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Four Cartoons by Swaha That Best Describe Today’s Situation in Beirut

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week beirut How Lebanese reacted to the Beirut bombings then the Paris attacks

I’ve been following Swaha’s cartoons for quite some time and they are all intelligent and spot-on!

I chose four recent cartoons but I recommend you check the rest on her FB page [here].

beirut1 Bombings are unfortunately back

fly Garbage is everywhere. East Beirut hit by major fly infestation.

abc lalaland!

The “Official” Angelina Jolie Reply To Najwa Karam

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najwa Hilarious post by Adele_J

Angelina Jolie probably has no idea that she has been making headlines for the past 2 days in Lebanon for statements that she never shared. First everyone starting sharing an unofficial post on her fan page on the Beirut bombings and then Lebanese Singer Najwa Karam decided to thank her for her thoughts by replying to her in Arabic (or Lebanese or some weird dialect only Najwa understands). Another fake Angelina replied back by inviting Najwa to a Lebanese breakfast, but she didn’t confirm back yet.

This clearly upset Jolie who decided to issue an official statement from the UN to address Najwa and the fan page post.

Check the video [here].


Jedbé Bush

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Jeb Bush and Ben Carson have been rivaling Donald Trump for the past few weeks in the stupid department and it looks like Bush is winning big time.

Here’s what he said about Christians in Lebanon:

During the fourth Republican debate, in a call for greater US leadership in the Middle East, Bush declared: “If you’re a Christian, increasingly in Lebanon or Iraq or Syria, you’re gonna be beheaded.”

This reminded me of that infamous Telegraph article where the author quotes some elderly man who warned her not to go to downtown Beirut because “there are Muslims there”.

A New Movement Is Joining The Beirut Protests: #Badna_BALMAIN_Ya_Man

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A group of Lebanese male fashionistas, also known as instainfluenzee7omneldarebanistas, were outraged after BALMAIN X H&M launched its collection today for ladies only and they decided to start a new movement in protest. An urgent meeting will take place tonight at Martyrs Square to decide on the official hashtag but you can use those for now:


We could not reach any of the ladies who stormed the shop as they are still fighting over few items.

PS: In case you missed what happened earlier today at ABC, enjoy :)


More Fabricated Flood Pictures From Beirut

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A number of Lebanese citizens today attempted to tarnish the image of our country by sharing fabricated and fake images of flooded streets and roads. Luckily though, they were unable to drop loads of garbage on the streets like last time because the trash was already collected and burned (instead of being recycled) in order to spice up every Lebanese citizen’s morning traffic experience.

Anyway, I examined some of the pictures being shared and they were clearly fakes for obvious reasons:

1- The street light in the first picture shown above is off even though the shot was taken in broad daylight. It’s clearly a fake as street lights are generally turned on during the day in Lebanon to waste electricity and turned off at night to cause accidents.


2- A gas station, 3 empty chairs and no arguile around them? This picture was obviously not taken in Lebanon.


3- This is clearly a fake because the Lebanese government would never leave a hazardous object on the road like that.


4- There’s a generator in this picture while electricity in Lebanon is 24/7. It’s clearly cut out from an old movie about Lebanon when we barely had electricity.


5- There’s a Sukleen truck showing so this is clearly an old picture.


6- This is a wedding convoy and the flooded roads were part of the wedding theme.

These are the only two genuine pictures that I was able to find.



On another positive note, this guy’s dream may come true soon.


The Truth Behind The 2 Tons Held At The Beirut Airport

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tun2 Inspired from a picture circulating online

Just like the pictures and videos garbage-flooded streets were apparently all fabricated, the largest drug bust in the history of Lebanon is also a big lie. The Saudi Prince was not smuggling 2 tons of drugs worth millions of dollars but instead 2 cans of tuna (2 طون) hence the confusion. The fact that Laila Abdel Latif didn’t predict these two incidents confirms these claims.

As far as the drug-filled boxes that were found, some parties are already accusing activists, saying that they placed the boxes of drugs to ignite a civil war and make Mohamad Machnouk look bad on his way back from Florence. Meanwhile, Netanyahu is confident the Palestinians smuggled these drugs through tunnels all the way from Gaza to the Beirut Airport.

Mohamad Machnouk could not be reached to comment on the story. An unknown source claimed that the minister has been spending so much time on Instagram and Snapchat that he exceeded his 3G consumption and had to turn off his smartphone.


Join The Protests #La2annak_Healthy

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7irak via Body Buddy Beirut

A nutrition center in Beirut is making use of the recent events and lack of electricity in Lebanon to promote its business. Being healthy is definitely an advantage when you are running away from tear gas canisters, water cannons and the riot police and not having electricity is a good excuse to take the stairs.

The “Feek Tdayen” banner below is messed up though.

tdawen2 via Body Buddy Beirut

But not as messed up as the new “wet club” in Maameltein lol!

20151023_172846 Thanks Michel!