So A Beirut Graffiti That Says “To be free, or not to be” Is A Threat To Civil Peace Now?

The beautiful Tabaris mural that was painted by the awesome ASHEKMAN brothers was removed today by the Beirut municipality, as part of the campaign to remove “all political slogans” from Beirut. I don't understand how this graffiti has anything to do with the stupid redundant political slogans that were being removed today, noting that ASHEKMAN and March NGO had received an authorization from Beirut's governor and the building owner to draw this graffiti. Moreover, Beirut's…

From Football Teammates In Lebanon To Sworn Enemies In Syria

Picture taken from Al Akhaa Ahli Aley Football Team Archive This picture, which was shared by Hazem al Amin today, pretty much sums up how the Syrian Civil War has spilled over into Lebanon. It shows two Lebanese football players Ahmad Diab and Hussein el Amin celebrating a goal back in 2013 in a game against Ansar club. Few months after this game, Ahmad Diab committed a terrorist suicide bombing while Hussein went to Syria…

Remembering Sarah el Khatib On World Cancer Day

1 year ago
via ArtSheep Sara el Khatib was a 4th year pharmacy student at LAU and was battling cancer, living with an amputation and enduring the accompanying pain. Sara gave the below inspiring TEDx talk 14 days ...

Beirut Marathon Officially One Of The 26 Exclusive Silver Races In The World!

1 year ago
The BDL Beirut Marathon has been promoted to a SILVER Road Race by the International Association of Athletics Federation after it met all the organization’s quality requirements. Becoming a silver label marathon is very difficult ...

Could Melanie Freiha Have Been Saved? Why Aren’t There Medical Centers And Clinics Near Ski Resorts In Lebanon?

1 year ago
Picture via Ralph Saade Melanie Freiha is an 18-year old student who died in a ski accident last weekend in Kfardebian. I couldn’t figure out the exact circumstances of her tragic death but I know ...

Amal Clooney Is Representing Armenia in Genocide Trial

1 year ago
Amal Clooney is taking on her next big case, which is representing Armenia’s interests in a historic trial before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France. The case is an appeal of a ...

The Most Degrading Arabic Song Ever?

1 year ago
I really hope this is a joke. [YouTube] ...

Boubouffe Opening In Dubai And Abu Dhabi!

1 year ago
The best Shawarma place in Lebanon is going to the UAE and will open 6 outlets between 2015 and 2017. Boubouffe has signed an agreement with Addmind, the management group behind White, Indie, Iris and ...

Everyone’s Doing It

1 year ago
I think this is the best Valentine ad Exotica has done in years. It definitely beats last year’s ad. Update: Here’s a censored version of the ad للعقول الحساسة Thanks Maya! ...

Is This The Worst Referee Call In Lebanon’s Basketball History?

1 year ago
Sagesse was playing against Champville on Thursday and the score was 104-104 with 6 seconds left. Hekmeh player Terrell Stoglin took the ball and was dribbling towards the Champville basket when he was clearly fouled ...