#Elections2018 Infographic: What are Lebanese Saying on Social Media?

A friend referred me to an interesting infographic on reddit highlighting the reactions of Lebanese on social media in regards to the upcoming elections. I tracked down the original post, which was published on socialmediatag and includes the full methodology applied and the data sources used between February 25 and April 25. Here are some of the findings but I strongly recommend you read the full article . The top corrupt political party/Politician in Lebanon:…

#Elections2018: Clowns Running For Parliament

The people behind Clown Me In, which is basically a group of clowns bringing joy to people and spreading laughter and love, went down to the beach and took the streets afterwards to show people the garbage they found down there, in their own "clownish" way. They're also sharing mock electoral posters on their FB page with hilarious slogans. After all, they may be clowns but they're wiser than most candidates running for parliament. Check…

No Mécanique in 2018?

1 month ago
I don’t know how I missed this piece of information, but it appears that Interior Minister Mashnouq has issued a statement whereby all motorists who successfully passed the inspection last year will not need to ...

Expats Voters Turnout at 65% in Arab Countries, Highest Turnout in Qatar at 76%

1 month ago
The first round of the Lebanese expats voting is over and the second one is on its way today. This is the first time ever that Lebanese expats cast their votes outside their country and ...

Careem Got Hacked

2 months ago
This is from Careem’s official website and it’s some serious shit: On January 14th of this year, we identified a cyber incident involving unauthorised access to a system we use to store data. Our team ...

Qabrikha Gets 24/7 Electricity After EU Solar Farm Becomes Operational

2 months ago
I posted about this story a couple of months ago but I didn’t have much info on it. As it turns out, it’s an EU-funded project that helped build a 250kWh solar farm in the ...

Which Lebanese Supermarket Has the Best Loyalty Card?

2 months ago
I’m really bad at keeping track of my supermarket expenses and I’ve never really considered getting loyalty cards up until I saw Le Charcutier Aoun’s ad last month. Since I’m a regular shopper there, I ...

Hanna Lahoud, Lebanese Red Cross Aid Worker, Killed in Yemen

2 months ago
The ICRC has confirmed earlier today that a Lebanese aid worker called Hanna Lahoud was shot and killed by an armed man when a team of aid workers were returning from Taiz city South of ...

#Elections2018: Polling Stations Still ill-equipped To Accommodate People with Disabilities

2 months ago
Elections are in a couple of weeks and Lebanese with disabilities won’t be able to vote at the majority of polling stations because they are ill-equipped to accommodate citizens with disabilities. Tens of people were ...

Boiler Room: Hybrid Sounds in Lebanon

2 months ago
Boiler Room finally landed in Beirut! Following their collaboration with Ballantines, the third event “True Music” series took place this past week in Hazmieh, Beirut. Boiler Room is a music broadcasting platform streaming live music ...