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Lebanese Reporters Show Support For The Civil Defence Volunteers By Taking Off Their Shoes


The Civil Defence Volunteers went to the sea yesterday and threatened to keep on swimming until the law is passed. Some of them almost drowned and others fainted before the law got approved by the parliament. Meanwhile and in order to show support, Lebanese Reporters from various TV stations decided to share pictures of their shoes.

Ya3ne ya hek support ya bala or as Nadine from LBCBlogs said, “Because selfie, or it didn’t happen”.



Well Played Duo


I hate it when toilets are very far from the restaurant and that’s the case at ABC Achrafieh. I also hate it when you have to climb stairs to get the toilets. I guess I am lazy after a meal, just like everyone else :-)

In Pictures: Earth Hour In Lebanon

The Grand Serail In Beirut was turned off – Picture via EarthHourLB

The Grand Serail in Beirut was switched off today at 8:30 for Earth Hour Lebanon. I heard Baabda palace also participated but I don’t have any pictures.



Phoenicia and Le Gray Hotels also participated in Earth Hour.

Picture via Terry

As for the last picture, these people unwillingly participated in Earth Hour as electricity was off and they didn’t have a generator subscription as a backup.