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Who is Rolita Fakih? Is Miss Hollywood Image a Real Thing?

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An American-Lebanese girl by the name of Rolita Fakih has apparently been crowned last week Miss Hollywood 2014. I tried looking online a bit to see what this award is about and I didn’t find any official website or reliable source talking about this pageant. I don’t even know if there’s a thing called Miss Hollywood. As for Rolita, She is also a top model and Miss Arab America as well. She’s also doing a movie in Hollywood that no one has heard of. Here’s an [interview] with her. She’s not that good looking to be honest.


I wonder if she’s related to Rima Fakih who’s Miss USA 2010 and is really hot!

Rima Fakih

What Is The Muslim Scholars Committee ( هيئة العلماء المسلمين ) ?

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In almost every battle that opposed the Lebanese Army to Islamists, the Muslim Scholars Committee has intervened to mediate between the two parties and calm things down (or not). I don’t know how these scholars are that close to jihadist movements as it’s not something comforting to hear, and I am not sure if they are really helping in any of the conflicts as they’ve stood against the Lebanese Army on few occasions.

Personally speaking, I don’t think we need any mediators with these terrorists and I am not convinced by the outcome of the Arsal battle because the danger is still out there and these gunmen might show up against and in bigger numbers. What we need is to get more money and equipment for the army, close the damn borders and fortify them. That’s the only thing that will keep us safe.

How To Get More Hits To Your Story: Add صورة في الداخل or بالصورة or فيديو

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I usually add Video or In Pictures to my title when I actually have something to show the readers, but I’ve been noticing that a lot of Lebanese news portals are adding randomly these terms to the title just to get more hits. Most of the time, the story doesn’t even have a picture or video or like in the example above, the picture is useless.

I mean seriously what the hell is that image? 4 white dots on a black background?

What Is The World House Of Lebanon?

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It took me a minute to understand the billboard shown above but it’s apparently a Lebanese Christian kid in his first communion clothes next to a Lebanese Muslim kid (Never seen one dressed this way). The billboard was meant to praise the Lebanese Army’s role on its 69th birthday.

The billboards were up before the Arsal clashes erupted yet moderation and unity are now needed more than ever among all factions. Everyone should rally around the Lebanese Army without any exception and silence those who dare doubt its role. I am not talking just for the sake of saying things, or praising the mosques next to churches banners that come out in desperate times only (see below tweet). I’m simply stating a fact that our future as a country is now in the hands of the Lebanese Army as they are fighting a serious threat that’s tearing to pieces neighboring countries like Iraq and Syria. The army is fighting a bunch of barbaric terrorists that know no religion, no God and have no morals and we must get rid of them while they are still in Arsal.

karl via KarlRemarks

Speaking of The World House of Lebanon, this is the first time I hear about them to be honest and I am still confused by what they really do after checking their [Website].

“World House of Lebanon” (WHoL) is a non-profit apolitical non-governmental organization based in Lebanon, launched on June 1st, 2009, Ministry of Interior registration no. 1124.

“World House of Lebanon” (WHoL) aims to promote the spirit of cooperation and union among resident and non-resident Lebanese citizens, including emigrants of Lebanese descent. On one hand, WHoL endeavors to encourage the participation of non-resident Lebanese citizens in Lebanon’s political, economic, social, and cultural life, and on the other hand, encourage them to defend the Lebanese cause in their country of residence.