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Roadster’s Armed Robbery Is A Prank

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I’ve been asked by a lot of people if the Roadster theft that I posted about did actually take place. The video is a prank and part of the ongoing competition (#RDBurger2USA) that Roadster Diner is organizing and allows customers to win a 2 week trip to the US.

I think the guy who shot this prank overdid it, specially with the cameras set inside the branch, but it’s just a joke so no need to worry.

PS: Since I will be on the jury to choose the 6 semi finalist videos, I am definitely not voting for this one.

That Bathroom You Find In Almost Every New Apartment In Lebanon

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When I started looking for apartments, most of them had one or two bathrooms for the bedrooms, one for the guests and sometimes an extra bathroom for the housekeeper (as they call it). You step inside this so-called bathroom and you wonder how an adult person is supposed to fit in it. It’s like the same standard one for most apartments between 180 and 250 sqm and it’s useless space because no one can use it.

They should have made the kitchen or any other room in the house bigger instead of building this waste of space.