Divorce Parties Trending in #Lebanon

A two-year old MTV report on divorce parties is trending once again for some reason and a lot of people are calling these parties a shame and a joke. When you think about it though, it makes perfect sense to celebrate getting a divorce in Lebanon especially if you are Christian. Forget the problems with your partner for a second, the amount of paper work that you need to work on, as well as the…

Only 3 Lebanese MPs Have Attended All 44 Presidential Election Sessions

Today's session was the 45th attempt to form a quorum and elect a new Lebanese President but it failed again. It's been over two years now that we don't have a president and it doesn't look like we're gonna have a new one anytime soon. Now looked at the parliament records for the 44 sessions held between 23 April, 2014 and 7 September, 2016 and came up with the below findings: - More than a…

We’ll Be Getting a Better Mecanique Service Soon (Hopefully!)

4 weeks ago
We’re finally getting a new company to handle the mecanique in Lebanon and they are already making very ambitious promises. Mecanique in 15 minutes, 13 new Mecanique centers, drive-through cashiers, a better infrastructure and no ...

Lebanese Game Cooks VR game HOVR Among The 15 Finalists at The Google Play Indie Games Festival

4 weeks ago
Game Cooks is a Lebanese-based mobile game developer and they’ve been coming up with cool games since 2011. They’re the ones behind the Run for peace game, Birdy Nam Nam, Escape from Paradise and they ...

Ferrari #PanoramaLebanon 2016: It’s Happening Soon & I’m a Proud Partner!

4 weeks ago
Scuderia Lebanon is not done with Lebanon just yet this year. Following the exclusive and successful test drive that I took part in last August, Scuderia Lebanon is planning to organize another event called Panorama ...

Mauritania’s Epic Reply to Lebanon’s Health Minister Remarks

1 month ago
Lebanon’s Health Minister Wael Abou Faour was overheard questioning Mauritania’s ability to host top delegations back in July, and his comments “triggered a spat between Lebanon and Mauritania, where Lebanese officials were attacked by journalists ...

A Powerful Video by Skoun on Lebanese Police Profiling

1 month ago
Skoun, a Lebanese Addictions Center, has launched its “Know Your Rights campaign in order to “empower, educate and shed the light on the harms caused by punitive drug control in Lebanon”. Lebanese shouldn’t be afraid ...

The 2016 Ghosties Awards: Best #Snapchat Artist of the Year is Lebanese Georgio Bassil

1 month ago
The Ghosties Awards were organized yesterday in the W Hotel Leicester Square in London and Lebanese Georgio Bassil (Snapchat: georgio.copter) won the Snapchat Artist of the Year award. The Ghosties, organized by Snaphappen, is the ...

Two Lebanese Athletes Competing at The 2016 WKU World Championship Kickboxing

1 month ago
Maroun Abboud & Jennifer Nehmeh are representing Lebanon this year at the WKU World Championship Kickboxing. Maroun is 24 years old and will compete in two categories: Light contact on September 26th and semi-contact on ...

Google Helping The Clooney Foundation for Justice To Educate Refugee Children in #Lebanon

1 month ago
Georges and Amal Clooney are launching an initiative through “The Clooney Foundation for Justice” to help the 250,000+ refugee children in Lebanon who are not in school. They are getting support from Google, as well ...