Ogero Unleashes Open Speeds, Claims 60% of Users Affected

Yesterday around 11 PM, I asked a friend of mine in Daychounieh to do a speed test and he got twice the connection speed he usually gets. In fact a lot of people were tweeting improved speed tests from all over Lebanon following Ogero's announcement on unleashing the open speeds. What's an open speed plan? Basically if you live within a 2.5KM radius of the CO , you will be able to get a much…

Kickass Lebanese Wrestling Championship on Sunday 16th of July 2017

If you love wrestling, we have some pretty cool competitions that take place every summer in Lebanon. The ones I've heard of in the past years took place in Mayrouba, Saida, Jourit el Termoss and there's one taking place on Sunday 16th at 8:30PM in Kfarhatta - Koura. What caught my attention was the kick-ass video they did for the event. It made me want to go there but I have no idea where that…

Did you Like Fairouz’s “Yemken” Song?

6 days ago
Fairouz is releasing a new album on September 22 which will feature ten new songs. The album is the first collaboration with Fairouz’s daughter Reema Rahbany who is producing the album and the first time ...
Animals & Wildlife

Dog Chained on Adloun Highway

1 week ago
Several people apparently reported spotting a dog chained on the Adloun highway so a guy rushed to his help and filmed the whole thing. I’ve never seen something like that and I have no idea ...

Contact the ICRC If You Know Someone who Went Missing in Times of War

1 week ago
Last year, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) launched the #TheDayIDisappeared campaign to draw attention to the fate of the individuals who went missing through conflict, disaster and migration and show solidarity with ...

Michael Haddad Wants to Conquer the North Pole!

1 week ago
Michael Haddad is a paralyzed professional athlete who is breaking all barriers and accomplishing the unthinkable for a person who has lost control of 75% of his body. Michael is always off to a new ...

Starbucks Now Open in Broumana

1 week ago
Broumana is going to have a busy summer this year. First Roadster & Zaatar W Zeit and now Starbucks is also opening right next door. The shop wasn’t open yet when I went there for ...


1 week ago
I can’t believe we actually need a campaign to tell motorists to pave way for the ambulance. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed on many occasions a lot of cars blocking the ambulance’s road and the worst kind ...

How Do We Pronounce “GIF” in Lebanon?

1 week ago
What is the right way to pronounce “GIF”? The creator of the Graphics Interchange Format Steve Wilhite said it’s pronounced JIF not GIF. The Oxford English Dictionary and Merriam-Webster proclaimed both pronunciations are acceptable. Stack ...

Ballatna el Ba7er Zbele!

1 week ago
A couple of weeks ago, a video emerged showing tons of toxic waste being illegally dumped daily into the notorious Burj Hammoud that was supposedly closed down years ago. Last week, a report by Marie-ève ...