Movie Review: King Arthur “Legend of the Sword”

“King Arthur: Legend of the Sword” is the newest in a long line of renditions portraying the life of famous King Arthur of Camelot, with King Arthur played by "Sons of Anarchy" star Charlie Hunnam. The main story line of the movie focuses on Arthur’s journey as he rises to the throne. The movie starts with Arthur’s uncle Vortigern orchestrating a coup to take the throne and claim Excalibur and its powers all for himself.…

Off to Hawaii

Hello, this is Zahi, Najib's brother and this is my first post on the blog. I moved to the US few years ago and I am currently residing in Portland with my wife and 3 year old daughter. I will be mostly blogging about my travel experiences starting with my Hawaii trip. I'm flying to Hawaii for a short and much-needed vacation with the family. I just landed after a 6 hours flight from Seattle…

I’m off to Switzerland

2 months ago
I’m flying to Geneva this morning and staying in Lausanne till Saturday where I’ll be visiting the Philip Morris International R&D Facilities. Lausanne is not a touristic destination from what I’ve heard but I don’t ...

Movie Review: Logan [2017]

2 months ago
Finally an X-men movie done right! Logan is easily the best Wolferine film and probably the best X-men film as well. We can’t tell which part of the X-Men series “Logan” follows but we don’t ...

Movie Review: Kong Skull Island [2017]

2 months ago
If you’ve seen the Kong Skull Island trailer, you probably felt it was awesomely brutal and action-packed. Well, wait till you see the entire movie… I went to the special screening of Kong Skull Island ...

Movie Review: Fist Fight [2017]

2 months ago
Is there any student who wouldn’t want to see their school or university teachers get into a fight in the parking lot at the last day of school? “Fist Fight” is about two teachers who ...

A Lavish Sunday Buffet at The Four Seasons Beirut

3 months ago
I love the Four Seasons Hotel in Beirut. It’s definitely one of my favorite hotels in the capital. It seems that I always keep coming back for their amazing breakfast, but sometimes, I just pass ...

Grand Hills Hotel & Spa: Luxury in The Mountains

3 months ago
I’ve been to so many magical weddings and memorable events at the Grand Hills Hotel overlooking Beirut in Broumana over the years. However, it wasn’t till recently that I actually spent a weekend up there. ...

Samsung SmartCam HD Pro: Fair Price, Simple Setup & Excellent Video Quality

3 months ago
When I moved in to my new apartment three years ago, the first thing I looked for was an indoor surveillance camera to keep an eye to keep a closer eye on things at home, ...

#BlogWaladi: Brian’s First Hair Cut (Before & After)

4 months ago
We ended up going to PiiXELZ at ABC Dbayyeh for Brian’s first hair cut after I failed to convince my wife to let me do it 😛 The staff were friendly, Brian was surprisingly calm ...