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Nocturne In Black By Jimmy Keyrouz Among The 2016 Student Academy Awards Finalists

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The official list of Student Academy Awards finalists is out and “Nocturne in Black” by Jimmy Keyrouz from Columbia University is among them. Jimmy Keyrouz is a New York based director and screenwriter. He completed his undergraduate studies in Filmmaking at the Institute of AudioVisuals and Cinema in Beirut and is currently a Screenwriting/Directing M.F.A candidate at the prestigious Columbia University School of the Arts. [Bio]

nocturne in black cast

“Nocturne In Black” tells the story of a musician struggling to rebuild his piano in a war-ravaged Middle Eastern neighborhood. Keyrouz’s movie has already won Jury Selects at the Columbia University Film Festival, a National Board of Review Student Grant, the Caucus Foundation production grant, the Marion Carter Green Award and the IFP Audience Award.

Best of luck to Jimmy and the whole cast! The ceremony is taking place on September 22, 2016.

Nocturne In Black – Trailer from Jimmy on Vimeo.

Thanks Reem!

There are No Streets Named After Fairouz or Saba7 in Lebanon

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An article published on Raseef22 was discussing the lack of streets named after artists in the Arab world and pointed out that there are no streets named after Fairouz in Lebanon, or Saba7 for that sake.

The Rahbani brothers have a street named after them in Antelias, Said Akl got his own street finally two years ago, Samira Toufic as well this year but there are still no Fairouz or Saba7 streets in Lebanon, even though that’s the least the authorities should do to honor them and plenty of other artists.

You can check out the original article [here].


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How Badly Polluted is the Litani River?

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Polluted Litani River Photo Credits: Gettyimages/JosephEid

There are over 150 farms using Litani’s polluted water to irrigate crops even though the Litani is no longer suitable for swimming or irrigation. The high levels of pollution are not only affecting the farmers and nearby residents and businesses but all of us as the Litani extends from the West Bekaa Valley all the way down to the southern districts of Nabatieh and Tyre.

The government is still not taking this issue seriously and their $880 million dollars plan to clean up the river is a joke. Such an imminent matter cannot be just another point on the government’s agenda and direct actions need to be taken to stop making things worse.

Check out this LBCI report to see how bad the pollution is and remember that some of these fruits and vegetables are ending up on our plates or in our dishes.

First Pictures of The New Lebanese Biometric Passports

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Biometric passports are officially available as of today. Anyone can apply for the new passport and those who wish to replace their old passports can also do so. According to the below FTV report, the documents needed are as follows:

– Passport Request Form to be filled out at the mayor’s office.
– Applicant’s original Individual Civil ID (Ikhraj Kayd Fardi) or or his original new Lebanese I.D. card.
– One recent color photo showing full details of the face with a white background.
– The old passport if available.
– The price will remain the same, $40 or 60,000 LL for one year and $200 or 300,000 LL for 5 years.

Design wise, I think they should have kept the big Cedar tree in the middle showing like the one before. It’s a nice and modern-looking passport but the Cedar tree in the middle is barely showing.

Those who just renewed their passports will NOT need to replace their existing ones. As for Lebanese expats, I believe they should follow the same procedure at any embassy. Check out this useful [link] taken from the website of the Lebanese Embassy in Washington.



Since Five Guys is Not Coming to Lebanon, We Might as Well Open Our Own!

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five guys - Copy

A “Five Guys” burger & fries place just opened recently in Antoura. It even has five little guys underneath its logo. Obviously it’s not the real deal but I am actually tempted to try it out as I love these small Lebanese burger shops. Last year when I was in Dubai, I went to the real Five Guys to give it a try. It was good but not as good as I thought it would be. I will review it later on this week.

five guys

Five-Guys-Uxbridge-LR-87 How Five Guys should look like

Lebanese Army Ads [2016]

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lebarmy Protecting Lebanon 24/7.

Here’s a roundup of the Lebanese Army Day I found this year. A Happy 71st birthday to our brave soldiers and I hope our kidnapped soldiers will be freed soon.

Fakhry My favorite ad this year – Fakhry Chicken

Furn Beaino Let’s focus on what unites us – Furn Beaino

JAC JAC’s ad reminded me of Red Alert’s V2 rocket launcher

lol via Tatra Dairy

Kababji I have mixed feelings about Kababji’s ad this year

Ecole Des Arts via Ecole des Arts

Alfa Telecom Alfa decorated their building for the occasion

Chahine Our army rocks- via Chahine

BUTEC2 Proud of our soldiers – via Butec

chop sticks

Lock Stock

Smoking Barrels




Aishti by the Sea Featured On NY Times’ List of Coolest, Most Cultured New Malls

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aishti by the sea2

The New York Times published a list on the World’s coolest, Most Cultured New Malls and featured the new Aishti contemporary museum that opened back in October 2015. I’ve been to that new complex a couple of times and it’s truly amazing inside. The 35,000 square-meter complex includes one of the largest contemporary art museums in the region and was designed by Adjaye Associates.

Here’s what NY Times said about Aishti by the sea:

It was on the heels of the Lebanese Civil War that Tony Salamé launched Aishti, introducing luxury brands like Prada and Dior to his beleaguered Beirut. Now, 26 years and as many department stores later, he is also bringing in big-name contemporary art. Last October, he opened Aishti by the Sea, a roughly 430,000-square-foot mall housing a large museum space on the waterfront. With the New York gallerist Jeffrey Deitch as an adviser, the location’s first two exhibitions have featured works from Salamé’s 2,000-strong personal collection. (American conceptual artists from Allen Ruppersberg to Rashid Johnson are on display until April 23, 2017.) And the site, designed by the British-Ghanaian architect David Adjaye, is something of an artwork itself: Situated under a mashrabiya-style, red-steel “skin” inspired by the terra-cotta roofs of circa-1920 Beirut, its two conjoined entities “communicate through passages and windows, just like cuts in a Fontana painting,” Salamé says. Merging commerce and culture as such may be as controversial as it is cutting-edge, but, he explains, “The art is not there to push sales; it adds value to a mundane shopping experience.” Likewise, he just unveiled a Harrods Urban Retreat spa, an open-air pool bar and an outpost of Beirut’s beloved Music Hall on the roof. And with forthcoming pop-ups from lesser-known Lebanese designers, the shopping should get more interesting, too.

And here are some pictures I took of the complex:

aishti by the sea4

aishti by the sea3

aishti by the sea1