No Child Should Die of Heart Disease Because of a Lack of Funds

"No Child Should Die of Heart Disease Because of a Lack of Funds" is The Brave Heart Fund's mission and they've just kicked off this powerful TVC to raise awareness on the lack of funds to treat children with heart issues and how the cost of burying these children which are helplessly left to die is as much as the cost to treat them. The Brave Heart Fund is a charitable fundraising initiative, established in…

The Nokia 3310 is Back … and it has Snake!

1 day ago
The Nokia 3310 is making its comeback 17 years after its original launch. The “indestructible” Nokia is back in a lighter version, with a 2MP camera, the nostalgic ringtones, a battery life of two weeks ...

Ghassan Rahbani Has a New Song …

2 days ago
and it’s boring as hell! The lyrics, the music, the video clip are so bad I couldn’t even finish it :S We need more “Sarit Sent el 2000” and “Taree2 el Matar” songs please. ...

Youth Minister Just Banned MMA in Lebanon

3 days ago
I just read Lebanon’s Minister of Youth and Sports Mohammad Fneich has just banned mixed martial arts (MMA) in Lebanon and removed all licenses linked to this game. Here’s the full resolution as mentioned on ...

Donner Sang Compter is Behind The Arabic Blood-Donation Posters

3 days ago
If you’re still wondering who’s behind the Arabic posters captured in several cities around the world asking people to donate blood in #Lebanon, it’s Donner Sang Compter, a Lebanese non-profit NGO that links potential blood ...

Uber Beirut Fares Drop by 15%

4 days ago
I ordered an Uber for my wife yesterday to take her from work to our home in Jeita and was surprised when I got charged $13.36 only. It usually used to cost me around $17-18 ...

Ramlet el Baida Construction Works Halted by Lebanon’s Shura Council

5 days ago
Lebanon’s Shura Council issued a decision today to halt temporarily construction works of a luxury resort on the Ramlet el Baida beach, following a request for review that was submitted by Green Line Association and ...

Attention all Lebanese Developers: Join The Facebook Messenger Challenge

5 days ago
Facebook is challenging all Middle East Developers to create the smartest bots for FB Messenger and asking people to sign up and join the contest. Developers, in teams of up to three people, are invited ...

WTF is Happening in Kaslik?

5 days ago
Prostitution rings, fist fights, gun fights outside nightclubs, I have no idea what’s happening in Kaslik these days and I had no idea there are so many people who go party there still. Check out ...