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Aliens Aren’t Coming…They’re Already Here In Beirut

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So I got a couple of videos yesterday on whatsapp and a friend of mine posted another on Facebook showing an unidentified flying object over Beirut. I thought it was a huge drone at first but I’ve never seen one that big. It could also some alien-themed wedding proposal where the groom lands in a UFO with his Martian friends or maybe it’s just Matt Damon coming to town.

Has anyone else seen these videos? Check out this [one].


Shocking News: Lebanese Politicians No Longer The Least Trustworthy In The World

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I was going through the 2015-2016 Global Competitiveness report and comparing Lebanon’s ratings with the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 reports. Surprisingly enough, Lebanese politicians are no longer the least trustworthy in the world after staying on top for three years in a row. In fact they managed somehow to improve by 13 spots, which means that there’s either a glitch in the report or there are far worse politicians than the ones we have here.

Jokes aside, here are few key indicators where Lebanon is still badly ranked (Out of 140):

Intellectual property protection: 139/140.
Diversion of public funds: 137/140
Public trust in politicians: 127/140
Irregular payments and bribes: 127/140
Wastefulness of government spending: 139/140
Transparency of government policy making: 130/140
Reliability of police services: 130/140
Quality of overall infrastructure: 138/140
Quality of electricity supply: 137/140
General government debt, % GDP: 137/140
Women in labor force, ratio to men: 134/140
Gov’t procurement of advanced tech products: 132/140

On the other hand, here are some positive indicators:

HIV prevalence, % adult pop: 1/140
Individuals using Internet, %: 33/140
Infant mortality, deaths/1,000 live births: 49/140
Quality of primary education: 19/140
Quality of math and science education: 6/140
Quality of the education system: 28/140
Soundness of banks: 23/140
Availability of scientists and engineers: 27/140

I expect the ratings to get much worse in next year’s report especially after the garbage crisis, the presidency void, the demonstrations and the chaotic situation.


Six Things You Didn’t Know About The #Tol3etRi7etkon Guys

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I’m sure you’ve all read the detailed report on the #YouStink founders and how they are all part of one organization that is funded by the CIA, FBI, MI5, NSA, DIA, ABIN, MSS and tens of other NGOs and agencies. Here’s a list of things that the article failed to mention and that I’m sharing with you exclusively:

1- They have been fueling the violent events in Ferguson:

After the online storm that he caused due to his anti-religious comments, Assaad Thebian went off the radar for few days and was spotted in Ferguson leading the protests against the police.

2- They helped Mexico’s Most-Wanted Drug Lord escape prison:

Following their extensive field experience in building smuggling tunnels in Egypt, the #YouStink organizers were recruited by drug kinpin El Chapo and helped him escape Mexico’s most secure prison.

3- Greek Anti-Government Riots

An exclusive non-photoshopped picture showing one of the #YouStink members holding a Menapolis banner at the forefront of a protest in Greece back in 2011.

4- They are secretly employed by a chicken company:

Rumors have spread that Trella, also known as Imad Bazzi, has orchestrated all these protests as a marketing stunt for a new restaurant “Frarij House” that’s opening soon. The new snack specializes in chicken sandwiches and offer special delivery to protesters and discounted prices to riot police members.

5- One of the members was launching a gym soon.

Bazzi’s involvement in the fast food industry has caused one of the key founders of the #YouStink movement to resign few days ago due to a conflict of interests. Top-secret documents and reports stated that Bazzi had enough from this mysterious member, whose name cannot be revealed for security reasons, especially after finding out about the secret fitness trackers that he’s been distributing to protesters to measure their endurance and encourage them to join his newly open gym. Bazzi refused to comment on this story.

6- Getting Myriam Klink to presidency is their original plan

This explains why Lara Kay felt threatened and decided to protest on her own few days later.

All in all, I may not agree with #YouStink and all their demands, yet I cannot but laugh at all these fabricated stories and conspiracy theories. If these guys were truly funded by all these agencies, organizations and NGOs, they should be probably be fired for not doing enough lol!

Mr Lebanon 2015 Candidate Genius Solution To The Garbage Crisis

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I feel so stupid right now. I’ve been brainstorming for months now on how to resolve the garbage crisis but I never considered such a simple and straight forward solution. This guy deserves a Nobel Prize for his ground-breaking solution!

Check it out [here] if you don’t believe me.

If you can’t watch the video, check below from Minute 1:45:00.