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12 Funny Slogans And Pictures From Today’s #YouStink Protest

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TalekKabbara Yalla 3al Iris? via @TalebKabbara

I got back early from the protest today because I have a wedding dinner so I compiled some of the funniest slogans and pictures I saw into one post. Enjoy!

Piaf via @InedithPiaf

Louai_n Man United fans were there – via @Louai_n

IMG-20150829-WA0050 Taxi Lebnene 100% (Made in Germany)

IMG_20150829_190941 I ran out of water yesterday lol!

@Laraelhaddad Dayi3 el shab – via @Laraelhaddad

@OlinAH Trying to sell his car at the protest – via @OlinAH

11951803_10153068431896596_5739446591898691925_n The struggle is real

Berri via @InedithPiaf


IMG_20150829_190852 Klink was at the protest – via @RalphAoun

Teezna Min el ekhir.

Update: I just got this one and thought it was worth adding.

elissa LOOL – via LindsayChoueiry

Five Funny #YouReek (#YouStink) Pictures & Videos

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A Beiruti snack called Ramez – Mazraat that sells chicken got inspired from the #Tol3it_Ree7etkon campaign and 3as3us’s #Farroujna_Lil_Watan episode and kicked off the #‏طَيبي_ريحتكن‬ campaign.


I have no idea who originally shot this video but Ninar shared it first and Tchuup sent it to me. It’s hilarious lol! If you know who originally took it, please let me know so I give him/her the credits.

20150822_185110 Batman was spotted at the protest giving interviews

chabi7 I had no clue riot batons can fire bullets – Picture by Mohamad Cheblak


In case you missed the Red Bull Car Park Drift this year, there was another M113 drift happening in Beirut last night. Check out the [video].

How To Gear Up For Today’s #YouStink Protest

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Today’s protest is expected to draw large crowds and hopefully will be a peaceful and civilized one. It wouldn’t hurt though to be ready just in case things get out of control. Here’s how:

– Come wearing a swimsuit and get floats and tubes in case the police decides to fire water cannons.
– If you don’t have water at home, get your shampoo with you and enjoy a free shower. The demonstration will last more than an hour so you can enjoy a long bath.
– Get a small inflatable boat as well because the manholes are packed with garbage so you might need to sail your way back to your car.
– Keep your smartphone at home and get a go pro camera instead. Remove the stick because the police might consider it as a weapon.
– If you insist on getting a smartphone, buy a shock and water resistant cover to keep it safe.
– Get a helmet just in case fights erupt.
– Avoid selfie sticks as riot police might consider them as weapons.
– Avoid sun and eyeglasses.
– Have a light lunch and avoid heavy meals before the protest, just in case you need to run.
– Avoid getting sandbags and bring garbage bags instead. They are available everywhere on your way to Beirut. Hint: Karantina has some big solid bags.
– If you’re planning on taking a selfie with the water cannon, make sure the serail is behind you as the picture will come out nicer.

Jokes aside, let’s keep the protest civilized and raise our voices against corruption and for a better waste management plan in this country. See you all tonight!

Elissa Live From Tomorrowland (Not Really)

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goteborg sweden elissa

So Elissa was sharing pictures from her fans after her latest concert in Sweden and she retweeted by mistake a picture from David Guetta’s concert in Tomorrowland. She apologized later on and removed the picture, saying the crowd looked the same but it’s still a funny mistake.

However, the funniest part for me wasn’t the picture in itself but the fact that she has almost 7 million Twitter followers and still didn’t hire someone to proof-read her tweets. “One of my best Concert ever” LOL!


elissa expl

Ma3roof: A Witty And Sarcastic Take On Events In Lebanon

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I first found out about Ma3roof after George al Rif’s tragic incident. Their “2atte3ne 2awou b2at3ak” graphic was a perfect reflection of the reality we are living in and everyone was sharing it online. After I got in touch with Bob Kastoun, the guy behind Ma3roof and visited his page, I noticed he had been producing witty and funny graphics for quite some time and some of them are spot on!

Ma3roof basically “focuses and comments in a sarcastic and funny way on everyday’s political events and all the events we lived decades before, hoping to touch all segments of people from one distance in a way that enlarges their way of thinking and their political maturity in order to build a better political life in Lebanon”, and they are doing a great job so far!

Check out some of his work:

daweyir On Corruption in Lebanon

hayet On the widespread of firearms

kit Survival Kit on Lebanese roads

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Salam Kahil: The Lebanese Sandwich Nazi

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When I posted about the Saadah restaurant offering food for free to poor and needy families in Beirut, I remembered an old post from 2012 about a Lebanese immigrant called Salam Kahil who was nicknamed the Lebanese Sandwich Nazi. This guy ran away from Lebanon aged 15, lived all over Europe before he settled in Vancouver where he runs a deli that makes “The Best Sandwiches in North America”. He’s bad mouthed, he makes nasty jokes, he greets all his customers by a page of rules and warnings but he’s hilarious. He’s also very generous and gives away free sandwiches to homeless people occasionally.

Most of them know that for all his bluster, he has a mile-wide generous side, notably bagging up food to hand out to the many down-and-out denizens of the downtown area each week. Between acts of charity and vulgarity, bits of personal history spill out: He ran away from his large, disapproving Beirut family at age 15, lived all over Europe, “took advantage of a lot of people” as a stud for hire (or sometimes for free, as when female acquaintances wanted a sperm donor without a husband attached), then entered a less illicit business when he “realized my beauty was fading” at age 29. Soon he’d built up a mini-empire of stores, but the hassle of managing employees (and worrying his antics might strike them as sexual harassment) prompted eventual reduction back down to a one-man, one-deli operation. [HuffingtonPost]

Check him out and be warned it’s NSFW :)