Ramlet El Bayda’s Privatisation Explained in 30 Seconds

Beirut's last public beach will eventually be turned into a private resort, despite Beirut Governor's claims that the beach will remain open to the public. Most of Lebanon's beaches were taken over by private developers and made inaccessible to the majority of the public. Here's a 30 seconds video by Nahnoo that sums up how Ramlet el Baida's scandal that most politicians don't even dare to tackle because they've probably been promised a share in…

Human Rights Watch [2016] Report: HR Situation Deteriorating in Lebanon

The Human Rights situation has deteriorated in 2016 in Lebanon according to the Human Rights yearly report, but the end of the presidential vaccuum and the new government's formation present an opportunity to turn the situation around, according to deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch Lama Fakih. We are all hopeful that positive change is coming our way but what happened in the past few days from the Costa Brava scandal to the…

Fail: French Emergency Number on Wardeh Ski Slope

1 day ago
If you run into trouble on a ski lift on Wardeh’s ski slope, feel free to call a French number and the Val d’Isere mountain rescue team will fly all the way to Kfardebian to ...
Animals & Wildlife

If They Killed 70,000 Birds in New York To Protect Planes, It Doesn’t Mean It’s Right!

2 days ago
Ever since the government decided to shoot down the seagulls near the airport, a lot of people have been unfortunately justifying this act by claiming that bird-killing programs were also adopted in other countries, mainly ...

How Are Hunters NOT Threatening Flights Safety?

3 days ago
I think we should stop coming up with jokes when it comes to serious matters because the authorities are taking us way too seriously. I can’t believe they actually invited hunters to shoot down the ...

When Chef Antoine Mistakes “Tante Claire” for “Eclair”

3 days ago
This is hilarious! I have to give it to Hisham, he’s bringing out the best of chef Antoine 😀 ...

Bouza Bachir now Open in Paris

3 days ago
Bouza Bachir (Glace Bachir) is one of the oldest and most popular ice-cream places in Lebanon. It started off in Bekfaya back in 1936 and has today over 30 shops across Lebanon, they’ve just opened ...

10 Genius Solutions to Beirut Airport’s Bird-Attracting Ponds

4 days ago
As you all know by now, planes at Beirut were reportedly in danger after birds began flocking in large numbers to a nearby rubbish dump, but the government is treating this matter in an urgent ...

Video Shows Fight on Beirut-London MEA Flight

5 days ago
I heard about this fight yesterday but a video emerged today showing two passengers fighting on the plane. LBCI reported that one of the passengers “got into a dispute with an air hostess before assaulting ...
Animals & Wildlife

Rare Sighting: Brown Bear Spotted in Lebanon’s Mountains After Almost 60 Years

5 days ago
I was just finishing this post on the Syrian Brown Bear spotted in Lebanon’s eastern mountain range when I noticed Nadine from Newsroomnomad had posted about it already. I trust Nadine when it comes to ...