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There’s Something Lebanese About The Sex Tape Movie That You Probably Missed!

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Sex Tape is a lame movie but there’s one tiny detail that most of us have probably missed and that one of the blog’s readers noticed and sent to me. Roni emailed me this screenshot above showing Rob Lowe in a small portrait picture with Lebanese flags behind him taken at Minute 48.05. I have no idea where he took that picture or why it’s in the movie but it’s hilarious!


I asked our movie expert Anis and he told me Lowe was with James Jurdi, who’s Lebanese, in Pocket Listing but otherwise he can’t figure out how this picture landed there. I tried googling a bit and found that Lowe was in Beirut back in 2011 and he loved it here, so I am assuming he visited some official and took this picture.



Thanks Rony!

Why Are We Still Playing The Christmas Macarena Song In Lebanon?

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Los Del Rio’s Macarena song is almost 20 years old, yet the Christmas Macarena remix is still played every year at every mall, shop, restaurant in Lebanon. We no longer have cassettes or even CDs, yet this 15-year old song still makes it to every Christmas playlist in the country. I know there are other songs that get played every year, but George Michael’s “Last Christmas” is a Christmas song and not a remix of some dance song like the Macarena is. In fact I don’t mind listening to “Last Christmas” for 5 or 6 times but I can’t stand the Macarena remix and it chases me everywhere I go.


Christian Louboutin Visiting Beirut And Loving Elissa’s Soft Singing Lips

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Louboutin at le gray

I spotted a picture of Christian Louboutin on Le Gray Beirut’s Facebook page. I don’t know what he’s doing here exactly but he posted a picture of Elissa kissing him and complimenting her “soft singing” lips. I wish he had asked her what the hell happened to those lips? Specially the upper lip?

Elissa via ChristianLouboutin