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Ahmend Proposes To His Lebanese Fiance On A Starbucks Cup In Calgary

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They should have a Starbucks-themed wedding.

Dania Melhem ordered her piping cuppa joe expecting to see her name scribbled in across the cup. But when her order was up and she turned her brew around she was surprised by the curly writing: “Dania, Will you marry me?”

Ahmend Rammay, her partner of about a year dropped down on one knee before she had the chance to process.

“I was really, really surprised,” said Melhem. “All of the sudden he’s down on one knee, there’s all kinds of people taking pictures. I don’t really remember much of what he said, it was just really overwhelming and really exciting.” [Link]

Thanks Fida!

Tripoli’s Mohammad el Mir Wins Gold At The Junior Mental Calculation World Championship 2014

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mohammad Mohammad is the one in the pinkish shirt in front

I loved mental calculation as a kid and I was always among the first in my class but I wasn’t nearly as good as this kid is. Mohammad el Mir came first at The Junior Mental Calculation World Championship 2014 which took place in Germany this year. He won gold in the Juniors1 category which is for kids under 12. I looked up the results on the Junior Mental Calculation World Championship Facebook group and it says that Mohammad is representing Canada not Lebanon for some reason. In all cases, congrats to Mohammad and Lebanon!

Here’s a nice report by MTV on Mohammad’s achievement.

Here are this year’s winners / Hier sind die diesjährigen Sieger:

Juniors1 (age / Alter 8-11):
1. Mohammad El Mir (Canada)
2. Sundaresh Sundaragopal (India)
3. Nityashri Sankaran (India)

Juniors 2 (age / Alter 12-14):
1. Granth Thakkar (India)
2. Wenzel Grüß (Germany)
3. Martin Drees (Germany)

Seniors (age / Alter 15-17):
1. Izdar Abulizi (Germany)
2. Max Weber (Germany)
3. Michael Rother (Germany)

Congratulations to the winners and of course all other participants!
Herzlichen Glückwunsch an alle Sieger und natürlich auch alle anderen Teilnehmer!

Myriam Neaimeh The First Lebanese To Score In The FA Women’s Premier League!

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Myriam joined Newcastle United a couple of years ago and has scored in their last game against Guiseley AFC Vixens. I don’t think we ever had any Lebanese playing in the FA Women’s Premier League so congrats to Myriam! I tried looking for a video but couldn’t find any.

Myriam plays in the FA WPL league, which comes right after the FA WSL which is the highest league.


How It Looks Like On The Syrian-Lebanese Borders

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I spotted this video of a Hezbollah fighter mocking MP Sami Gemayel’s military plan to better control the Syrian-Lebanese borders. Personally speaking, I think all Lebanese parties are to blame for the situation but if what this fighter is saying is true on how the terrorists attack almost daily, then we are in deep trouble.

I am positive that the Lebanese army can control the borders but it needs to reinforce all the positions and set up watch towers every 1 km if not less. We have to do whatever it takes to keep these jihadists away from Lebanon.


Clooney And Alamuddin’s Wedding Cost $13 Million Dollars … And They Gave Their Guests iPods

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Clooney and Alamuddin’s four-day wedding celebrations in Venice cost around 10 millions euros according to Elle and Telegraph. I read somewhere that the whole event may have been paid by Amal’s father Ramzi, who’s a retired professor at the American University of Beirut but I doubt it. One thing is for sure, is that Amal is the one making all the headlines and not Clooney and she totally deserves it!

On a last note, I was quite surprised to read that they offered their guests an iPod with a list of their favorite songs as a gift. I didn’t know people still buy iPods these days and Techcrunch agrees that the iPod is dead.

[YouTube] Amal Alamuddin’s wedding dresses in 60 seconds

Lebanese Boxing Champion Alaeddine Ramadan Shot Dead In Vancouver

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alaa Alaaeddine is the one on the right

Alaeddine Ramadan is a 20-year old Lebanese boxing champion in Vancouver who was shot dead as he was leaving the sports club. The authorities are saying the shooting was premeditated and Canada’s Integrated Homicide Investigation Team has taken over the case. Some are saying the likely motive was preventing Alaeddine from winning the Vancouver boxing championship, as the Lebanese boxer had won his last five matches.

Here’s a [link] to the original story.


Best Pictures From Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney’s Wedding In Venice

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I loved the title BusinessWomenMedia chose for this occasion which was “Internationally acclaimed barrister Amal Alamuddin marries an actor”. Of course Georges Clooney is not just any actor. He’s one of the best actors in the world and has received five Golden Globe Awards as an actor and producer, but the truth is we wouldn’t have heard about Amal in Lebanon if it wasn’t for Clooney.

If anyone knows where their wedding list is, please let me know la na3mil wejbetna :D












geroge-clooney-800x1155 Georges and Amal’s Round-the-World Romance via

PS: All pictures taken from DailyMail