Red-Light Enforcement Cameras Installed in #Beirut

The Traffic Management Center is teaming up with Sensys Gatso Group, the leading provider of traffic safety solutions delivering systems, to install the first Red-light systems in Beirut. The red-light cameras were first tested on Valentine's day and 17 violations were recorded within 140 seconds. The Sensys Gatso Group's traffic surveillance cameras and systems are used all over the world to monitor speed, red lights and other traffic situations, so this is definitely a good…

A Funny Take on Lebanon’s Quest For a Fair Electoral Law

Douaihy is poking fun at the ongoing electoral law debate and how everyone wants a slice of the pie, the Knefe pie in that case. I'm not really sure if they did it intentionally, but Knefe is ideal for the current situation we are in. It looks great, tastes great and everyone is adding more syrup on it to make it look appealing. In fact, if we were to compare the proposed electoral laws to…

ASHEKMAN Taking Part in Saudi Arabia’s First Ever Comic-Con

4 days ago
Saudi Arabia is currently hosting its first ever Comic-con, a three-day festival of anime, pop art, video gaming and film-related events. Two prominent “Game of Thrones” stars attended the event: Julian Glover (Grand Maester Pycelle) ...

KunHadi’s Nap & Go Initiative: Giving Tired Drivers a Place to Nap

4 days ago
KunHadi just launched its Nap & Go initiative, which aims at promoting road safety and giving drivers a place to nap when they are tired. The first allocated parking space will be at Medco gas ...

Picon Celebrating 50 Years with Heartwarming Videos

5 days ago
I gladly took part in Picon’s 50 years campaign that celebrated motherhood in all its forms from the beginning of the journey till the end of it. Picon’s homage to the Lebanese mother was reflected ...

FIA President Jean Todt is in Beirut

6 days ago
FIA President & ex-Scuderia Ferrari General Manager Jean Todt visited today the students of the Master’s degree in Road Safety Management at Saint-Joseph University in Beirut. Todt also serves as UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy ...

Sagesse Basketball Club Back on the Right Track?

6 days ago
Sagesse Basketball Club has one of the largest and most loyal fan-base in Lebanon but the team hasn’t been able to perform well in recent years due to poor management and a lack of sponsors ...

“Les Amis de Marine Le Pen au Liban” Page Coming Soon

1 week ago
I read today that Marine Le Pen, who heads the far-right National Front (FN) party, is planning to visit Lebanon next week and hold talks with President Michel Aoun and Prime Minister Saad Hariri. The ...

My Five Favorite “El 3ama” Commentaries

1 week ago
El 3ama is an entertainement page that was kicked off less than a year ago and has produced over 50 hilarious commentaries on video clips, interviews and funny incidents. This guy has got some serious ...

El Wade3 Felten (Round 2)

1 week ago
After the loose tires video on the Dora highway that emerged last week, a garbage bin was spotted sliding along one of Lebanon’s roads and of course someone was driving and filming the whole thing ...