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Quote Of The Day By Marwan Charbel

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So it’s either the Death Penalty or Freedom? Lol!

English Version:
Speaking of the Roumieh Prison scandal, Marwan Charbel stated that he found out during his visit that the conditions under which the prisoners are jailed are unacceptable and inhuman, and that until they are provided with a decent place we should let them go.

He said and I quote: “The prison conditions are so bad in Lebanon from all aspects that it makes me want to ask that prisoners either get the Death Penalty or be granted freedom. I can’t allow prisoners to suffer anymore inside the prisons. I know many do not agree with me, but those are my convictions.

. لقد وجدت في جولتي داخل السجن أن الماء لا يزال ينش من السقف، ماء الشتاء، وهذا بعد الورشة لا قبلها! يريدون أن يعيش السجين تحت مزراب كأن هذا هو الطبيعي”. واضاف: “بنظري لا يجوز سجن هؤلاء في مكان كهذا، وطالما ليس لدينا مكان لائق بإنسانيتهم يجب تركهم… الحال سيء داخل السجون اللبنانية، صحياً ونفسياً ومعنوياً ومادياً، إلى درجة تجعلني أطلب إما عقوبة الإعدام وإما الإفراج عن كل سجين. لا أقبل بقاء أحدهم يتعذب في الداخل. أعلم أن كثيرين لا يوافقونني الرأي، لكن هذه هي قناعتي”.

You can check out the full statement [Here]. He also stated a lot of Security Officers in Lebanon don’t know how to fire a gun.

Thanks Nad!

Ramadan Kareem from Chivas Regal

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Photo via Moe EL Zein

Don’t you just love it when we see such ads as a sign of unity and co-existence? It’s a bit silly and cliché but it definitely beats those who get offended by the picture.

Check out the comments on Stop Cultural Terrorism in Lebanon’s page.

PS: Noting that the ad wasn’t intentional as the billboard above the Chivas poster is digital.

Ma Fi Metlo: Roula referring to her own sex scandal

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Check Starting Minute 1:20

Roula Chamieh and her boyfriend’s alleged sex tape came out in the 90s but it was false. I am not sure though why she would want to bring this issue up after so many years.

On another note, I love how Roula is still looking hot after all these years, knowing that she started with SLCHI back in 1994.

Israel and Lebanese shepherds

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Every now and then, we hear about Israeli soldiers, or even a commando force, infiltrating Lebanese soil to kidnap a shepherd and then releasing him few days later. I don’t know what is their deal with shepherds and whether some of them are truly spying for Hezbollah, but until now all shepherds were released and sent back to Lebanon.

Here are some of the kidnappings that took place since 2010:

July 8, 2013: A 15-member Israeli commando force on Monday crossed the border of the occupied Shebaa Farms and abducted Lebanese shepherd Youssef Hussein Rhayyel who hailed from the town of Shebaa. [Source]

July 2, 2013: Israeli troops kidnap two shepherds in South Lebanon. [Source]

May 2, 2013: Israelis Attempted to kidnap another Lebanese shepherd. [Source]

Jan 2012: Israel releases kidnapped Lebanese shepherd. [Source]

Jan 12, 2011: Israeli army kidnapped a Lebanese shepherd. [Source]

June 27, 2010: Israeli forces have kidnapped a shepherd on Lebanese territory and have reportedly taken him to the Israeli occupied Shebaa Farms. [Source]