Four Reasons To Attend Christmas In Action Next Week [December 14-18]

I was introduced to Christmas in Action last year by a friend and had the honor to meet Cynthia Bou Khater few weeks back, the woman behind this year's biggest Christmas event and IN Action, an initiative aimed at giving art more appreciation in our market and help promote designers through exhibitions. Christmas In Action is being held for the second year in a row at Train-station in Mar Mikhail from December 14th till December…

Trying Zaatar W Zeit’s New Online Delivery App

I'm really glad ZWZ has finally released a new mobile app for delivery. I order frequently from Zaatar W Zeit and I find it way more convenient to place an order online rather than call, especially when it's almost always the same order and to the same address. I've tried Zaatar W Zeit's mobile app four times ever since it was released and I'm loving it so far. The app is quick to load, it's…

Julian Assange Gives Rare Interview At The 2016 Free Connected Minds Conference in Beirut

1 day ago
The 2016 “Free Connected Minds” Conference, which is organized by the May Chidiac Foundation, took place on November 26 at Phoenicia Hotel, Beirut and the highlight of the event was an interview the founder of ...

I Just Received The Best Gift Ever From The North Pole

4 days ago
I received yesterday a beautiful gift from the North Pole, a box that had two boxes of cookies,four milkshakes and two letters, one addressed to me and another “To a friend”. In that letter, I ...

A Bunch of Awesome & Untouched Shots Taken With the Huawei P9 Dual-Lens Leica Camera

5 days ago
The Huawei P9 smartphone is all about the camera. It’s decent looking phone with a rather sluggish software but its Leica-branded dual-lens camera is one of the best I’ve seen so far and makes the ...

Attaché: A 17 Minutes #Beirut Travel Guide

5 days ago
“You’ve seen the news, you’ve read the foreign office state department advisories, the warnings are stark, the language is unambiguous, come to Beirut at your own risk”. It took the people behind Attaché months to ...

A Commemorative Stamp to mark AUB’s 150th Anniversary

6 days ago
The American University of Beirut is celebrating its 150th anniversary and Libanpost, in collaboration with the Ministry of Telecommunications, has issued a stamp to mark this special anniversary and in recognition of the university’s pioneering ...

700,000 Lebanese Expats Flying Back Home for the Holidays?

1 week ago
I read in the papers that 700,000 are expected to fly back to Lebanon for the holidays and overheard from a couple of friends that the Ministry of Tourism is expecting huge numbers based on ...
Animals & Wildlife

Rare Species Spotted off Lebanon coast

1 week ago
Following a month-long expedition that took place between October and November 2016 using an underwater robot, Oceana and Lebanese scientists released a video showing strange species spotted off the Lebanese coast. The video is breath-taking ...

Adlieh Roundabout To Be Named August 7 Square

1 week ago
The violent crackdown that took place on the 7th and 9th of August 2001 against freedom fighters will never be forgotten and renaming Adlieh’s Roundabout August 7 Square is a step in the right direction, ...