EDZ’s Lastest Ad is the Best So Far

EDZ ads are almost always great but the latest one they released is by far my favorite. It's funny, witty and sends out a positive message about Zahle and its 24/7 electricity of course. Check it out and go check out Zahle's Christmas decoration.

FINALLY! A Nice Christmas Tree & Decoration On Beirut’s Martyrs Square

I passed by this morning and spotted what looked like a nice Christmas tree on Martyrs Square. I went to get my coffee and drove back to make sure I wasn't dreaming. The tree is not done yet but it already looks nice and the decoration around it looks promising as well! Let's hope we won't be seeing trees and decoration like the ones they put up in the past three years. I will share…

#BlogWaladi: Brian is Climbing Out of His Crib

1 month ago
It was a proud moment seeing Brian climb on the couch the first time but once we realized he loves to climb everything and anything, it becomes a serious issue. It started with the couch, ...

ASHEKMAN’s Nominations for The New Government

1 month ago
Ashekman is nominating fictional characters, celebrities and superheroes for our new government and some of the choices are spot on! Imagine Yoda as our new Education Minister, Daenerys Targaryen for the Interior Ministry, Batman our ...

Stop Sharing This Christmas Street Decoration Video, It’s in Malaga not Beirut

1 month ago
I’ve seen the below video being shared at least 10 or 12 times with captions such as “Rue Foch”, “Christmas in Lebanon”, “This is Lebanon” etc. Unfortunately, this is not in Rue Fosh in Beirut, ...

700,000 Lebanese Expats Flying Back Home for the Holidays?

1 month ago
I read in the papers that 700,000 are expected to fly back to Lebanon for the holidays and overheard from a couple of friends that the Ministry of Tourism is expecting huge numbers based on ...
Animals & Wildlife

Rare Species Spotted off Lebanon coast

1 month ago
Following a month-long expedition that took place between October and November 2016 using an underwater robot, Oceana and Lebanese scientists released a video showing strange species spotted off the Lebanese coast. The video is breath-taking ...

You Need Permission To Take Pictures or Videos in Kfardebian From Now On

1 month ago
I have no idea what the Kfardebian municipality is trying to do to be honest. They have every right to distinguish themselves from Faraya and correct people who tag pictures wrongly but forbidding people to ...

Teta Jacko: The Real Independence Hero

1 month ago
Jacko told Bechara el Khoury that the French must leave in the 1940s. Jacko suggested adding the Cedar tree to the flag. Jacko inspired Camille Chamoun to call his party the National Liberal Party. Jacko ...

Khoury Home Goes Mad on Black Friday

1 month ago
There’s no better way to tell people to get ready for Black Friday and inform them about your new branch in Zahle. Hilarious ad! A job well done from Khoury Home. They should make this ...