The Lebanese Police Should Arrest This Guy And Destroy His Bike

I saw this video yesterday on NekatLebanese18's instagram account then I remembered I had posted about him already before when he pulled a similar stunt on the Dora highway. However this time, he apparently made there's a policeman looking at him. Since he's not only an idiot but an arrogant one, the ISF should arrest him, destroy his bike and forbid him from driving any bikes or cars for a long time. Check out the…

4 Reasons Why Everyone Is Sharing Dubai, Not Beirut’s NYE Fireworks

I always enjoy watching NYE fireworks from around the world mainly in London, Sydney and New York. As far as the Middle East is concerned, Dubai has been impressing the world with a spectacular show around Burj Khalifa every year and yesterday's show was even more impressive than last year. Of course we also had fireworks planned in Beirut but most Lebanese I know are sharing Dubai's fireworks for 4 main reasons: 1- Dubai's fireworks…

And The Best Dressed Lebanese Singer On NYE Is …

2 years ago
Madonna of course! I can’t actually believe she was dressed as a Christmas tree but it looked nice. Who needs Lady Gaga when we have Lady Madonna? ...

Water Spout Spotted In Beirut

2 years ago
Pic by YoungLBAdult The first picture was shared by toalyalb and is pretty cool. Picture by WakimJocy ...

Down Town Beirut Has Got Everything Except People

2 years ago
The Washington Post shared an article today on Down Town Beirut and how it was rebuilt after the civil war and now has everything except people. This is not the first time that this issue ...

The Most Accurate And Genuine Predictions For Lebanon In 2015

2 years ago
Bernard Hage is hilarious but I have to admit last year’s predictions were funnier. The only thing that was funnier than Bernard Hage this year were Mike Feghali’s clothes on NYE. In all cases, I ...

Lebanese ISF Deployed All Over Lebanon on NYE To Keep Everyone Safe And Stop Drunk People

2 years ago
via Almaza While we were all drinking and singing yesterday, the Lebanese Internal Security Forces were running alcohol breath tests in almost every region in Lebanon. Those who were driving and failed the test were ...

#NetworkOfHope: 33 Advertising Agencies From Lebanon & Jordan with 1 Message: HOPE

2 years ago
M&C Saatchi MENA kicked off an initiative with Pikasso to gather almost all the advertising agencies in the countries of Lebanon and Jordan, unifying them to all work together under one big message: HOPE. As ...

Don’t Drink And Drive On New Year’s Eve, Taxis Are For Free!

2 years ago
via Yasa PS: The hotline you should call is 1720. We all enjoy drinking on New Year’s Eve and we tend to overdo it which is fine but it’s never okay to drink and drive, ...

Updated: Carfax NOT Blocked In Lebanon

2 years ago
Update2: Carfax is not blocked in Lebanon as it’s giving the same message in other countries. It’s probably an internal technical issue or something related to their servers. Update: is still working A friend ...