Hunting Crimes in Mount Lebanon Documented by The Committee Against Bird Slaughter

The indiscriminate killing of migratory birds is still ongoing in Lebanon and the Committee Against Bird Slaughter documented one of the many massacres taking place following a visit to Mount Lebanon. I heard a while back that there are stricter regulations on hunters nowadays, but just like everything the Lebanese authorities do, it's "all talk and no action". Hunters should be heavily fined and should be stripped from their licenses for killing these animals. What…

BOSHIES: Reinventing the Tarboosh

We all love the iconic Tarboosh, an icon of traditional masculinity that was worn by Lebanon's very own first president, Bechara el Khoury as well as Riad el Solh and several Arab leaders such as Egypt's King Farouk and Gamal Abdel Nasser, but it's not something you can wear on a daily basis. In fact, it stopped being part of our daily wear more than 50 years ago. That's what Elias El Haddad and Diane…

NYTimes on the Sahyoun Falafel Rivalry

2 weeks ago
NYTimes published yesterday a great piece on the Sahyoun brothers falafel rivalry. Zuheir Sahyoun & Fuad Sahyoun both inherited the Falafel business from their father Mustapha Sahyoun but then the younger brother broke away and ...

A National Day of Mourning & An Investigation Into the 2014 Events

2 weeks ago
The DNA tests on Wednesday verified that the remains found near the Lebanese-Syrian border belong to the missing army men and a national day of mourning was declared on Friday. The relatives of the slain ...

Wissam Kamal The First Lebanese Comedian on Comedy Central Arabia

2 weeks ago
Wissam Kamal is making his debut tonight on Comedy Central Arabia as he is taking part in the channel’s latest show “Ridiculousness Arabia – Season 2”. For those who are not familiar with Comedy Central, ...

A 5-Minute Standing Ovation for “The Insult” at Venice’74

2 weeks ago
Ziad Doueiri’s “The Insult” was showing at the 2017 Venice Film Festival and received an honorable 5-minute standing ovation from the public. The movie made its debut at the Venice film festival last week and ...

Ragheb Alameh Tries to Moon Walk, Slips on Stage

2 weeks ago
Was he trying to moon-walk? Or is this a new move by the Super Star? This reminded me for some reason of his epic butterfly dance back when he was still young. In all cases, ...

Movie Review: “The Insult” by Ziad Doueiri

3 weeks ago
The Insult is about a verbal dispute between Toni Hanna (Adel Karam), a Lebanese Christian mechanic and survivor of the 1976 Damour Massacre and Yasser (Kamel El Basha), a Palestinian refugee living in camps and ...

Beirut Municipality to Plant 7000 Trees By 2019

3 weeks ago
The Municipal Council of Beirut City is set to plant about 7000 trees, within a year from this date. The types of trees that are expected to be planted are Barakititium, Jacaranda, Olive, Albizia, Magnolia, ...

New Taxes Law Suspended by The Constitutional Council

3 weeks ago
The Constitutional Council has just ordered a suspension of the new tax law following an appeal led by MP Sami Gemayel and ten other MPs. This means that the new taxes won’t be implemented pending ...