DSL Is Down

The DSL connections have been down for more than 3 hours now and I am unable to reach Ogero to figure out what's happening. It seems they were performing some maintenance but it's taking forever. Update: DSL was back up on August 14th around noon.

Hannibal Race In Lebanon

There's a Hannibal race taking place in Lebanon on September 7th at Zaarour from 8am till 5pm. There are two types of races, the 7K and the 15K both with obstacles. It's a pretty tough race so think twice before joining it as you won't be able to finish unless you are fit. Check out more info .

#Tripoli_Loves_Beer: 10 Things Tripoli’s Mayor Should Worry About Before Banning Beer Ads

2 years ago
Removing the beer ads in Tripoli may be legally correct, but I think Tripoli’s mayor should have other priorities on his agenda that are way more important than removing alcohol billboards. Here are some of ...

Art Of C At City Centre Beirut: Creativity For A Good Cause

2 years ago
Five Lebanese artists were showcasing their creativity for a good cause at the Beirut City Centre on Saturday. Famous Tattoo artist Hady Beydoun, Graffiti Artists Rami Mouallem and Alfred Bader, Fashion Illustrator Sandra Bakhamian, and ...

What Is Wrong With The Lebanese Basketball Teams? Why Are They So Determined To Kill The Game?

2 years ago
[YouTube] I am really surprised that basketball players in Lebanon are still quiet over what’s happening recently. The Lebanese Federation may be obliged to take a decision soon that will literally kill basketball in Lebanon ...

Annahar Writes About A Gay Marriage In Faqra Then Removes The Story And Apologizes

2 years ago
via lfadi I saved this story to read it later, only to find out that Annahar removed it and posted a clarification stating that it was a fabricated story to harm the paper’s image. They ...

Dfouni’s Super Quinoa Salad

2 years ago
If you like Quinoa, you should definitely try the one Super Dfouni makes. I’ve been having it almost every day for the past 2 months. It contains grilled Halloumi, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, olives, parsley, cranberries ...

Beirut City Centre Checking Car Plate Numbers

2 years ago
I was at the Beirut City Centre on Saturday and I noticed the security people were using a machine to check car plate numbers. I’m assuming they are checking if the car is stolen or ...

Rolex Boutique Open In Jounieh

2 years ago
I posted about Rolex opening soon 3 weeks ago and it’s already open now. Here are a couple of pictures I took yesterday. I am still surprised they chose Jounieh souks as a location. ...

Hilarious Wedding Invite

2 years ago
(I removed the date and the venue) I got this picture via Whatsapp and it’s part of a wedding invite in Lebanon where guests who don’t confirm before a specific date are asked to bring ...