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In Pictures: Earth Hour In Lebanon

The Grand Serail In Beirut was turned off – Picture via EarthHourLB

The Grand Serail in Beirut was switched off today at 8:30 for Earth Hour Lebanon. I heard Baabda palace also participated but I don’t have any pictures.



Phoenicia and Le Gray Hotels also participated in Earth Hour.

Picture via Terry

As for the last picture, these people unwillingly participated in Earth Hour as electricity was off and they didn’t have a generator subscription as a backup.

21 Stereotype-Exploding Facts About The Middle East, 5 From Lebanon


It’s a fun read by BuzzFeed but the author apparently ran out of ideas towards the end.

Here are the facts where Lebanon is mentioned:

1. Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel, Syria, Morocco, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Turkey, and Morocco all have their own national beers.
2- Lebanese are obsessed with plastic surgery – 1.5 million surgeries per year in a country of only 4 million!
4- In Lebanon, you can ski in the morning and visit the beach in the afternoon. And take photos of the sights along the way.
19- One of the best-preserved Roman temples in the world is in Lebanon.
20- This is Lebanon…