And The Award For “Dumbest Disguise” on a Lebanese TV Shows Goes to …

Most of the drama shows on local TVs are an insult to our intelligence. They're poorly produced and are just there to fill air time. Even when there are decent producers involved, the acting is usually really bad, so bad that you can't help but laugh your ass off at scenes like the one below: My question is: How stupid could you be to agree to play in a scene like this one? Couldn't they…

Lebanese Comedians Mistaken for Held Saudi Princes

I got the below pictures from at least three or four people claiming that it was Prince Walid Ben Talal being held at the Ritz but I immediately recognized Shant on his side. Unfortunately not all people are familiar with our local comedians and pictures are being shared like crazy on social media channels LOL!

A Kids Play That’s Even More Complex than Game of Thrones

1 week ago
Can someone explain what this “Pierre de Lune” play is about? I heard the Bte7la el 7ayet interview like 10 times and I still don’t get it LOL! In fact, I first heard about it ...

iPhone X is selling for $1650 in Lebanon

2 weeks ago
The iPhone X is priced starting $999 on Apple’s website yet Amhaz wants us to buy it for an outrageous $1650! I don’t know why anyone would buy it for this ridiculous price especially when ...

Despacito Arabic Version is as Bad as You Think it is

3 weeks ago
Why are we still hearing about Despacito? Isn’t this song over by now? If you thought the original song sucked, then wait till you hear this Lebanese version by some guy called Wajdi Kassas. Lyrics ...

Your WTF Product of the Week: How to Generate More Smoke From an Arguile

4 weeks ago
There’s a page called Haydar Electronics that’s selling some product that gets your arguile to generate more smoke, because nothing says cool like showing your friends how much smoke your arguile does LOL! Next thing ...

M3assal Shawarma

1 month ago
When I first saw this, I wasn’t surprised to be honest but I did check the Mazaya page just to make sure it’s there. Unfortunately for Shisha lovers, it was fake but I think they ...

How The Tourism Minister Justified the LL10,000 Valet Parking Price

1 month ago
Even if most of our ministers are incompetent, they always tend to sympathize with the people and lie to them to make them believe they’re doing things for their own good. They never cease to ...

Valet Parking Set to 10,000LL in Beirut LOL!

1 month ago
When I first posted about the valet parking price being set to LL 5,000, my only worry was that the law will never be enforced, but the last thing I expected was for the Tourism ...

Man Caught Peeing On The Highway

1 month ago
When you have to go, you have to go even if this means parking your car on the highway’s fast lane and peeing in the middle of the day. At least that’s what this man ...