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Car Accidents On The Rise On The Achrafieh – Furn el Chebbak Bridge

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I was surprised to see an ISF officer in the report complaining about the separator and how the authorities should fix this problem the soonest. It’s like an employee telling his bosses that they are not doing a good job.

In all cases, and until the separator is fixed, a good idea would be to put some signs to alert the drivers to slow down specially at night. By the way, the Dora (Facing the Forum De Beyrouth) and City Mall (Maritime road) separators are no better and should also be fixed.

What Happened With Lebanese Blogger Gino at the Cybercrime Bureau

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This should not be happening to bloggers and journalists. I repeat what Gino said and I also ask the Lebanese Judicial System, and the cyber crimes office as well, to put some faith in journalists, bloggers and activists and prevent such cases from occurring in the future.

All the support to you bro!

Read the full story [Here]. Al-Akhbar covered the story and [Maharat] as well.

Wake up. Get a serious-sounding call from a 01. Officer quickly introduces himself and summons me to their offices next day at 10:00AM. Asked repeatedly what for, all I got was “just be here at 10″ and could barely get directions to the bureau. An hour later, technical glitches at IDM and Cyberia made access to the blog via these providers impossible. So, you can imagine the uneasiness I was feeling about the interrogation that followed what at first seemed to be yet another block of my blog after the one in December.

Of course, I knew I had done nothing wrong. Over 4 years on the blog have taught me how to avoid slander and libel (kad7 w zamm) in my writing. As for any other crimes, the only thing I could think of was my criticism of bad practices by the ISF that could land me in that seat (despite my fair-handed writing of when they do good as well).
Turns out it was a slander and libel complaint filed by Bonofa, the people behind Cube 7, by a person I never met or heard of before. It was an article I wrote back in July, that you can find here, and check for yourself that there is no slander in libel (as per more than one legal advisor). [Link]

Hussein Sharafeddine (AA The Preacherman) on Hayda Haki

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To be honest, I was glad Adel decided to get Hussein on his show but I was rather disappointed with the segment as a whole. What happened with Hussein is a very alarming and serious matter and the fact that he was kept for 36 hours before he got released is unacceptable by all means. I think Adel should have focused more on that matter and less on the “Byjama”. He could have gotten Marwan Charbel on the line to understand why it took so long to release Hussein and how this whole misunderstanding took place and how it can be avoided in the future.

New Mobile Application “Najat” To Help The Lebanese Red Cross

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Telecom Ministry and Alfa will sponsor the new “NAJAT” application

A new mobile application called “Najat” will be launched very soon to help the Lebanese Red Cross locate people who call them for emergencies. The app is called “Najat” after Najat Waked, a loving mother who passed away few days ago on her way to the hospital. Her family had called an ambulance but they were in a state of shock and didn’t guide the driver properly to their house, which made him lose his way and arrive late. Najat could have been saved if she had made it 3 minutes earlier to the hospital.

Nevertheless, a great initiative came out of this tragic story as the Waked family decided to help the Lebanese Red Cross to quickly and accurately locate people in need of help by creating a free mobile app and installing a navigation system on every Red Cross Ambulance. Alfa Telecom and the Telecommunications Ministry sponsored the idea and provided tablets, 3G connections and covered all the app development and training costs.

The Najat mobile application will become available very soon on iOS and Android. Stay posted for updates [Here].

New Lebanon Stamp To Honor The Armenian Genocide Victims

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First Look at the Stamp

Telecom Minister Nicolas Sehnaoui tweeted a while ago that a new national stamp was launched in honor of the Armenian Genocide victims. The stamp is meant and I quote as a “shout-out to the world to recognize the Armenian Genocide”.

The Armenian Genocide resulted in the death of 1.5 million people and should be recognized by Turkey and the whole world!