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Gebran Bassil And The Caroline Video: Scandals bi Samné w Scandals bi Zeit

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I disapprove of what Gebran Bassil did in this video, and how our Minister of Education laughed at the joke, but it’s quite ironic how some Lebanese made a big deal out of this incident while disregarding the real scandals around them. Any scandal related to gender equality or women respect should be highlighted regardless of the political affiliation of the person behind it. There are still many Lebanese MPs and ministers who refuse to sign laws to protect women from violence and abuse yet barely anyone mentions them.

Moreover, I laughed at the [MTV]‘s attempt at bashing Bassil by mentioning Camille Chamoun and others who held the post before him. As much as I love and admire President Chamoun, he once gave the finger to a foreign diplomat or president if I am not mistaken and got away with it. Even Pierre Sadek mentioned this habit of his in a caricature.

In all cases, Caroline Ziadeh, who happens to be the UN Deputy Permanent Representative of Lebanon, should be the one requesting an apology from the minister as he disrespected her.



Best Pictures From Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney’s Wedding In Venice

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I loved the title BusinessWomenMedia chose for this occasion which was “Internationally acclaimed barrister Amal Alamuddin marries an actor”. Of course Georges Clooney is not just any actor. He’s one of the best actors in the world and has received five Golden Globe Awards as an actor and producer, but the truth is we wouldn’t have heard about Amal in Lebanon if it wasn’t for Clooney.

If anyone knows where their wedding list is, please let me know la na3mil wejbetna :D












geroge-clooney-800x1155 Georges and Amal’s Round-the-World Romance via

PS: All pictures taken from DailyMail

Roadster’s Armed Robbery Is A Prank

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I’ve been asked by a lot of people if the Roadster theft that I posted about did actually take place. The video is a prank and part of the ongoing competition (#RDBurger2USA) that Roadster Diner is organizing and allows customers to win a 2 week trip to the US.

I think the guy who shot this prank overdid it, specially with the cameras set inside the branch, but it’s just a joke so no need to worry.

PS: Since I will be on the jury to choose the 6 semi finalist videos, I am definitely not voting for this one.