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Ma Fi Metlo: Roula referring to her own sex scandal

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Check Starting Minute 1:20

Roula Chamieh and her boyfriend’s alleged sex tape came out in the 90s but it was false. I am not sure though why she would want to bring this issue up after so many years.

On another note, I love how Roula is still looking hot after all these years, knowing that she started with SLCHI back in 1994.

Israel and Lebanese shepherds

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Every now and then, we hear about Israeli soldiers, or even a commando force, infiltrating Lebanese soil to kidnap a shepherd and then releasing him few days later. I don’t know what is their deal with shepherds and whether some of them are truly spying for Hezbollah, but until now all shepherds were released and sent back to Lebanon.

Here are some of the kidnappings that took place since 2010:

July 8, 2013: A 15-member Israeli commando force on Monday crossed the border of the occupied Shebaa Farms and abducted Lebanese shepherd Youssef Hussein Rhayyel who hailed from the town of Shebaa. [Source]

July 2, 2013: Israeli troops kidnap two shepherds in South Lebanon. [Source]

May 2, 2013: Israelis Attempted to kidnap another Lebanese shepherd. [Source]

Jan 2012: Israel releases kidnapped Lebanese shepherd. [Source]

Jan 12, 2011: Israeli army kidnapped a Lebanese shepherd. [Source]

June 27, 2010: Israeli forces have kidnapped a shepherd on Lebanese territory and have reportedly taken him to the Israeli occupied Shebaa Farms. [Source]

We don’t need to protest in Lebanon

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Almost 30 million Egyptians (according to CNN) took the streets to protest

Lebanese forgot yesterday about all their worries and became more involved with the Egyptian crisis than the Egyptians themselves. Added to that, most TV shows were cancelled or delayed to broadcast live from Tahrir Square, unlike last week when the Lebanese Army was raiding Al-Assir’s bastion.

Having said so, while Egyptians may have had many reasons to protest, we don’t have anything to worry about or protest against in Lebanon as:
- Electricity is 24/7 and really cheap.
- Internet is so fast and abundant.
- MPs are giving away their salaries to help close the debt.
- Corruption no longer exists.
- Pollution is at its lowest levels in years and public gardens are everywhere.
- Women now have the right to grant citizenship.
- All armed groups were disbanded and the army is in control.
- Traffic is no longer a worry as public transportation is now available.
- Beach resorts had their licenses suspended and beaches are public and free for all now.

And the list goes on and on …

PS: I am hoping this post creates the same effect the “Don’t go to Lebanon” ad did but I know it’s not gonna happen.