Tomorrow’s Supermoon is The Largest and Brightest Since 1948

Tomorrow's moon will be the closest and brightest moon this year and the largest since 1948. It also won't come this close to Earth again until November 25, 2034. A super-moon occurs when a full moon coincides with the moon's closest approach to Earth, also known as perigee. Source: Cosmic Scientist The moon is expected to reach the crest of its full phase on November 14 at 13:52 GMT, which means starting 4 PM in…

Pictures Showing Construction Works at Ramlet el Baida

Back in June, excavators were spotted destroying one of the entrances to Beirut’s legendary coastline and pictures circulating today clearly show construction works on the shore. Beirut's last public beach is being turned into a luxurious mega beach resort and will probably no longer be accessible to the public. Source: Firas BouZeineddine Source: Joelle Boutros
Photo Credits: Lebanese Foundation for the National Library

Lebanon’s National Library is Open Till November 20

3 weeks ago
The rehabilitation project of the National Library is supposedly complete but it won’t be opening (officially) anytime soon because the cabinet has yet to appoint an executive board and director. Nevertheless, there’s an ongoing exhibition ...

Issam Fares Institute (AUB) Wins 2016 Aga Khan Award for Architecture

3 weeks ago
The US$1 million Aga Khan Award for Architecture is considered to be one of the most important awards in the field and is awarded every three years to projects that “are judged to set new ...

Environment Minister is Blaming Syrian Refugees For Rising Air Pollution

3 weeks ago
There’s no doubt that Lebanon is facing an environmental emergency due to the presence of over one million Syrian refugees, but to claim that one of the key reasons for that is the Syrian crisis ...

So “Jenno Notto” is a Thing Now?

3 weeks ago
I once heard that song a while ago but I thought it was a joke. After seeing it on Adel’s show yesterday, a friend told me it’s now trending in weddings and night clubs now. ...
Source: Daily Star

A Reminder that Our Fire-Fighters are ill-equipped

3 weeks ago
Civil defense teams and the Lebanese Army have been trying for three days now to extinguish a fire that has been raging in Keserwan. The fire started on Monday in the Ain el Rihane valley ...

Demco Properties Ad During US Presidential Elections

3 weeks ago
After almost 30 months of presidential vacuum and government gridlock, Lebanon finally has a new president and a new prime minister. With that, hope in troubled Lebanon has slowly been growing again. At the same ...

Adam is a 17 Year Old Running The Beirut Marathon To Support Free Mental Health Care

3 weeks ago
For the first time this year, a 17 year old will be taking part in the 42.195 km run at the Beirut Marathon and he’s doing it for a good cause, a cause that touches ...

Who’s The Lawyer Behind All These Michel Aoun Posters?

3 weeks ago
President Michel Aoun’s posters are all over the country but the most visible ones are the billboards signed “Lawyer Joumana Kayrouz”. I tried to look online to see who is this lawyer and the Joumana ...