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Five Things Less Important Than Lebanese Flag Shoes

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As you all know, highly hazardous and dangerous Lebanese flag shoes were confiscated two days ago for reasons that I still can’t understand. On another note, here are few meaningless issues that were taking place the same week:

1- The Lebanese authorities were unable to bring prisoners from inside Roumieh prison to show in court. I don’t know how that is even possible.
2- Fadel Shaker, who’s a highly wanted terrorist accused of killing Lebanese Army Soldiers, stated that he’s inside Ain el Hilweh.
3- Two innocent civilians were killed inside their home by known gunmen in the town of Btedi’i in the Bekaa, yet the Jaafar clan refuses to give away the murderers.
4- Half of Lebanon’s roads got flooded due to the latest storm including the Rafic Hariri airport.
5- Lebanon is still without a president.

1860 Lebanese Created The World’s Biggest Human Letter

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U via TimesOfLebanon

We entered today the Guinness book of records by creating the biggest human letter “U” which stands for unity, a unity that is unfortunately as superficial as this record as we can’t seem to agree on anything lately.

Of course there’s no harm in spreading a message of hope and peace but I believe other types of initiatives should be implemented to reconcile Lebanese among each other, specially the younger generations. Moreover, I don’t know if there’s any relation between 1860 and the Maronite-Druze conflict at the time, but the relationship between these two communities is still fragile for unresolved problems known to all.

SSCC Sioufi

SSCC Sioufi students also spread a message of hope on Lebanon’s Independence day by making a huge “Live Love Lebanon” sign.