(Updated): What’s Happening in this Video?

Update: The video turned out to be a teaser for an awareness campaign by Sigma Gaz Here's the revealer: I just saw Gino sharing this video about policemen and some guy from the bomb squad somewhere in Beirut. I haven't read anything in the news since last night so I'm not really sure what this is about. I guess someone is shooting a new movie maybe? or some security training? Does anyone know what this…

New Format For the Lebanese Civil Registry Extract

The Lebanese Ministry of Interior and Municipalities is preparing to launch a new format for the Civil Registry Extract in an attempt to reduce counterfeit extracts. I've seen the new paper on a couple of websites and it looks pretty much the same. I'm hoping the information on it won't be hand-written. The new format should be out on April 1.

#LiveLebanon Wants to Turn your Ideas to Projects

1 month ago
There are plenty of problems in Lebanon that can be solved through small projects and initiatives. These projects may not offer long-term solutions but they can be a good alternative and compensate for the authorities’ ...

Joumana Haddad is Running in the 2017 Elections

2 months ago
Joumana Haddad is Lebanese journalist, activist, poet, instructor, author and the head of the cultural pages for An Nahar newspaper, as well as the editor-in-chief of Jasad magazine, a controversial Arabic magazine specialized in the ...

(Updated) AUB’s Insight Club Controversial Lecture on Homosexuality

2 months ago
Update: The lecture has been cancelled. Here’s the [memo]. The Insight Club is hosting a public lecture on Thursday 23rd of March at the Issam Fares Lecture Hall – AUB (near AUBMC) at 5PM on ...

Tobacco Prices have gone up in Lebanon (By 250 Liras LOL)

2 months ago
The government has apparently agreed to increase tobacco prices in Lebanon and Lebanonfiles has published the new price lists as shared by the Regie Libanaise. I asked a couple of friends just to make sure ...

#Ntebho_Online: An Awareness Campaign on Online Threats

2 months ago
If you ever decide to give your child a connected device, it is important to make sure that you are in total control because it’s a big an dangerous virtual world out there, just as ...

AUB To Become Entirely Smoke-Free by 2019

2 months ago
AUB’s President Dr. Fadlo R. Khuri, who is a thoracic/head and neck medical oncologist, has vowed to turn AUB into an entirely smoke-free campus (indoors and outdoors) within 24 months in a long letter published ...

R.I.P Stavro Jabra

2 months ago
Lebanese prominent cartoonist Stavro Jabra has passed away today at the age of 70. Stavro has been reflecting through his cartoons on regional and local events since the 1970s. I followed his work religiously and ...
Animals & Wildlife

Injured & Pregnant Hyena Saved by Environmentalist in Akkar

2 months ago
This is probably the first time that a hyena-related story doesn’t end up with the animal getting killed by ruthless and ignorant hunters or local villagers. ISF member and environmentalist Wajid Semaan was able to ...