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Who’s To Blame For The Taanayel Les Fermes And Centre Taanayel Mix up?

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As soon as I read that a center called Taanayel got closed down by the Health Ministry, I had the curiosity to go in and verify which Taanayel they are talking about because the only Taanayel I know is Taanayel Les Fermes whose products I trust and consume all the time (Specially the Laban). Needless to say, it turned out to be another Taanayel but rumors (as usual) started spreading about Taanayel Les Fermes and they were forced to kick off an online marketing campaign to clear out their name and state that they fully support the Ministry of Health who is safeguarding the consumer and upholding industry and health standards.

We can’t really blame Health Minister Bou Faour for this confusion, as Lebanese are supposed to verify everything they are reading, but as I’ve stated previously, I think Bou Faour should stay away from press conferences and flashing popular restaurant names and hot brands because the information might get misinterpreted like the Taanayel case and cause considerable financial losses to the brand. In my opinion, the best thing to do is keep everything confidential until the ministry is done inspecting all factories in the Bekaa area for example and then list all those who are compliant and not.

I hope this post will help clarify any confusion regarding Taanayel Les Fermes and spread further awareness on the food safety campaign.

Refugees In Lebanon Facing Bitter Winter: Here’s How You Can Help

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The United Nations has run out of money and announced that it is suspending its food programme serving more than 1.7 million Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey. It’s really quite pathetic that the UN cannot secure $64 million to support the refugees for the rest of December. In all cases, this means that winter will be even harsher for refugees in Lebanon who are already struggling to make a living.

However, there are campaigns being organized just like every year to help them out in Lebanon and regionally and two of them are happening on Saturday December 6. Here are details about the two events for those interested:

House of Mouneh Project For Refugees – Zahr el-laymoun – Dbayeh on December 6, 2014.
This is a project supported by the US Embassy in Beirut. Lebanese for Refugees (L4R) is a civil campaign to aid the burgeoning number of refugees in Lebanon.

Donate Clothes for the Refugees in Iraq – Forum De Beyrouth between 12 p.m. and 7 p.m.
All clothes and shoes donated will be packed and shipped to Erbil to help all the displaced families who are suffering from inhuman and miserable conditions.


Leila Abdellatif Irresponsible And Unacceptable Statement Against Domestic Workers In Lebanon

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I don’t know why I had the curiosity to read domestic Leila Abdellatif’s latest predictions but while I was scanning quickly through these stupidities, I spotted this statement and thought it was worth mentioning simply because a lot of Lebanese do follow her and believe in what she has to say. She’s basically warning Lebanese families who might think that their domestic workers are up to something to install cameras and she warns of “crimes”.

This is so wrong on so many levels! It’s one thing to predict events but to hint that domestic workers cannot be trusted or warn of potential crimes which might lead to further abuse against them is totally irresponsible.

Speaking of foreign workers in Lebanon, here’s a headline for you Leila Abdellatif:

Lebanese man kidnaps, rapes and blackmails Ethiopian woman

Secret British Squad Saved Ras Baalbeck from an ISIS Massacre

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Ras Baal

A £150,000 watchtower built in 17 days, just in time before a major attack on the Lebanese border by terrorists, has saved the Christian town of Ras Baalbeck from an “ISIS” massacre. The tower was constructed at high speed by a secret British team of ex-soldiers and engineers. Ras Baalbeck is home to a population of around 5,000 people who are mostly Christian.

Here’s what British ambassador Tom Fletcher had to say about this:

Tom Fletcher, the British ambassador to Lebanon, told The Telegraph that the watchtowers built by the British squad had thwarted a “massacre” in the town. “They [IS] want these big symbolic victories — you bust through a border, you carry out a massacre and you get the attention,” he said. “In a country that has such existing fragilities, that would have had dramatic consequences.”

Here’s a link to a [video report] on this mission. Someone should make a movie out of this story.

A British team has secretly saved a Christian town in Lebanon from advancing Isil forces by constructing a network of watchtowers, The Telegraph can disclose. The clandestine British squad worked at speed to coordinate the huge effort to build 12 towers — with more planned — along the border with Syria to prevent the forces of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant from “massacring” inhabitants of the town. The lookout points allowed the Lebanese army to stop Isil storming west to the Mediterranean at the same time that the terror group invaded Iraq to the east. It cut off the advance of Isil into the small Christian town of Ras Baalbek, in the north of Lebanon. David Cameron, the Prime Minister, has taken a close interest in the rescue of the village, the story of which is told for first time after The Telegraph was granted exclusive access.


Lebanon Among The Ten Worst Countries For Women

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Lebanon was ranked among the ten worst countries for women in the world and scored one of the lowest rates in terms of women political empowerment with less than 3% (Yemen, Oman, Qatar and Brunei Darussalam are the only countries with less than 3%). The original report was produced by The WEF’s 2014 Global Gender Gap Report which measured disparities between men and women in 142 countries. In the worst-scoring nations, economic and educational opportunities, as well as political representation and health outcomes, were far worse for women than for men.

Here’s what the article said about Lebanon:

Few nations were rated worse than Lebanon for women’s political empowerment. Just 3% of seats in Lebanon’s parliament were held by women, one of the absolute lowest rates. Further, none of the country’s ministerial positions were occupied by women. One problem for many women in the country may be that religious laws cover issues of personal status, such as marriage and divorce. Despite passing a new anti-domestic violence law in April 2014, Human Rights Watch said the country still has significant room for improvement. In particular, the organization said that “Exempting matters governed by personal status laws from the domestic violence law undermines women’s security in the home.”

8. Lebanon
> Female-to-male income ratio: 0.27 (7th worst)
> Labor force participation (m/f): 76% / 26%
> Literacy rate (m/f): 93% / 86%
> Pct. women in parliament: 3%

I know women face a long battle for equality in this country and drastic changes need to be introduced, but the percentage of women in parliament is not a very significant ratio to look at right now as the whole country is paralyzed and we haven’t had elections in 4 years or more. I can’t believe we are ranked worse than KSA!

You can check out the full report [Here].

Lebanese Red Cross Workers Denied Entrance To A Beirut Mosque

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red cross worker

This was posted earlier today by Abdel Rahman Ali who works for the Lebanese Red Cross. His co-workers came to present their condolences but apparently weren’t allowed inside the mosque because they were wearing the Red Cross uniform (because of the cross). I am pretty sure this is an isolated incident as Red Cross workers were never denied entrance anywhere in Lebanon and are respected by all.

Nevertheless, Interior Ministry should investigate this incident and make sure it never gets repeated because it’s shameful and disrespectful to both the Red Cross and the religious site in question. The Red Cross emblem has nothing to do with any religion and is represents an international organization that cares for the wounded, sick, and homeless in wartime, according to the terms of the Geneva Convention of 1864.

Here’s a video showing Red Cross workers intervening to help injured people in a mosque in Lebanon back in March.

” إلى أصدقائي وإخوتي في الصليب اﻷحمر اللبناني
كم كنتم رائعين اليوم في بذلاتكم الحمراء الطاهرة التي لطالما شعرت بشرف ارتدائها وافتخرت بانتمائي لهذه المؤسسة العظيمة.
اخوتي في مركز المريجة…شكرا لكم، شكرا نابعة من صميم القلب لانكم حولتم هذا اليوم العصيب الى عرس يليق بوداع الغالية التي احبتكم مثلما احبت اولادها وعلقت بذلتي الحمراء على شرفتها لتفتخر بوجودي معكم.
اخوتي في مركز المريجة…لقد تشاركنا شتى انواع المهمات…تعاملنا بانسانية وحياد مع جميع الاشخاص…وساعدنا الشيخ، الاب، الامام، الراهبات، المرضى من جميع الطوائف، الارهابيين، الاطفال والعجز. ساعدناهم لاننا نؤمن بالانسانية على عكس ما يؤمن به بعض تجار الدين.
اصدقائي لقد منعتم من دخول بيت الله لانكم ترتدون بذلة عليها شعار الصليب الاحمر الذي لا صلة له بدين او طائفة، منعتم من الصلاة على راحة نفس والدتي الغالية لان الجهل اعمى قلوبهم وعقولهم مع العلم انهم سوف يطلبون منكم المساعدة وسوف تلبون النداء لانكم لستم مثلهم تفرقون بين خلق الله.
شكرا لكم ولبذلاتكم الطاهرة على وقوفكم بجانب العائلة. ”
المسعف عبد الرحمن علي

In Pictures: Said Akl’s Coffin Designed And Created By Lebanese Scultpor Rudy Rahme

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Akl coffin

Lebanese painter and sculptor Rudy Rahme confirmed today that he has designed and sculpted a special coffin for the late Said Akl. The coffin is made of a Lebanese rock and a 3000 year old Cedar tree which was uprooted during a storm back in 1983.

The coffin looks amazing and is worthy of a giant like Said Akl