Old Lebanese Law Requires Women To Be Single To Enroll In The Diplomatic Service

via Annahar Apparently there's an old Lebanese law that is still applicable and that requires women applying for certain job openings at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Lebanon to be single. I tried asking around to see why this requirement is there but no one had an answer and it doesn't make any sense. Why would it matter if the woman is single or married? Are they worried her husband might be spying on…

Week14: LiveLoveBeirut’s Best Pictures Of The Week

Barouk Cedars by RogerGaspar You can follow LiveLoveBeirut on Instagram . I'm also on Instagram and you can follow me if you like. On top of Harissa - by AntoineMenassa I miss the Oval! Picture by Sarahabouraad Smile Lebanon - By Ibrahim Smidi Take me to the moon - by Haigmelikian who dedicated it to the memory of Melanie Freiha Balou3 Tannourine - By Hady Semaan

Who Is Lebanon’s Sexiest Doctor?

2 years ago
Update: The girl is called Maguy Farhat and is studying medicine at the LAU Gilbert and Rose-Marie Chagoury School of Medicine. I don’t know how I landed on this Annahar article on Lebanon’s sexiest doctor ...

ASHEKMAN: Covering And Replacing Ugly Political Slogans With Beautiful Graffiti Murals

2 years ago
The highly talented ASHEKMAN brothers have been covering the ugly political slogans and stencils from Beirut’s walls way before the Ministry of Interior decided to do so, and they’ve been sending out positive messages through ...

Valentine Means Doggy Style According To Rikkyz

2 years ago
via Rikkyz What a nasty post to promote their Valentine’s event. ...
Animals & Wildlife

Animal Abuse Will Soon Be Illegal In Lebanon!

2 years ago
The Animal protection and welfare law has been finally approved by the council of ministers and will soon be presented to the parliament! Animals Lebanon have been working for 3 years now to implement this ...

So A Beirut Graffiti That Says “To be free, or not to be” Is A Threat To Civil Peace Now?

2 years ago
The beautiful Tabaris mural that was painted by the awesome ASHEKMAN brothers was removed today by the Beirut municipality, as part of the campaign to remove “all political slogans” from Beirut. I don’t understand how ...

From Football Teammates In Lebanon To Sworn Enemies In Syria

2 years ago
Picture taken from Al Akhaa Ahli Aley Football Team Archive This picture, which was shared by Hazem al Amin today, pretty much sums up how the Syrian Civil War has spilled over into Lebanon. It ...

Remembering Sarah el Khatib On World Cancer Day

2 years ago
via ArtSheep Sara el Khatib was a 4th year pharmacy student at LAU and was battling cancer, living with an amputation and enduring the accompanying pain. Sara gave the below inspiring TEDx talk 14 days ...

Beirut Marathon Officially One Of The 26 Exclusive Silver Races In The World!

2 years ago
The BDL Beirut Marathon has been promoted to a SILVER Road Race by the International Association of Athletics Federation after it met all the organization’s quality requirements. Becoming a silver label marathon is very difficult ...