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Beirut Art Fair 2014: 47 Galleries From 14 Countries

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Rami Tosh Fesh

The 2014 edition of the Beirut Art Fair is taking place between September 18 and 21 at BIEL. This year’s event will feature around fifty international modern and contemporary art and design galleries from more than 10 countries. I will be there tomorrow to check out some of the galleries and artists.

You can check out the program and all needed information [here].

alfa Ali Tlais – Vibrating Autism Pop Art

That Bathroom You Find In Almost Every New Apartment In Lebanon

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When I started looking for apartments, most of them had one or two bathrooms for the bedrooms, one for the guests and sometimes an extra bathroom for the housekeeper (as they call it). You step inside this so-called bathroom and you wonder how an adult person is supposed to fit in it. It’s like the same standard one for most apartments between 180 and 250 sqm and it’s useless space because no one can use it.

They should have made the kitchen or any other room in the house bigger instead of building this waste of space.