Why Lebanese Parents Need to Register Their Children

Believe it or not, there are a lot of Lebanese parents who forget to register the birth of their children. Some of them don't do it out of ignorance, neglect or simply failing to get the full set of documents required to register their new babies. Others are simply too poor to afford the costs of registering births or find the process way too complicated. This is a serious problem as failing to register deprives…

Passport Index 2017: Lebanese Passport Still Among the Three Worst Arab Passports

Passport Index released its 2017 rankings of the most powerful passports. The website ranks the travel documents by measuring the number of countries that can be visited without applying for a visa. Germany is the world's strongest passport for 2017, while UAE topped once again the list in the Middle East, followed by Kuwait, Qatar & Bahrain. As far as the Lebanese passport is concerned, we lost two countries that we had access to visa-free…

Lebanese Basketball [2016-2017]: Foreign Players Scoring Almost 70% of Total Points

2 weeks ago
A year ago, and following the idiotic decision to allow three foreign players in Lebanese basketball teams, I went through stats from almost 50 games and found out that foreign players are scoring up to ...

A Lebanese Fight in Australia

2 weeks ago
Wen fi Lebnene fi Machkal. Basically the old man is upset someone parked in front of his house and the lady is explaining that it’s not his spot and that anyone can park there. It’s ...

Get Your Loved One A Shawarma Bouquet This Valentine

2 weeks ago
A Shawarma shop “Snack Ramez” in Mazraat Yachouh is selling a Shawarma bouquet for Valentine, claiming that it’s worth a thousand red roses. Technically speaking, the price of one red rose on Valentine’s day would ...

BBC Wants You To Share Your Beirut Stories

2 weeks ago
BBC Pop Up is coming to Lebanon for a whole month and they’re asking us to share stories we’d want to tell about our country. They also don’t mind getting help in making some of ...

The “Manly” Way to Eat a Banana

3 weeks ago
A video of some dude swallowing a banana in front of Fakhani (Hamra?) is on 9gag and the comments are even funnier than the video and the caption lol! I have no idea what’s so ...

Ma Tne2, De2! Speak up Against Corruption

3 weeks ago
We all had to bribe someone in Lebanon at some point. I hated the idea and always did everything I could in order not to but it’s simply not possible. Luckily enough, I just had ...

TeleLiban Host Dalia Freyfer Breaks Guinness Record For Longest Live TV Show

3 weeks ago
Dalia Freifer officially broke today the Guinness World Record for the longest Live TV Broadcast when she interviewed 91 guests from Saturday morning (8:00 AM) till Sunday morning. She received the certificate for the 12-hour ...

The 2016 Democracy Index: Lebanon a Hybrid Regime, The U.S A Flawed Democracy

3 weeks ago
The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Democracy Index for the year 2016 is out. It is a yearly report that classifies countries as one of four types of regimes: – Full Democracy: a nation where civil liberties ...