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Mar Youssef Hospital Surrounded by Garbage

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Lebanese politicians have been working hard since last year to regain the first spot as the least trustworthy in the world and they seem to be on track to regain that prestigious title.

After inaugurating a new landfill right on the beach in Costa Brava and posing a potential hazard to aircraft operations and reviving the garbage crisis on its first anniversary, they pulled their biggest move by surrounding Dora’s only hospital with garbage.

The 2016-2017 Global Competitiveness report is expected to be out in a couple of months and hopes are high that they will emerge as winners.

The Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior III Ship is in #Beirut For The First Time

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The famous Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior III ship has kicked off its Mediterranean tour and its first spot is in Beirut. The Rainbow Warrior is a sailing yacht owned and operated by Greenpeace and is used in environmental protests or scientific excursions. The first ever Rainbow Warrior started sailing in the 1970s and 1980s before it got sunk by French Intelligence operatives in 1985; it was then replaced by the Rainbow Warrior II and then Rainbow Warrior III in 2011.


I had the chance to visit the Rainbow Warrior at Beirut’s port on Friday and got to meet the captain Peter Willcox and the crew. The captain’s story is quite an amazing one as he was on board when the boat was blown up by French military members in New Zealand in 1985, and also on the MV Arctic Sunrise when that boat was arrested by the Russian military in 2013 where he spent two months in detention. He has been sailing with Greenpeace for over 30 years now and received in 2014 a Lifetime Achievement Award from the UK newspaper Guardian for his environmental activism. In 2016, he launched his first book titled: My Adventures in Protecting the Future of Our Planet. That’s his first stop in Beirut though.


The Rainbow Warrior is here to celebrate the beautiful diversity, culture and the good people of the Arab region. They will be hosting plenty of events and activities during their 5-day visit to Lebanon.

The RW will be celebrating the abundance of the Arab region. This region has beautiful diversity, culture, good people and humanity all baked by the abundance of the Sun. Why the sun? because the sun is our gift from God, and our region can benefit from it a lot for a greener future powered with solar energy by shifting away from the dirty fossil fuel!


Here are some pictures I took:



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Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Will Speak at BDL Accelerate 2016

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Steve Wozniak is the first announced speaker at the BDL Accelerate 2016. Wozniak has long been overshadowed by Steve Jobs but he’s the man who single-handedly developed the 1976 Apple I and co-founded Apple with Jobs. [Wiki]

He will be speaking at Banque du Liban (BDL) Accelerate 2016 which is taking place on November 3,4 and 5. Last year’s BDL Accelerate event was a bit boring to be honest and speakers were very late on the day I attended so let’s hope this year will be more exciting with Wozniak showing up.

You can register for free [here].

Café Najjar in a Mug Explained

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The first thing that caught my attention in Café Najjar’s latest commercial was the guy using a mug, not the traditional Lebanese coffee cup, to drink the coffee but that’s not the first time Café Najjar uses a mug in one of its ads.


In fact, I found an older commercial in the “Wen fi Lebnene Fi Najjar” campaign where they are drinking in a mug and there’s a good explanation behind it.

Café Najjar is targeting young Lebanese who usually drink their coffee in a mug and are no longer used to Lebanese coffee or maybe find it too strong. Everyone I know at the office or in my surrounding drinks coffee in a mug so it’s smart to target this audience and introduce them to a Lebanese product that’s definitely better tasting than lousy coffee sachets.

Here’s how Najjar explained it:

The Ad brings out a feeling of national pride, reminding Lebanese they have a rich heritage to be proud of, with wonderful shots of the nation’s ocean and coastlines, old souks, customary houses and enchanting method for life…Yet the new confronts, look, feel and sound of the brand have an unmistakable message: Najjar is the inspiration for all coffee drinkers the brilliant peered and the driven youth, since its taste, appeal and spirit are ageless. Café Najjar promises to show the best of Lebanon for the Lebanese everywhere in the World. We thank you for being a loyal consumer. We appreciate all your comments and looking forward for more expansion

I loved the latest “Chef” ad better than the “Surfer” one, it feels more “Lebanese” and the cutest Keira (the little girl) is in it.

One thing though that they should have emphasized on is how to prepare Cafe Najjar in a mug because a mug of Lebanese coffee has way too much caffeine in it, or maybe launch a coffee machine that does it? I found a recipe in the comments for those interested:

For one cup of Cafe Najjar brew:
We need 60ml water with 1 spoon of grind coffee.

For 2 cups of Café Najjar brew:
We need 120 ml with 2 spoons.

For a kettle of 3 cups Café Najjar:
We need 180 ml with 3 spoons.

I’m not a heavy coffee drinker but I will prepare it for my wife this week and see if she likes it.