Karl Sharro’s Guide to the Middle East Conflict

CNN interviewed Lebanese Cartoonist and satirist Karl Sharro and asked him about his confused person's guide to the Middle East. The "simple" diagram which Karl drew in 2015 illustrates the region's alliances and hatreds. For example, Egypt and Qatar are against each other, except in Yemen where they are now allies; Saudi Arabia is both supporting and bombing ISIS and let's not get started with Syria's war where all are allies and enemies at the…

Where is Lebanon Headed?

Mustapha From Beirut Spring shared with me a really important piece by Synaps on Lebanon's economy and where the country is headed to. It's a bit long but an eye opener and a must-read if you ask me. The article tackles everything from debt management, the role of the BDL and its governor Riad Salameh, Circular 331 and starts up, the internet situation, the banking sector, real estate, the role of expats, regional politics and…

IHOP Expected to Open at The Spot Choueifat Mall

3 weeks ago
The Spot Choueifat is expected to open on May 18 and according to hospitalitynewsmag, it will bring “a varied F&B offering including Starbucks, Chocolate & Chocolate, Dip n Dip, Burger King, Kababji, Cinnabon, Candy Cool, ...
Animals & Wildlife

Giant Turtle Beaten up For Selfies has Recovered and is Diving Again

3 weeks ago
This is the original story: “A sea turtle was reportedly pulled out of the water at a Rmeileh beach and people started taking selfies with it and stepping on it. To make things worse, the ...

French-Lebanese Who Took Over Front National’s Leadership After Le Pen Has Quit

3 weeks ago
Remember Jean-Francois Jalkh? The 59 year old French man of Lebanese origins who took over Front National’s leadership after Marine Le Pen stepped down temporarily? Well he barely lasted few days in office and had ...

How a Lebanese Priest Celebrated Labor Day

3 weeks ago
Majdi Allawi is a Lebanese priest and the founder of a religious organization called “Bonheur du Ciel”, an organization that helps treat people struggling with substance abuse with the power of faith. The priest decided ...

Google Maps Will Now Help You Find Your Car at The Mall

3 weeks ago
If you tend to forget where you parked your car at a mall (just like me), Google Maps just introduced a useful feature that will help you save your parking location and guide you back ...

Ex-PM Salim el Hoss (88-year old) Starts Hunger Strike

3 weeks ago
I had to read the story twice to make sure they’re talking about Lebanon’s former prime minister Salim Hoss because a hunger strike at 88 is not really that easy to pull. In fact, he’s ...

Why Quotas for Women in Politics are Needed in #Lebanon

3 weeks ago
Lebanon currently ranks 180th out of 187 countries in the world in terms of women representation in parliament. We scored for years the lowest rates in terms of women political empowerment with less than 3% ...

Lebanon’s First Tattoo Festival

3 weeks ago
Lebanon is having its first ever tattoo festival on May 6th and 7th at Concrete 1994 in Sin el Fil. 14 local tattoo artists will be participating and you can get yourself INKED live at ...