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Forget Cristiano Ronaldo, We Have A Ballon D’or Winner From Lebanon

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Eurosport shared a video of the Top 5 ‘forgotten’ Ballon d’Or winners and among them was the legendary Lebanese Football player Georges Weah. Of course we all remember Weah’s amazing goals when he played with Nejmeh and his controversial move to Safa club before he was signed by AC Milan in 1995.

On a serious note, Georges Weah is originally from Liberia not Lebanon for those of you who don’t know him, and is one of the greatest players of all time. As for this year’s ballon d’or, it belonged to Manuel Neuer in my opinion.

Myriam Klink Figured Out The Best Way To Help Refugees Dying Of Cold In Lebanon

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10906071_830555203677363_327811473501513724_n Syrian boy died from the cold in a refugee camp in Lebanon

Thousands of Syrian refugees in Lebanon are facing a merciless winter and children are dying of cold inside camps. Many refugees don’t have the adequate clothing for this freezing weather and some were seen wearing flip flops only. In order to contain this crisis, a lot of NGOs are launching initiatives to collect clothes and donations to keep the refugees warm.

Meanwhile, Myriam Klink also decided to show her solidarity with those poor children freezing to death by posing in a bikini in the snow, an idea inspired from the Ice Bucket challenge that trended few months back. Of course it all makes sense (at least in Klink’s mind) and I would propose that she uses the hashtag #StripForZenaWhilePoorKidsDie or #FreezeToDeathInABikini to help more kids freeze to death while she collects Instagram likes.




An Exclusive interview With Mia Khalifa And Almaza’s Take On It

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Mia khalifa

Beirut+TV interviewed Mia live from her house in Florida and revealed the reason why Mia chose this career.


Meanwhile, check out Almaza’s smart take on this matter:


Those are the only things worth sharing about this whole Mia story to be honest. I don’t really care about her so-called “achievement” as there’s nothing to be proud of nor do I care about what she’s doing. I’ve heard about her 3 months ago and didn’t feel the need to share what she’s doing as I don’t see any pride in it. I am totally indifferent to this whole matter and I am just sharing this video and picture because they are funny.

Is Education Minister Elias Bou Saab Seriously Asking This Question?

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BouSaab via EliasBouSaab

Update1: Minister Bou Saab denied that he was relying on the poll to decide whether to close or not, but the poll is still up on his Facebook page.

Update2: Education Minister Elias Bou Saab has decided to order the closure of private, public and vocational schools on Wednesday.

I am sure all students will refuse to close schools tomorrow and massively vote to keep them open. The results until this hour are a clear proof of that lol!