Jbeil’s Mystery Piano Man’s Identity Revealed

A beautiful music coming out of a dark spot next to Saint Jean-Marc Cathedral's in Jbeil caught Ralph Aoun's attention and he decided to share a video on Facebook of this mystery piano man who was performing alone in the dark. The video quickly went viral and was later on featured on LBCI's 11:30 News Bulletin by Raneem Bou Khzam who went on to interview the pianist in question and reveal the full story. The…

A Lebanese Heart Surgeon Treats Refugees For Free Once Per Week

Issam al-Rassi is a Lebanese surgeon and is currently dedicating one day every week to treat Syrian and Palestinian refugees for free. Dr El-Rassi is the Chief of Pediatrics Cardiac Surgery at the Children's Heart Center at AUBMC and visits Hammoud hospital in Saida once per week. He refuses to leave babies untreated because of lack of money as he "sees his work with refugees as a matter of responsibility". He no longer wants to…

Ton Amie Liliane is Ton Amie Lara Now

1 week ago
We all grew up in Lebanon listening to “Ton Amie Liliane” songs and watching her plays. I was more of a “Captain Majed” fan myself but we barely had a couple of TV stations with ...

A New Political Movement in #Lebanon?

1 week ago
Their billboards are all over, they are using the number “Seven” (or V for Vendetta?), their official color is purple and they are calling for change. They are also sending messages to all political parties ...

Don’t Piss off a Lebanese Taxi Driver

1 week ago
So a couple of taxis were fighting over a parking spot in Montreal and the driver in the white cab turned out to be a Lebanese. Wait till the end when he starts swearing in ...

Video Shows How The Lebanese Army Captured Ain el Helweh’s Daesh Prince

1 week ago
The Lebanese Army issued a statement that they captured Daesh prince Imad Yasseen in Ain el-Helwi and released a footage of the operation that took place inside the Palestinian camp’s Tawaree neighborhood. Several arrest warrants ...

The Gardens Naccache: The Hottest New Venue in Town

1 week ago
The Naccache Gardens is a new cluster of restaurants, cafes and bars that recently opened in Naccache 50 meters away from Spinneys. There are currently ten outlets open there, including three Lebanese restaurants Enab, Beit ...
Source: Beirut Museum of Art

BeMA: Beirut Museum of Art To Open by 2020

1 week ago
I wrote back in April 2016 that there were talks about opening a new museum of Modern and contemporary Lebanese art in central Beirut by 2020 and that Tony Salamé (Aishti), Zaha Hadid (who unfortunately ...
Source: Lebanonfiles

Man Kills Four People in Achkout After Dispute Over Dog

1 week ago
A General Security officer called Tony Abboud el Chidiac killed four of his neighbors because his daughter was being harassed by their dog. Chidiac killed three members of the same family as well as another ...

203 Blood Units Collected During Achoura by DSC Lebanon & Who is Hussain

1 week ago
For the fourth year in a row, Who is Hussain? and Donner Sang Compter Lebanon organized a blood drive in Haret Hreik in commemoration of Ashoura. This special blood drive aims to encourage those who ...