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Random Car Going The Wrong Way in Yesterday’s Hill Climb

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Jawad Slim Photo Credits: Biser3a

Lebanese Rally driver Jawad Slim almost got killed in yesterday’s hill climb when he almost crashed into a car going the wrong way. Slim was able to miss the incoming car and escaped unhurt but crashed his Mitsubishi in the process.

The question is: Where did that car come from and why wasn’t the stage secured properly? This accident could have easily been a fatal one.

Lebanese Charbel (Bilou) Diab Just Won The MMA World Championship (Super Heavyweights)

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Lebanese MMA fighter Charbel Diab shocked the IMMAF Super-Heavyweight division last week when he clinched the Gold Medal in the 265lb+ bracket. Diab is the only Lebanese that got a medal out of the 2016 IMMAF World Championships of Amateur MMA.


Not only did Diab win the title but he dominated his opponents and won the semi-final fight with a devastating KO punch at the first minute, while it took him less than 3 minutes to finish off former IMMAF Worlds Silver medalist Marcin Kalata.

We have a lot of young and promising MMA fighters in Lebanon and they are being trained and guided by the best. Congrats to Tristar Gym Lebanon and all those who helped achieve this amazing result!

Check out what IMMAF said about Charbel Diab’s win.

#PekingParis2016: Charbel Habib and Walid Samaha Made it To Paris!

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The Peking Paris 2016 race has finally come to an end and TeamLebanon has made it all the way to Paris! Charbel Habib and Walid Samaha drove their Porsche 356C across eleven different countries and ended the race with a gold medal and second in their category. This is a monumental achievement for the Lebanese Team as no one has ever finished the race with a 356C and maintaining their gold medal despite all the obstacles they faced is incredible!

IMG_1259 You have to be one heck of a driver to cover an impressive 13,695-kilometer in a 40 year old car. Charbel’s perseverance and focus were key to this achievement

IMG_1274 Our heroes would have never reached Paris without Walid’s all-nighters and meticulous work to keep the car running

I haven’t received pictures from Paris yet but the cars are there now. I will update you with new pictures as soon as I have them.

porsche Porsche Lebanon’s unconditional support helped Charbel & Walid enormously throughout the race, especially when they ran into mechanical trouble

italy San Martino di Castrozza welcoming the Lebanese team



The Perfect Answer To This Tasteless Article On Lebanese Beach Resorts

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Almost every sentence in this [article] objectionable or vomit-inducing. I really hope they don’t pay people to write such crap. At first, I wanted to write a lengthy reply but then I found the perfect answer.

So here we go:

To the person who wrote that piece,
– If you truly believe all beach resorts are insanely expensive in Lebanon
– If you are bothered by the “string” and the hot girls in bikinis
– If you have a difficulty ignoring showoffs wou jame3it el “Big Champagne”
– If you have a problem with beach resorts that don’t allow kids
– If you don’t like listening to music or having a DJ entertain you on the beach.

Here’s what you need to do. It’s free of charge, the water is bubbly but there’s no champagne, there’s no music, no girls in bikini and the food if you find any is for free.


TIME Recalls The 2006 Lebanon War Through The Eyes of 18 Photographers

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patrick-baz-lebanon-israel-war Photo Credits: Patrick Baz

I was crossing the Mdayrej bridge three days ago when it hit me that it’s been 10 years now since that bridge was partially destroyed by Israeli warplanes. The 34-day long military conflict was tough on all the Lebanese, especially those who were living in the South. More than 1,200 Lebanese, mostly civilians were killed, over 1 million were displaced, and our infrastructure was severely damaged.

On the 10th anniversary of the conflict, TIME asked 18 photographers to select and reflect on the images they took. I am sharing few excerpts from the article but I recommend you check out all the testimonies [here].

Kate Brooks

For the first time in my life, I truly understood what it was to be a civilian caught in conflict, because I was one. Being in Lebanon wasn’t like being in Afghanistan or Iraq. I had no psychological protection, no place of safety to look forward to returning after my assignment.

Each time my body would grow tense and I would cover my ears. I even removed the windowpanes on one side of my flat for fear the glass would shatter. There was often no electricity or fuel for generator power. I resorted to buying truck batteries to power my computer.

spencer-platt-israel-lebanon-war Photo by Spencer Platt: The opaque nature of reality in the Middle East is captured in the image. The beautiful subjects in the red Mini Cooper driving through a devastated neighborhood took offense at how they were depicted.

Kadir van Lohuizen

It was quite shocking to see how destructive this very short war was between Hezbollah and Israel. The village was first bombed, and then the Israeli army brought bulldozers to completely flatten it.

This was ten years ago. It is depressing how much the situation in the Middle East has deteriorated since then.

davide-monteleone-lebanon-israel-war Photo Credits: Davide Monteleone

Lebanese U18 National Basketball Team Defeats Algeria, Advances To The Arab Championship Final Game

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U18_1 Photo Credits: Sports-961

There’s still hope for Lebanese basketball. Our U18 National team defeated Algeria in the semi-finals and will play Egypt in the final game. This is the fourth consecutive win for the Lebanese team and I’m confident they can overcome Egypt and clinch the title.

In all cases, Lebanon is desperate for young and talented basketball players and a strong U18 team is exactly what we need. Good luck to Salim Alaa El Dine, Ibrahim Haddad, Karim Zeinoun, Karl Assi, Ali Mansour, Elie Jo Dany, Dany Khoury, Sami Ghandour, Marc Khoury, Adel Rizk, Naji Ozeir and Jad Lahib. Thumbs up to Joe Moujaess as well for leading the team to the finals! We can always count on Joe to bring out the best of our players.

Lebanese Stuck at Turkey’s Istanbul Airport, Lebanese Embassy Not Answering

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Update (16/7/2016 8PM): Minister Bassil urged Lebanese consulate and embassy in Turkey to do the necessary to help the Lebanese stuck there. Embassy got in touch with the passengers according to LBCI.

A group of Lebanese are stuck at the Istanbul Ataturk Airport since yesterday following the failed military coup that took place. One of the passengers is saying the Lebanese embassy in Turkey is not answering their calls and the airport staff closed down the restaurants and left them alone at night with other passengers. Turkish airlines should have resumed their flights by now but MEA announced it will resume its flights tomorrow.

The Lebanese Minister of Foreign Affairs should get in touch with these passengers instead of tweeting at them to use the hotline and get them back to Beirut ASAP. This is unacceptable!

Here’s a link to the original post.


British Singer Seal Sheds Light On Local Talent During His Beirut Visit

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seal Original Story via Stepfeed

British Soul and R&B singer Seal was visiting Beirut and held a great, but sort of short, concert on Thursday at the Beiteddine Festival. During his stay, Seal dropped by Beirut Souks where he discovered an aspiring and talented young Lebanese musician called Peter Chouchani and decided to perform with him and share the duet on his Facebook page.

To be honest, I’ve never heard of Peter Chouchani before but I’ve googled a couple of his songs and he’s clearly passionate about music and has a great voice. This is an amazing opportunity for him and I hope the exposure that he got will help him become as popular as Seal. After all, that’s how Seal was discovered and look where he is now.

Here’s the video:

And I found this cover by Peter:


The Price You Pay For Water & A Red Bull Can At Beirut’s International Airport

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red bull

A bottle of water and a red bull cost 14,000 LL at Cafematik at the Rafic Hariri airport, while they barely cost 3,000 LL anywhere else. The above bill was shared online and went viral, forcing the Ministry of Economy & Trade to issue a statement saying that they sent a group to the airport to investigate.

It’s normal for airport prices to be more expensive than street prices but in that case, it’s an obvious case of monopoly abuse and there’s probably one company licensed to operate, similar to the airport parking lot case that’s been making headlines for the past few weeks.

I personally never buy anything from Cafematik. I’d rather starve and get dehydrated than buy a bottle of water from that place. The concerned ministry should set a cap on the prices especially when it comes to bottles of water. The ideal of course would be to set up free water stations for travelers beyond security but Cafematik would go broke in a couple of months.

Let’s wait and see what the Ministry does following its investigation. On another note, this whole story reminded of Farix’s hilarious take on Cafematik.

Jounieh Fireworks Were Great Yesterday, But I Didn’t Enjoy Them

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Patrick Pharaon JIF2016_2 Photo Credits: Patrick Pharaon

I look forward to the Jounieh fireworks every year, and I think it’s a nice tradition to kick off the Jounieh International Festivals but I didn’t enjoy them this year for two reasons:

– They were scheduled on a Thursday night which is a big mistake. People driving back from their work were stuck for hours in unnecessary traffic. I spent almost 3 hours to get from Achrafieh to Jeita and I almost missed the fireworks because of traffic.

– The fireworks were stunning but the show was were very similar to last year’s. Since money is no issue, they could have synced the fireworks with a song for a change.

Jihad Asmar JIF2016 Photo Credits: Jihad Asmar

Patrick Pharaon JIF2016 Photo Credits: Patrick Pharaon

Light House 919 JIF2016 Photo Credits: Light House 919

Chiha JIF2016 2 Photo Credits: Elie Chiha (Chi7as)