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Tripoli’s Bikeathon

Picture from Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi’s FB Page

I was eager to see pictures of the Tripoli Bikeathon that took place yesterday and was aimed at “reflecting the real image of Tripoli” as a city of peace and a city that loves life but I could barely find any. I looked on Tripoli’s most active facebook page and it didn’t include a picture from yesterday, the same for Bikeathon-Tripoli page and the event page with its lousy poster.

Assuming whomever is running the page didn’t have time yet to upload all the pictures taken, I looked on Instagram and barely found 5 or 6 decent pictures. I used the hashtags #TripoliLB, #Bikeathon, #WeLoveTripoli, #Tripoli and #LiveLoveTripoli.

It’s a real shame that such a great initiative doesn’t get the proper online coverage, specially when the aim is to show a better image of Tripoli amid the tensions and fights happening there. It’s a good thing LBCI covered the event live on NharkoumSaid.

Having said that, I hope the organizers will follow the Achrafieh2020 model next time and make a proper buzz for their beautiful city Tripoli.

Here are some of the pictures I found:

via Najwa

via PaulaYacoubian

via RanaElHalabi

Dutch ambassador Hester Somsen was there – Picture via Sietske


U.N. Refugees Chief Antonio Guterres Warns Lebanon Could Collapse Under Syrian Refugees Burden

Picture via UNHCR

Here’s a sum up of what United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres said during an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour:
- Lebanon could collapse under the weight of the massive influx of Syrian refugees
- Without economic and financial support, and an increased effort to share the burden of Syrian refugees, “Lebanon [does] not [have] the possibility to go on with the present situation.
- Twenty-five percent of the Lebanese population today is Syrian.
- We have more Syrian students in Lebanese public schools than Lebanese students.
- Lebanon has serious problems with electricity and water, and largely because of this huge increase in population.
- The health system is totally overburdened, and the security implications of the Syrian crisis to Lebanon are absolutely dramatic.

This is old news to most of us Lebanese by now, and Lebanon is in need of a substantial help to cope with this humanitarian crisis. Aside from that, and instead of requesting to expel Syrian refugees or stop receiving them like some Lebanese officials have been doing for the past couple of years, the government needs to set up an emergency plan once and for all to cope with Syrian refugees in Lebanon and organize them into camps or proper settlements. This should have been done since day1 and even if things are out of control now, it’s never too late to have a plan and put an end to this chaotic situation because the Syrian war is not ending anytime soon.

Good News From Tripoli! KFC Opens Again ..

Picture from TripoliLebanonNews

We haven’t heard good news from Tripoli for a long while now, but today KFC reopened its Tripoli branch after it got burned by demonstrators back in September 2012.

I know that’s not a big deal when compared to what’s happening there but at least few Tripoli residents will get to work there and benefit from this re-opening.

Thanks Mustapha!

Who’s Going To Be Lebanon’s Next President?


I like the president-2014 campaign but I want whomever is behind this campaign to do more than just an online vote. They should try to organize debates between various presidential candidates, as well as start an online platform to connect citizens and members of the Lebanese online community with candidates and allow them to interact and ask questions. Special online forums and hangouts can be organized as well and reports could be taken out of these discussions to rate the candidates better.

They’ve already implemented a similar idea in Germany and it was a very successful experience, as it helps boost transparency and build a bridge between the people and the president, even if they are not the ones voting for a new one.

Roqayya Monzer A New Victim Of Domestic Violence + Parliament To Discuss Draft-Law On April 3


Roqayya Monzer is yet another victim of domestic violence in Lebanon after her husband shot her dead when she asked him to divorce her. Roqayya was fed up from all the beating and asked for a divorce on several occasions according to her sister who was brave enough to come out and testify against the criminal husband. Unfortunately, the victim was pregnant.

This is not the first case of domestic violence and definitely won’t be the last, not before there’s a new law to protect women from abusive husbands, a law that would come under the penal code rather than being personal status laws. That’s what KAFA has been working on for years now and Nabih Berri has vowed to include and discuss the draft-law proposed in the next parliament session on April 3, after KAFA collected 71 signatures from MPs in favor of adopting the new law.

For those interested in knowing the remarks added by KAFA to the draft-law proposed, you can check them [Here] and follow [KAFA] for further updates on this matter.

I hope that the law will be passed quickly and put into action, so that these murderous husbands are put in jail and not freed the next day.

PS: There’s a seminar for women only that teaches them how to defend themselves against domestic abuse and crimes of rape on April 5 for those interested.

Naameh Landfill To Close Permanently in 2015

Picture taken from Photosoftheweek

Environment Minister Mohammed al-Mashnou assured on Tuesday that the Naameh landfill will be shut down in 2015 once the extended contract expires. As you all might recall, Nahmeh residents started a protest a couple of month back and blocked the road to the Nahmeh landfill causing a major garbage crisis in the country.

While this is good news for the Nahmeh residents, what the government should do next is revise the contracts signed with Sukleen and work on a better recycling process in order to get rid of public waste in an eco-friendly way. The last thing we need is a new landfill in a different location.

Speaking of Sukleen, they announced lately that they are giving away recycling boxes for offices. If you are interested in having them, read more [Here].