A Powerful Video by Skoun on Lebanese Police Profiling

Skoun, a Lebanese Addictions Center, has launched its "Know Your Rights campaign in order to "empower, educate and shed the light on the harms caused by punitive drug control in Lebanon". Lebanese shouldn't be afraid of going to a police station, they shouldn't be detained illegally and suspicion and profiling should never constitute enough evidence to arrest someone. Police should not treat drug addicts as criminals, especially the young ones, and they must work with…

Environment Minister Tangled in a Tweet of Lies

The Environment Ministry is proving once again to be a complete waste of money. Minister Mohammad Machnouk is currently visiting Washington to take part in the "Our Ocean Conference" and was bragging yesterday on how he transformed a garbage mountain to a green area. He was referring to the Saida dumpster but chose willingly to ignore other garbage mountains he helped directly or indirectly create, like the Costa Brava, Neemeh, Burj Hammoud and others. Funnily…

Which Hospitals are Not Contacting the Police Upon Receiving Overdose Cases?

2 weeks ago
Back in March, The Ministry of Public Health issued an official statement urging all Lebanese hospitals to refrain from their usual practice of reporting drug addicts to the police upon their arrival to the Emergency ...

One Person Commits Suicide in Lebanon Every Three Days

3 weeks ago
This is quite a frightening figure to be honest and we are reminded of it every now and then but it’s not an accurate one. In fact, there are no accurate reports on suicide rates ...

Landfill Project Along the Matn Coast is a Disaster in The Making

3 weeks ago
The garbage crisis is back and it’s even worse this time. The government had one year to figure out a proper solution to this crisis, yet instead of promoting recycling and getting rid of landfills, ...

Mar Youssef Hospital Surrounded by Garbage

3 weeks ago
Lebanese politicians have been working hard since last year to regain the first spot as the least trustworthy in the world and they seem to be on track to regain that prestigious title. After inaugurating ...

CardioDiagnostics: Cloud-based Heart Monitoring Powered by Microsoft

1 month ago
Ziad Sankari was 17 years old when his father died of a heart attack. Ever since, Ziad has dedicated his career to cardiac care and has founded in 2012 CardioDiagnostics: an award-winning medical technology innovation ...

Aerial View of the Costa Brava Landfill

1 month ago
The Costa Brava landfill looks bad, it smells terrible and it’s located at the worst place possible. People living next to the landfill should have been evacuated prior to its opening and proper measures should ...

How Badly Polluted is the Litani River?

1 month ago
Polluted Litani River Photo Credits: Gettyimages/JosephEid There are over 150 farms using Litani’s polluted water to irrigate crops even though the Litani is no longer suitable for swimming or irrigation. The high levels of pollution ...

Shameful “Anal Exams” Still Taking Place in Lebanon

2 months ago
Human Rights Watch published an 82-pages long report on the forced anal examinations on men and transgender women accused of consensual same-sex conduct in which cases were reported in Lebanon in the past five years. ...