Woman Walking Man on a Leash in Jounieh

A woman was filmed walking into a restaurant with a man wearing a collar with an attached chain. She was treating him like a dog and he apparently licked her shoes on the way out. Later on that night, the guy was caught in Dbayyeh licking her toes in public. He was also wearing pink panties. Foot fetishism? BDMS? Cross-Dressing? Sexual Slavery? Kelloun Sawa? Tawlo belkoun 3layna LOL! Check out the video .

Spiderman el Lebnene

Our friend Elie Iskandar is kicking off a series of animated shorts entitled "Lebanese Superheroes" and kicked off with the Lebanese Spiderman, who smokes Arguile and get tangled in electric & moteur wires. Elie is super-talented. He's famous for impersonating the voices of several Hollywood celebrities and cartoon characters. Check one of his many videos . One of my favorite clips is this one where he's trying to sell his car: I'm looking forward to…

Amhaz is already Selling the Note 8 Two days Before its Release Date

1 week ago
The Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s release date is officially on September 15th in the US & the UK and September 22nd in the UAE yet somehow Ahmaz has managed to get his hands on one ...

7ello 3an el Yoga!

2 weeks ago
Yoga is the work of the devil, Yoga can lead to satanic possession, Yoga is evil. If you do yoga, you’re headed for the “Kingdom of Darkness”. Every few months, I see a new article ...

Ragheb Alameh Tries to Moon Walk, Slips on Stage

3 weeks ago
Was he trying to moon-walk? Or is this a new move by the Super Star? This reminded me for some reason of his epic butterfly dance back when he was still young. In all cases, ...

Meet Jalmoud: A Lebanese-Made Car with Smurfs on the Rear Window

1 month ago
So some guy in South Lebanon decided to build his own car, install his house’s lock on the car and put a Smurfs poster on the rear window and Al Jadeed somehow managed to compare ...

I Hate Loud People on a Plane

1 month ago
I don’t want to be the party-pooper here but people singing and dancing during a flight is probably the worst thing after turbulence. I’m never comfortable when I fly or even when I used to ...

We now have a “Despacito” Cafe-Resto in #Beirut

1 month ago
It was bound to happen sooner or later. A cafe-resto called Despacito opened in Sodeco last week. Expect a slow service and Fouad Yammine’s Despacito mashup playing when you go there 😛 ...

Hariri-Trump Handshake

1 month ago
I wasn’t really hoping for anything positive to come out of the Trump-Hariri meeting yesterday but I tuned in to see how the handshake goes and our PM did not disappoint or maybe Trump didn’t ...

WTH Happened to LiveLoveLebanon’s FB Page?

2 months ago
Whether you thought the #LiveLoveLebanon was a good initiative or not, one cannot but admire the work they’ve been pulling on Instagram and Facebook and the breath-taking pictures and videos that they were sharing, up ...