurants and supermarkets. Usually you go after the source or the suppliers then you check the other end but let’s look at the bright side and hope they fix these slaughterhouses.

Speaking of Beirut’s Maslakh, I’ve shared a video a year ago on the malpractices being committed inside and LBCI even did a report on food safety back in May 2013. I even visited the place while looking for the Beirut crocodile earlier this year.

Roads For Life Working To Enhance The Quality Of “Trauma Care” In Lebanon

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roads for life

I had the honor to meet Mrs. Zeina Kassar Kassem, the president and founder of the Roads For Life – Talal Kassem Fund for Post-Accident care few weeks ago and I got to learn about the outstanding work this NGO has been doing for the past few years. Mrs. Kassem lost her 17-year old son Talal after he was run over by a raging driver on his way to school four years ago, yet despite her huge loss, she decided to make a difference and start the Talal Kassem foundation to “promote road safety and provide road victims the optimal support for post-trauma care”.

Roads for life has been doing a tremendous job by giving trauma surgeons, emergency physicians, nurses and Red Cross volunteers world-class training to help improve the chance of survival for road victims in the first 60 minutes of the accident (also known as the golden hour). Surgeons and Physicians from all hospitals in Lebanon are being offered the Advanced Trauma Life Support course (ATLS) which is certified by the “American College of Surgeons” in Chicago, nurses get the ATCN training while Red Cross volunteers get the PreHospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS) course.

Roads for life decided to tackle a cause that concerns us all, and worked hand in hand with professionals to enhance the quality of “Trauma Care” throughout the Lebanese territory. Getting the proper treatment at the right time and the right place can substantially help a patient and maybe save his life.

Here are the numbers of people Roads for Life has trained since 2011:
– 260 Red Cross volunteers and staff members.
– 216 trauma surgeons and physicians from over 65 hospitals all across Lebanon.
– 48 nurses.

It is worth noting that no more than four doctors are present in every ATLS session and that the mannequin they train on costs tens of thousands of dollars and is valid for one training only. Therefore, training over 200 physicians is a huge achievement and a great step forward for Lebanese hospitals.

Here’s a small report on Roads for Life and how Zeina Kassem has overcome this tragic day and founded Roads for Life to help save more lives and making the Lebanese roads a safer place.

You can learn more about Roads for Life and how you can help them [here].


Roads For Life Values:
Enable world-class post-trauma capacity building to physicians, nurses and first aiders in Lebanon
Lobby for the development and enforcement of better legislations related to road safety, and ensure their sustainable implementation
Establish and maintain relationships with government entities as well as local and worldwide NGOs to mobilize road safety stakeholder and have a stronger impact
Increase awareness on best practices for driving and avoiding road accidents as well as the consequences of reckless behavior.





Tarboosh Movember: Early detection is key

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I haven’t seen a lot of Movember awareness campaigns this year in Lebanon. I loved the Tarboosh one though. Alfa also has some competition including taking pictures with a mustache. Movember is an annual, month-long event (November) involving the growing of mustaches to raise awareness on men-related health issues, such as prostate cancer.

You can read more about it [Here].

wezank My friends at WeZank

PS: I’ve reviewed lately the new Tarboosh flavors, check them out [Here].

Did The Ministry Of Health Inspect Beirut’s Public Slaughterhouse?

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I posted this video a year ago. Compassion in World Farming visited the Karantina Slaughterhouse and were shocked by what’s happening there. Since the Ministry of Health is launching a food safety campaign, it would be a great idea to start with the Beirut Slaughterhouse where most of the restaurants in Lebanon get their meat from.

“The slaughterhouse is chaos. Everything is coated in a layer of blood, faeces and body parts. The slaughter area is heaving with people, live animals and slaughtered bodies. The sounds and smells are overwhelming.

Men grab defenceless sheep by the fleece or back leg. They fall to their knees and are forcefully dragged, one by one, to the slaughter line. Cattle are dragged by ropes around their necks. When they try to resist restraint they are yelled at and beaten viciously with metal rods. The animals are visibly terrified and in their frantic attempts to escape they slip, trip and fall, slamming their heads into the concrete floor.

Groups of sheep are forced to jump over dead bodies and wide gutters full of blood. They desperately try to force their way away from the bodies of other sheep they have just watched being slaughtered. Cows are left suspended fully-conscious by one leg for long periods of time, their faces resting in pools of other animals’ blood. They watch animals being slaughtered all around them. I wonder if they realize it will soon be their turn?”


Health Minister Wael Bou Faour Issues A list of Lebanon’s Violating Supermarkets And Restaurants

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Health Minister Bou Faour confirmed to all the Lebanese today that the food they are eating is full of diseases and issued a list of restaurants and supermarkets that do not meet the proper health and hygiene conditions. The minister said that violating restaurants will be warned and fines will be forced.

Personally speaking, I love the initiative and I really hope that this won’t be a temporary campaign but at the same time, I disagree with the minister on publishing at first a list of places without sharing the full study that was conducted and all the information available on that matter. We need to know on which basis was this study conducted, what were the violations and why wasn’t the ministry doing its job in the first place before Bou Faour took charge? Who was responsible back then and who let Natour reopen and sell rotten meat once again? Are the violations all the same? Why weren’t they classified as serious or minor?

Now people will start freaking out and sharing this list blindly because that’s all they know. I mean seriously how the hell is Roadster and Kababji on that list? We all know they are the safest places to eat in Lebanon. And how can Hallab’s Achta in Tripoli be on that list? That’s his source of pride lol!

In all cases, Minister Bou Faour has been done a great job so far and I hope he will clarify this whole matter and explain to the Lebanese people how this study was done and what are the steps being taken to enforce further quality control in Lebanon and make sure what we are eating is safe. The last thing we need is another “Labneh” controversy.

Here’s the full list as compiled by LBCI, noting that Beirut is still missing (Why is that?) and that the violations were related to specific products or items as you can see from the picture at the bottom.

Metn District:
Bedo Restaurant
Kababji Restaurant
Roadster Diner
Zohrab Butchery
Tannouri Supermarket
Al-Achkar Supermarket
Massoud Supermarket
McDonalds Restaurant
Maneea Farms Organization
Khawli Supermarket
Sultan Butchery
Metro Supermarket
Nassar Supermarket
Marche Du Rond Point
TSC Megamarket
Mazloum Organization
Broummana Market

Byblos District:
Hawa Chicken
Spinneys Supermarket
Supermarket Jbeil

Nabatieh District:
Rammal Restaurant

Kesserwan District:
Fahd Supermarket

Tripoli District:
Crepina Restaurant
Dar al-Amar Restaurant
Shay W Assal Restaurant
Baytna Restaurant
Albdel Rahman Hallab Sweets/Restaurant
Makiyyeh Restaurant

Aley District:
Hawa Chicken
MP Supermarket

Baabda District:
Metro Supermarket
Poule D’or
Aamiliya Restaurant

Shouf District:
Racheed Moussa Stores
Ghanem Stores
Rayyan Stores
Bou Khalil Supermarket

list1 - Copy

What You Need To Know About Digital Drugs In Lebanon

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The last time I heard about “digital drugs” was a couple of years ago when they decided to ban them in Dubai If I am not mistaken. I don’t know why the phenomenon just got to Lebanon, or at least the Lebanese media just found out about it, but I second Gino that you have to be stupid to buy this stuff. Moreover, I am not sure how the Lebanese authorities are planning to ban this thing as it’s impossible to do.

Anyway, if you’d like to waste your precious time reading about these drugs that were a hot topic 3-4 years ago, here’s a couple of links I recommend:
[NowLebanon: The Truth About Digital Drugs]
[Huffingtonpost: Digital Drugs]

7ki Jelis Does The Bra Cam Experiment With Myriam Klink

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7ki Jelis reproduced the Nestlé FITNESS bra camera initiative and fitted Myriam Klink with a pink bra embedded with a hidden camera and asked her to walk inside a mall and see how many times her breasts are checked out. I liked the original experiment as it’s a smart way to raise awareness on Breast Cancer but I think Myriam Klink is a bad choice. Also, I don’t understand why the video says that she’s stripping or “tzallatit” which means getting naked which she’s not.