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Leave Patriarch Rai Alone!

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No one and I insist NO ONE has the right to tell Patriarch Bechara el Rai where he should go or should not, specially if he’s going on a religious visit to the Holy Land with the head of the Catholic Church. Enough said!

I am glad he put an end to this interview and I urge him to ignore all the media and just go on with his visit.

Lucien Bourjeily Got His Passport Back From The General Security

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Lebanese Writer and Director Lucien Bourjeily had applied to renew his passport and was expecting to receive it few days ago in order to travel to London and represent Lebanon at the “The LIFT festival”. However, the General Security refused to return the passport and said that “they will revert back to Lucien in the coming month or month and a half”. Given that Lucien is not a criminal and has a clean record, what happened is wrong and needs to be investigated. Fortunately, the General Security ended up giving him the passport today knowing that his story made all the headlines and went viral on all social media channels.

Here’s what Lucien posted today:

VICTORY!! The general security has just released my Passport!!!
Although, they made me miss my UK Visa appointment by confiscating it but there’s still hope (with the help of the British Council and The LIFT Festival ) that I can make it to London International Theater festival on the 22nd of June and perform the play “Vanishing State”, and that they refused to even give me back the 105,000 L.B.P. they made me originally pay for what was supposed to be the “fast service” option

I am sure the British Council will help Lucien get his visa and make it on time for the festival.

New DSL & 3G Rates In Lebanon

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Telecom Minister Boutros Harb announced today the new rates in regards to the DSL and 3G in Lebanon. Unlike what was previously announced, the rates will be effective starting July 1st and not June 1st. Here are the changes introduced:

– There will be an unlimited internet service offered for the 2Mbps DSL speeds.
– Postpaid customers will get 60 min for free for the $15 charge they were paying monthly.
– Getting a fixed line will cost now 12,000LL instead of 50,000LL.
– For Prepaid lines, one minute will cost now 25 cents (instead of 36 cents), and an SMS 5 cents (instead of 9 cents).

The new DSL rates are practically the same as the ones I posted a week ago. You can check them out [Here] and I posted below the summary I wrote previously:

The DSL 1Mbps (4G and 10G), and the 2Mpbs (20GB) plans will be cancelled and replaced with the 2Mpbs (40GB) and priced at 24,000LL per month which was the lowest rate available. A new 2Mbps service (Unlimited) plan will be introduced and priced at 75,000LL monthly. Moreover the 4Mbps (25GB) will be upgraded to 50GB and its price slashed by more than 50% (From 115,000 LL to 50,000 LL per month). The 6 & 8Mbps plans will also get double the quotas at half the original pricing. Moving on to the HDSL, and I really hope this is true, we will get 80GB instead of 40GB at almost half the price (125,000 LL instead of 225,000 LL).

Moving on to the 3G/4G plans, and this is awesome news, 10$ will now get you 500MB instead of 150, 19$ will get you 1.5GB instead of 750 Mb and 29$ will get you 5GB instead of the current 1.5GB plan.

PS: Screenshots taken from WalidKaram.





In Pictures: The Newly Revamped Rene Mouawad Sanayeh Garden

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The new Sanayeh garden is almost ready and will be officially open on May 31st. The new garden looks great now, as it’s clean, greener and is fully equipped. Added to that, there’s now a bike lane, the areas dedicated to children were revamped and there’s free WIFI of course. Dogs and pets won’t be allowed though at first as people tend to leave their pets’ poop behind and awareness is needed on that subject. We can only hope that other initiatives will follow to revamp and create new green areas in Beirut and all over Lebanon.

Here are few sneak peek pictures of the new garden:

Azadea Foundation has taken the pledge to rehabilitate and revive the Sanayeh garden, one of Beirut’s oldest and most popular gardens in collaboration with the Municipality of Beirut of course. The new 22,000sqm garden will include an amphitheater, children playgrounds, bicycle and running tracks, promenade lanes, free WIFI among other things.