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Updated: Video Of The Girls Partying On A Car’s Roof On The Highway

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If you compare the location of the video to the original picture that was circulating, it shows that these girls stayed on top of the car from Dbayyeh to Jounieh at least. I would recommend whomever owns that Mercedes to sell it and buy a Chevy Avalanche, turn the back of the truck into a small pool and voila!

Update: The Lebanese police apparently stopped the car on the highway in Jounieh and asked the girls to go down and get dressed. They later investigated with the driver and his friend and then released them.

The 8 Types of FIFA World Cup Fans You’ll Encounter In Lebanon

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The 2014 FIFA World Cup is less than a month away and people are already buying flags, jerseys and other accessories to cheer for their favorite team. Almost everyone watches football during the World Cup, even those who don’t like the game and the atmosphere is always a fun one everywhere you go. Having said that, here are the 8 types of World Cup fans you might run into this year:

1- The loyal fan: He loves and plays football, he’s been cheering for the same team for years and will never change sides. I belong to this category as I’ve been supporting The “Mannschaft” (Germany) since 1990 and I doubt that I will ever change my mind.
2- The hardcore fan: He’s pretty much like the loyal fan but his team is always right no matter what they do. Watching the games with these fans is not always fun.
3- The undecided fan: He has the Italian, German and Brazilian flag on his car and is cheering for all 3 teams. I will never understand the logic behind that.
4- Girls who support Italy: Taking aside those who are loyal fans, they support Italy just because the players are cute.
5- Guys who support Italy: Taking aside those who are loyal fans, there are guys who support Italy just because a lot of girls do.
6- Portugal fans: Because Cristiano Ronaldo is on the team.
7- Underdog teams fans: They are either Lebanese born or living in these countries or have no favorite team and just like picking underdog teams.
8- The fan who likes “el le3eb el 7elo”: He doesn’t want to support any team and just likes to watch games.