A Jealous Fashionista

I'm starting to enjoy these clueless & exaggerated articles that are left anonymous and hit out at random people with random arguments. This one which was originally published in the so-called newspaper talks about fashionistas taking over social media with their fancy handbags, super-cars and six-figure watches. The author is obviously not a fan of these fashionistas or maybe just a fashionista who's taking things way too seriously. Not that I'm a fan of such…

A Karaoke To Remember

In order to help people understand what it feels like to have Alzheimer's, a Karaoke club in Beirut change the lyrics of famous songs. Instead of "I'm loving angels instead" or "Isn't it ironic don't you think", karaoke screens showed "I'm loving angels and bread" and "Isn't it Titanic did it sink" instead. I loved the idea and people's reactions. Alzheimer's can affect anyone of us and it hurts when a loved one starts forgetting…

Where Does Our Tax Money Go?

1 week ago
The parliament approved yesterday a 1% increase on the value-added tax (VAT) and other taxes as well in order to fund the long-awaited new wage scale. The scale has not yet been approved and some ...

AUB To Become Entirely Smoke-Free by 2019

1 week ago
AUB’s President Dr. Fadlo R. Khuri, who is a thoracic/head and neck medical oncologist, has vowed to turn AUB into an entirely smoke-free campus (indoors and outdoors) within 24 months in a long letter published ...

Ammo Elias

1 week ago
Kettaneh Group shared a short video honoring one of their employees “Ammo Elias”, who has been working with the group since 1957. He spent his whole life at the company, would sleep there during the ...

How Lebanese React to Armed Bank Robberies

1 week ago
Bank Audi Baabda branch was subjected yesterday to a robbery by three gunmen that were able to steal almost $20K and get away in a Hyundai i10. I was looking at the footage of the ...

The Lebanese Nationality Program: Good Initiative, Bad Law

1 week ago
The Lebanese Nationality Program is a program launched by the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants and aimed at helping people of Lebanese heritage around the world to regain their Lebanese Nationality. The program ...

Majida El Roumi Honored by The Spanish Ambassador in #Lebanon

1 week ago
Lebanese singer Majida el Roumi was honored by the Spanish Ambassador in Lebanon and awarded the Order of Civil Merit (Commander Rank) which is granted by the Spanish King. El Roumi has been recognized with ...

R.I.P Stavro Jabra

2 weeks ago
Lebanese prominent cartoonist Stavro Jabra has passed away today at the age of 70. Stavro has been reflecting through his cartoons on regional and local events since the 1970s. I followed his work religiously and ...

Did Anyone Attend the so-called “World Cup” Match in #Beirut last Week?

2 weeks ago
When I first spotted the poster last week, I thought it was some really old event because it looked like it was done using a Microsoft Paint from Windows 95 but then a friend asked ...