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Lebanese Mothers Had A Nice Surprise Waiting For Them At The Movies

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“Ne7na ma3 7oriyyit el te3beer bass sma3 kelmit 2emmak”. I suggested that slogan to one of my friends who was working on some university project and even though it’s a bit silly, I’m pretty sure most of us woke up and realized one day that our mothers were right about a lot of things. I’ve always been a stubborn kid and refused to listen to what my parents told me, but I learned through my mistakes that they were right about many things and started changing my ways (without admitting it). Funnily enough, I’ve come to realize after many years that I am similar to my mother in many ways, as she’s also stubborn and refuses to admit a mistake at first (don’t tell her I said that), she always does good without expecting anything in return, she always adapts easily to new circumstances, she likes winning arguments or having the last word in a debate, she goes quiet when she’s angry and she loves buying gifts and spoiling her family and friends.

What I love most about my mum is how proud she is when she sees me on TV or in some paper even though she doesn’t really follow the blog and didn’t really figure out yet why I’m appearing on TV shows or traveling for events. She doesn’t really care but makes sure to tell everyone about it and of course give them number in case they have an internet or smartphone problem (same for my dad).

This being said, Alfa this year took Mother’s Day to another level and kicked off the #صار_لازم_قلّك campaign as they asked people to submit videos and tell their mothers they were right. I personally loved the idea and I salute those who submitted their videos and took part in that campaign. For those who refused to admit yet, every day is a Mother’s Day and a new opportunity to tell your moms they were right.


Al Baghdadi Live Tweeting At #ArabnetMe

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I don’t know who’s running this account but they were live tweeting during the panel with ISF and TMC representatives and interacting with all the tweeps and it was pretty funny. Speaking of Arabnet, it ended today and I will post a quick roundup on the interesting and exciting things in the days to come.

Some Idiot Was Playing Football On The Jounieh Highway

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Every time I see such videos, I wonder why doesn’t anyone give a call to the ISF or the Lebanese Army and have these people arrested? There’s always a policeman on the Kaslik roundabout which is 2 minutes away from where this video is taken and there’s an army base also 3 minutes away if not less.

Since the Lebanese authorities want to implement a new traffic law, let’s start by monitoring the highways and stopping the crazy bikers and dangerous drivers pulling stunts, as well as idiots like this guy playing football and blocking the road!


Meet The Woman Everyone Hates In Lebanon

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Her name is Tania Awad Ghorra and she’s the woman behind the voice recordings for Alfa, Touch, Ogero, Beirut Rafic Hariri’s airport, as well as many banks and hospitals in Lebanon. Almost everyone hates that voice but I’ve always wondered how the woman behind the voice looks like and I just found out that CHI NN interviewed her yesterday.

I thought she’d be older to be honest but she’s funny. I always imagined her though with such glasses and an annoying/evil laugh.

[YouTube] Start Watching At Minute 15:22

Captain Majed Breaks His Silence

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Clickbaits and misleading headlines are unfortunately becoming a trend in Lebanon and all media channels are using them to get hits and create a buzz. Anaween Areeda عناوين عريضة is a newly launched Facebook page that makes fun of these catchy headlines and their posts are hilarious so far!

PS: I think someone should come up with an app that “lebanonizes” the news just like Anaween Areeda is doing.

The First Episode Of The Lebanese Kardashians Is As Expected

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The Sisters show has begun and the first episode is as expected, a pointless meaningless TV show and an insult to our intelligence. I was only able to watch 15 minutes of the 50-minute long episode and here’s what I’ve learned:

– One of the sisters is a reckless driver and couldn’t figure out that the car ran out of fuel.
– The older sister thinks she’s French and has the most popular blog on Instagram (Still can’t figure that out).
– One of the sisters has a terrible voice.
– Farah is the cutest of the three sisters. It wasn’t that hard to figure out 😛