How Are Hunters NOT Threatening Flights Safety?

I think we should stop coming up with jokes when it comes to serious matters because the authorities are taking us way too seriously. I can't believe they actually invited hunters to shoot down the seagulls today and let the horrendous pictures and videos circulate in the media. Put aside the fact that this is a crime against nature and that this is the worst possible solution to get rid of seagulls, which is safer?…

Bouza Bachir now Open in Paris

1 week ago
Bouza Bachir (Glace Bachir) is one of the oldest and most popular ice-cream places in Lebanon. It started off in Bekfaya back in 1936 and has today over 30 shops across Lebanon, they’ve just opened ...

10 Genius Solutions to Beirut Airport’s Bird-Attracting Ponds

1 week ago
As you all know by now, planes at Beirut were reportedly in danger after birds began flocking in large numbers to a nearby rubbish dump, but the government is treating this matter in an urgent ...

Video Shows Fight on Beirut-London MEA Flight

1 week ago
I heard about this fight yesterday but a video emerged today showing two passengers fighting on the plane. LBCI reported that one of the passengers “got into a dispute with an air hostess before assaulting ...
Animals & Wildlife

Rare Sighting: Brown Bear Spotted in Lebanon’s Mountains After Almost 60 Years

1 week ago
I was just finishing this post on the Syrian Brown Bear spotted in Lebanon’s eastern mountain range when I noticed Nadine from Newsroomnomad had posted about it already. I trust Nadine when it comes to ...

15 Things That Need to be Changed at The Beirut Rafic Hariri Airport

1 week ago
The Beirut Rafic Hariri was renovated 14 years ago, but it has been neglected ever since and there are plenty of things that need to be drastically changed and/or improved the soonest. To name few: ...

Kfarman Municipality Trying To Use a 100 Year-Old Law To Ban Alcohol

1 week ago
What is happening in Kfarman (Nabatieh) and several other Lebanese villages in the South mainly is alarming and dangerous. It’s been years now that extremist and some religious groups have been trying to close down ...

Stunning Drone Footage Over The Majestic Mount Sannine

1 week ago
Check out this beautiful drone footage taken over the majestic Mount Sannine by Ziad Orfali. There’s also a GOPRO footage skiing down “Al Bahsa” slope. Enjoy! ...

Riyadi (Sporting Club) Sanctioned Over Anti-Homenetmen Chants

1 week ago
The Lebanese Basketball Federation fined Riyadi and banned their fans from attending the next game after Turkish flags were raised and disrespectful slogans were chanted during their latest encounter with Homenetmen. Sagesse fans were also ...