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Joint Parliamentary Committees Approve Domestic Violence Draft Law

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This is not enough but definitely a step in the right direction. I wonder though if this vote is legal considering that the parliament’s term has expired over a week ago.

The joint parliamentary committees approved on Monday a draft-law on the protection of women from domestic violence, a major step towards helping women become first-class citizens in multi-confessional Lebanon.

If passed by parliament, the law would come under the penal code — under which cases are referred to a criminal court — rather than personal status laws, which are ruled on by religious authorities. [Naharnet]

Al-Assir Shot First

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The above footage shown by Al-Jadeed is supposed to show how Al-Assir was the one who shot first at the army but I honestly don’t see how they made such an assumption based on this footage. Don’t get me wrong, I am convinced Assir and his buddies are criminals that should be arrested and jailed not just for attacking the army but for having weapons in the first place, but this video, specially the title, is misleading and proves nothing.

If anything, it undermines the earlier report submitted by the Lebanese Army and the Ministry of Defense (See Video Below). In Al-Jadeed footage, the gunshots came from an unknown source far from Assir and the army while in the video below, Al-Assir is the one who started firing at the army.


Update: Here’s another footage taken from Bank Audi’s Camera. It still contradicts with the story shown in the LBC report above.

Publicity – Jbeil

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Jbeil is the place to be this summer and it’s crowded almost every day of the week. Aside from the Byblos Festivals, the beautiful Souks are attracting a lot of tourists and locals and the newly open Publicity has turned Jbeil into a booming nightlife hub outside Beirut. For those of you who haven’t heard of this place yet, Publicity is a new nightlife venue consisting of 12 Pubs and Restaurants surrounding a big swimming pool with Jacuzzi lounges. There are few pubs with a rooftop while others are on the pool side, and one DJ for the whole place. You can easily get to Publicity by taking a small right turn on the Jbeil highway right after Zaatar wou Zeit.


We went to a pub called Del Sol which serves Mexican food and has a rooftop. The table we had was really nice and overlooking the pool and the road side. There were few tables with couches and the rest had high chairs (Ours had high chairs), which were really annoying, up to a point that I preferred standing up rather than sitting on them. As far as the service and food are concerned, the waiters and manager were very friendly but a bit unorganized. It wasn’t that bad but we got the food before the drinks, not all of us got plates, we asked for a Vodka bottle and got a small bucket of ice with it (suitable for Arak not a Vodka Bottle) and a small orange glass. As for the food, it was surprisingly good for a pub and I enjoyed it specially the appetizers.


The music and atmosphere were nice, the pubs were packed by midnight and the party stayed on even after we left which was around 2 am. I was hoping for someone to jump in the pool but it didn’t happen, instead some girl fainted for some reason and everyone regrouped around her but she came out fine.


Publicity turns during the day into a large pool with Jacuzzi lounges and there’s a large poolside bar for those who want a drink. I haven’t tried it yet but I personally prefer resorts that are on the beach, even though the Jacuzzi lounges are tempting.

If you want to reserve at any of Publicity’s pubs, you can find all the necessary information on their [Facebook Page]. Note that you have to call the pub and not the Publicity number for night reservation.

The Lebanese National Basketball Team Urges The Lebanese Federation To Resign

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The National Team is finally back to Lebanon and Coach Ghassan Sarkis held a press conference where he asked the Lebanese Federation on behalf of the Players to resign immediately. Sarkis “addressed the Federation’s President Robert Abou Abdallah saying: “I kindly tell you that you do not know how to run this game.”

This proves the points I raised earlier this week, that the Federation failed miserably and should resign immediately.

Let’s hope they do it ASAP and things go back to normal knowing that we have a very promising season next year.


Rabih al-Ahmed’s wife says he tricked her into marriage

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For those of you who forgot, Rabih al-Ahmed is the guy who got his penis severed by his wife’s family members. He was brutally beaten up by seven men for half an hour, then dragged to the town’s square where they cut off his penis.

Now you’d think the wife would stay silent or defend her husband but instead she went on TV, surrounded by her family, and accused her husband of fabricating the story and assaulting her on several occasions. She also stated that he tricked her into believing that he’s Druze and that she wished justice would take its course.

I have to say this love story is a bit weird specially that Rabih is 20 years older than Rudeina, but there’s nothing that could possibly justify the crime the girl’s family members have committed and I truly hope that they get jailed. Unfortunately though, these religious-driven acts go unpunished most of the time in Lebanon especially when there’s apparently an MP protecting the perpetrators.