Is the Lebanese Army Finally Getting The A-29 Super Tucano Attack Aircrafts?

I've been hearing about these Tucano aircrafts since 2014 but the Lebanese Army still didn't get any of them. Al Jomhouriya is claiming we will get two aircrafts before end of this month and LBCI also did a report back in August about them. The A-29 Super Tucano "is a turboprop light attack aircraft designed for counter-insurgency, close air support, and aerial reconnaissance missions in low-threat environments, as well as providing pilot training". Several Lebanese…

Five Lebanese Women Among World’s 10 Most Powerful Arab Women (And They’re all Abroad)

Twelve Lebanese made it to the Forbes Top 100 Most powerful Arab businesswomen this year, and five of them were named among the world's 10 most powerful Arab Women. However, all five of them almost have nothing to do with Lebanon, except having one or two parents of Lebanese origins. Here's the list: #2: Amal Clooney Lawyer, Doughty Street Chambers #3: Nayla Hayek Chair, Swatch; CEO, Harry Winston $6: Rula Ghani Afghanistan's First lady #7:…

How Lebanese Expats Should Register to Vote in the Upcoming Elections

5 months ago
If you’re a non-resident Lebanese who’s eligible to vote in the upcoming Lebanese elections, you only have 47 days left to register on the Ministry of Foreign Affair’s website. You can also access the mobile ...

A Stamp Honoring Carlos Ghosn

6 months ago
A stamp honoring Carlos Ghosn, one of the world’s most respected business leaders, was unveiled today by LibanPost during a ceremony at Zaitunay Bay. It’s another edition to LibanPost’s series of collectable stamps and the ...

Horsh Beirut Reopens to The Public

7 months ago
Nahnoo NGO shared a live video from inside Horsh Beirut yesterday and stated that the Harsh has finally reopened to the public after a 3-month closure. Beirut’s largest green space was closed down after its ...

Check out the New Lebanese Driving License

7 months ago
I wrote about the new biometric driving licenses a year ago but yesterday was the first time I see one of them, probably because the existing ones need 30 years to expire. Anyway, the new ...

Present-day Lebanese Descendants of Biblical Canaanites

7 months ago
A recent paper entitled “Continuity and Admixture in the Last Five Millennia of Levantine History from Ancient Canaanite and Present-Day Lebanese Genome Sequences” has proven that more “than 90 percent of the genetic ancestry of ...

Stefano Fallaha to Represent Lebanon at the 2017 Global Student Entrepreneur Awards

10 months ago
Stefano Fallaha may be Lebanon’s and the Middle East’s youngest entrepreneur and he was just nominated to represent Lebanon and the American University of Beirut at the 2017 Global Student Entrepreneur Awards. Making it to ...

Generator Fees at an all-time Low This Month

10 months ago
My mum paid 20$ for her 10 amps generator subscription this month and a friend of mine 20,000 for his 5 amp in Keserwan. We’re paying 25$ for 5 amp in Jeita still but it’s ...
Animals & Wildlife

Three Sperm Whales Spotted off the Coast of Tyre

10 months ago
Local fishermen spotted three sperm whales off the coast of Tyre few days ago and shared pictures and videos. The fishermen were in deep waters when they spotted the whales and unlike what this article ...