The Lebanese Civil War Mentality We Need To Get Rid Of

I couldn't care less about Aoun or Amal or any other political party for that sake, but there's nothing even remotely funny about posting such videos online, especially with everything happening around us and the rising sectarian tensions. This is the civil war mentality that we need to get rid of once and for all. PS: On another note, do people still play Counter Strike?

The Question-Answer Rounds at Miss Lebanon Need to be Dropped

Every year, Miss Lebanon contestants compete to come up with the dumbest answers in the question-answer round and every year, they get bashed online. Since Miss Lebanon contestants are accepted based on their looks and not their IQ levels, I think the organizers should drop the Question-Answer round once and for all, or have it all scripted to make the contestants look good. No one is expecting anything from Miss Lebanon and no one even…

Don’t Piss off a Lebanese Taxi Driver

1 week ago
So a couple of taxis were fighting over a parking spot in Montreal and the driver in the white cab turned out to be a Lebanese. Wait till the end when he starts swearing in ...

Making Good Use of The Traffic Highway LED Display Boards

2 weeks ago
Instead of informing us that vehicles are not moving due to traffic from Dbayyeh to Beirut, these LED boards can be used to entertain the drivers and for marketing purposes as well lol! PS: That ...

Aida Sabra Not Feeling Safe in Canada

2 weeks ago
“Where am I? Who controls this neighborhood? Canada is scary, you cannot feel safe, not at all, not at all! You walk, walk and walk and you do know this street is controlled by whom. ...

Divorce Parties Trending in #Lebanon

3 weeks ago
A two-year old MTV report on divorce parties is trending once again for some reason and a lot of people are calling these parties a shame and a joke. When you think about it though, ...

Mauritania’s Epic Reply to Lebanon’s Health Minister Remarks

1 month ago
Lebanon’s Health Minister Wael Abou Faour was overheard questioning Mauritania’s ability to host top delegations back in July, and his comments “triggered a spat between Lebanon and Mauritania, where Lebanese officials were attacked by journalists ...

Max w Antar is a New Low in Lebanese Cinema

1 month ago
I cannot believe I am saying that, but I actually found a movie that is even worse than Bebe. I’m speechless to be honest. The direction, the sound effects, the plot, the jokes, the scenes, ...

666 Signs You Are Attending A Devil-Worshiping Party In Lebanon (Continued)

1 month ago
It’s almost officially the end of summer and demonic devil worshipers are back. Their groups are bigger and stronger now and their parties are even wilder! Black Mass, Sacrifice rituals, recitation of prayers, digital drugs ...

Seven Sisters Incident Blown Out of Proportion

1 month ago
I read the Seven Sisters story earlier this morning and to be honest it doesn’t add up, but since it has gone viral, here’s what I have to say about it: – The guy who ...