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WTF News of The Day: Three Kilos of Cocaine Found in Beirut Airport’s Bathroom

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That’s definitely not something you want to leave behind along with your personal belongings lol!

Authorities at the Beirut airport Monday discovered a bag containing three kilograms of cocaine, valued at between $300,000 and $450,000, inside a women’s bathroom.

The bag, made of black fabric, had been left in one of the bathrooms near the arrival gate at Rafik Hariri International Airport, a source at the airport told The Daily Star. [DailyStar]

Aida Sabra Goes to Canada

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Aida is a Lebanese actress, director and choreographer. I don’t know if she just moved to Canada or has been there for a while but she’s been sharing the most hilarious videos on life in Canada vs Lebanon.

A green space where people read and walk their dogs. Wen el Arguile?

When there’s too much greenery around you

When tap water is free and better than bottled water

When electricity never goes off

Elias Rahbani Says Lebanese Music at an All-Time low, Writes Songs for Myriam Klink

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I admire Elias el Rahbani as a composer and an artist and I’ve been to two of his concerts however I don’t think he should be complaining about how bad Lebanese music is these days when he’s giving songs for Haifa and Myriam Klink.

Needless to say, he’s free to do whatever he wants and he can give Rola Yammout songs for all I care but he’s definitely not bringing back Lebanon’s glory days by working with such artists.


A Video that Sums up Lebanese Politics

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Workers demonstrating for either political reasons or simply because they got screwed by their leader, an official wants to cut through the crowds so he sends his security guards out to make way, security clashes with unarmed demonstrators, official goes through with his convoy and leaves one of his security guards behind.

The video couldn’t have been more perfect to describe the situation here.