The Janna Dam is Still a Bad Idea!

Update: Here's an elaborate article on the Janna Dam. This is probably the 4th article I write about the Janna dam in the past 4 years and the issue is still causing a controversy. For me, the issue is very simple: - As long as there are conflicting studies about the dam and no one has a clear answer on its environmental impact, the project should be stopped and no one should be allowed to…

Huawei Mate 8 Review: My First Experience with a Huawei Phone

Even though Huawei phones have been in the market for quite some time, I've never had the chance to use or review any of them. A month ago, I spotted the Messi commercial with the new Mate 8 so I asked Huawei if I could try it out and they sent me a review model for a couple of weeks time, which was good enough for a quick review: Design/Build: The Huawei Mate 8 is…

#LawChouMaSar, Keep Working in #Lebanon

1 year ago
#LawChouMaSar is a new online campaign that was launched few days ago and is a collective call for action from all the productive and creative sectors to keep working in Lebanon no matter what. It’s ...

Tripoli School Teacher Beats Up Student, Breaks Two Fingers

1 year ago
via lebanonfiles I still can’t believe these things still happen in Lebanese schools. The kid was apparently beaten up, taken to the hospital and the mother was told that he “fell accidentally” and injured himself. ...

The Grand Aley Hotel: Built in 1926, For Sale Since 2008

1 year ago
This is a cool piece by Dima Karam (The Guardian) on the Grand Aley Hotel that was built in 1926 by three brothers from a Beiruti trading family. The British Army set up their command ...

The Story of Beirut: A Spectacular Start To The Beirut Cultural Festival

1 year ago
The Story of Beirut was the centerpiece of the May 17-22 Beirut Cultural Festival and the best possible way to kick off the first edition of these festivals. Using Nejmeh Square’s iconic clock tower as ...

Tripoli Becomes The First Lebanese City To Get a Bike Lane!

1 year ago
via Bike Tripoli Tripoli has inaugurated today a bike lane, the first of its kind in a Lebanese city. The bike lane is 3 km long and was launched prior to the third Bike Tripoli ...

NESCAFÉ Arabia Latest Ad: Funny & Dirty

1 year ago
I was just watching the ad when I saw Ralph’s comment about the ad having a sexual connotation. I don’t think they did it on purpose but it still cracked me up. The husband and ...

Naameh Landfill Is Closing Tonight, Garbage Crisis is Coming Back Soon!

1 year ago
Source: AFP Two months ago, I wrote that the Lebanese cabinet is only postponing the garbage crisis with their temporary four-year long solution. Unfortunately, they weren’t even able to stick to that plan and the ...

Here’s Why I Love Formula One

1 year ago
I love Formula 1. Everything about this sport is fascinating and I hate it when I hear people telling me “It’s just driving around in circles”. Formula 1 is considered by many to be the ...