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Clooney And Alamuddin’s Wedding Cost $13 Million Dollars … And They Gave Their Guests iPods

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Clooney and Alamuddin’s four-day wedding celebrations in Venice cost around 10 millions euros according to Elle and Telegraph. I read somewhere that the whole event may have been paid by Amal’s father Ramzi, who’s a retired professor at the American University of Beirut but I doubt it. One thing is for sure, is that Amal is the one making all the headlines and not Clooney and she totally deserves it!

On a last note, I was quite surprised to read that they offered their guests an iPod with a list of their favorite songs as a gift. I didn’t know people still buy iPods these days and Techcrunch agrees that the iPod is dead.

[YouTube] Amal Alamuddin’s wedding dresses in 60 seconds

Lebanese Boxing Champion Alaeddine Ramadan Shot Dead In Vancouver

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alaa Alaaeddine is the one on the right

Alaeddine Ramadan is a 20-year old Lebanese boxing champion in Vancouver who was shot dead as he was leaving the sports club. The authorities are saying the shooting was premeditated and Canada’s Integrated Homicide Investigation Team has taken over the case. Some are saying the likely motive was preventing Alaeddine from winning the Vancouver boxing championship, as the Lebanese boxer had won his last five matches.

Here’s a [link] to the original story.


Best Pictures From Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney’s Wedding In Venice

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I loved the title BusinessWomenMedia chose for this occasion which was “Internationally acclaimed barrister Amal Alamuddin marries an actor”. Of course Georges Clooney is not just any actor. He’s one of the best actors in the world and has received five Golden Globe Awards as an actor and producer, but the truth is we wouldn’t have heard about Amal in Lebanon if it wasn’t for Clooney.

If anyone knows where their wedding list is, please let me know la na3mil wejbetna :D












geroge-clooney-800x1155 Georges and Amal’s Round-the-World Romance via

PS: All pictures taken from DailyMail

Dr. Charles El Achi: How America Turned Me From A Lebanese Immigrant Into A NASA Rocket Scientist

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Dr. Charles el Achi is the director of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at NASA and has led recently the mission to Mars with a rover called Curiosity. He’s a source of pride for all of us in Lebanon and an inspiration to many around the world. In this article he wrote to the Washington Post, he explains how the US has turned him from a simple Lebanese immigrant into a NASA rocket scientist. He argues that the United States is a land of freedom and opportunity, where anything is possible and dreams can and do come true, and where individuals are not held back by the long-standing, ingrained systems and beliefs found in the Middle East, Europe and other cultures, where one’s life path can be limited by social status, wealth, politics and family connections.

He is sadly right as most Lebanese tend to be more successful abroad than at home. The Economist even wrote an article about that matter last year, where they explain how “Business people from Lebanon fare better abroad than at home”.

Read the full article [Here].

My small town of Rayak was near Baalbeck, where tourists came to see the world’s best-preserved major Roman temple. I met quite a few American visitors. Over and over again, I was struck by their open, positive attitude toward life, their attitude that anything is possible, no holds barred, regardless of family background, religion or color. I sensed that Americans were not held back by the long-standing, ingrained systems and beliefs found in the Middle East, Europe and other cultures, where one’s life path can be limited by social status, wealth, politics and family connections.

Growing up in Lebanon, my views of America were partly shaped by my great love of American movies, and especially westerns. My heroes included John Wayne and Errol Flynn. They represented the American spirit of freedom and boldness, the belief that nothing is impossible, and that in the end, the good guys win and the bad guys lose.

As a boy, I also loved watching the expanse of stars in the clear night skies. Those stars helped inspire me to study hard in school. I was named the country’s top science student, an honor that gave me the opportunity to attend a college of my choice. I chose to study in Grenoble, France. I received a degree in physics from the University of Grenoble, and in engineering from the Polytechnic Institute. When it was time for graduate school, people encouraged me to try for the United States. I had the most positive thoughts about America, plus, I admit, I was rather attracted to the glitter and pizzazz depicted in the Hollywood movies. I applied and was accepted to Caltech in Pasadena.

48 Hours Around Lebanon With LG

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LG is organizing a really cool journey for 10 Lebanese bloggers (myself included) around Lebanon in 48 hours. The journey will include a lot of fun activities like paragliding (if the weather permits it), camping, jet ski, ATV and sightseeing and will end on Sunday night in Beirut. We were all handed the new LG G3 on Thursday to test it out during our trip, and I will be giving away a really cool gadget once I am back so stay tuned!

I will be uploading cool pictures on my instagram so you can follow me [here] to check them out.

Lebanese Ministry Of Public Works Spending In The Past Months

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Kataeb MP Samy Gemayel posted earlier today a screenshot showing how the Ministry of Public Works has spent its money in the past few months. Assuming this information is correct, it’s quite surprising to see that the least money was spent on the Matn area. Nevertheless, it is really hard to judge based on one list as we need further explanation and information on that matter from the ministry itself.

The ideal of course would be to have all this information available on a website where people can judge for themselves if the ministries are doing a good job or not. Lebanese have the right to know if this money is being spent properly and if any projects are being completed.