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Abra Municipality Takes Back Its Ramadan Memo

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The above memo was distributed a week ago in Abra asking all Abra residents, restaurants and cafes not to eat or serve food in public during Ramadan. The memo was apparently issued after Saida’s Mufti had requested so but the municipality annulled the memo after being harshly criticized and given that it violates the constitution.

Meanwhile, a similar memo was issued by Tripoli’s municipality but I doubt that anything can be done about it.


Update: The Tripoli memo was apparently annulled too.

Meet Abdul Karim Hodroj: The General Security Officer Who Died While Trying To Stop The Suicide Bomber

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Abdul Karim was one of the two General Security officers who intercepted the suicide bomber’s car going the wrong way yesterday. Abdul Karim stayed with the driver while the other GS officer went to inform the nearest army checkpoint. That’s when the blast took place and killed both the suicide bomber and Abdul Karim.

This man helped prevent a disaster because the car was headed towards a crowded cafe and could have killed tens if not hundreds. He’s one of many security officers who died trying to save lives in the past year.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry Recognizes Lebanese Elisabeth Sioufi as a 2014 TIP Report Hero

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It’s good to hear some Lebanese are actively contributing to ending human trafficking and are being recognized for their efforts. Congrats to Elisabeth!


U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry recognizes Elisabeth Sioufi of Lebanon as a 2014 Trafficking in Persons Report Hero at the U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C., on June 20, 2014. Elisabeth Sioufi, director of the Beirut Bar Association’s Institute for Human Rights, relentlessly advocates for and raises awareness about victims of human trafficking.

Lebanon Not So Stable And Secure

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Just when we thought things had calmed down in Lebanon, suicide bombers are back to remind us of how fragile the situation is. The only “positive” aspect of the last two bombings is that the ISF were able to stop these terrorists before they reached their final destination and avoided Lebanon a true massacre.

Respect to the ISF and Lebanese Army martyrs.


Video Showing Zghorta’s Mayor Toufic Moawad Fatal Car Crash

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LBCI shared today a security camera footage showing the moment Toufic Moawad’s Audi Q7 crashed into a truck on the Dora highway. Looking at the video, and regardless whether the drive had been drinking or fell asleep or was speeding, this truck should not be parked that way on the freaking highway! Moreover and like Yasa has pointed out in the picture below, Toufic could have survived the crash if the proper road safety measures were taken on the back of the truck.

In all cases, whatever we say won’t bring back Toufic who was loved and admired in his hometown.

May he rest in peace.