When an Apple Guy Switches from iPhone to Android (Samsung S7 Edge)

Few month ago, I’ve put aside my iPhone and took on the challenge of switching completely to Android for a 3 month period, using the newly released Samsung S7 Edge. It has been an emotional period for me, a real love-hate relationship. I’ve been an Apple guy for as long as I can type, I still remember every device I’ve ever bought and I’ve even kept most of them along the way. Here is a list…

My Dinner with Lebanese Michelin-Starred Chef Greg Maalouf at Liza in Achrafieh

Lebanese cuisine is without a doubt one of the most easily recognized and beloved food around the world. Highly diverse Mezza options, exceptionally healthy ingredients and cooking methods, as well as the fact that the food is always made to share are some of the reasons you’ll find a Lebanese restaurant in almost every corner of the world. Chef Greg Maalouf - The popularity of Lebanese food means that a lot of the dishes your…

72 hours in Halkidiki with Wild Discovery

7 months ago
Greece, being less than 3 hours away (only slightly longer than a road trip between Beirut and Jounieh), is one of the most common summer travel destinations in Lebanon. However, when we think of Greece, ...

Ferrari #PanoramaLebanon 2016: It’s Happening Soon & I’m a Proud Partner!

7 months ago
Scuderia Lebanon is not done with Lebanon just yet this year. Following the exclusive and successful test drive that I took part in last August, Scuderia Lebanon is planning to organize another event called Panorama ...

I’m Off To Montreal For a Week!

8 months ago
I’m visiting Canada for the first time and will be spending 1 week in Montreal with my wife and kid. This is Brian’s first flight so I hope it will go smoothly and we won’t ...

Wizmates: Online Food Delivery in Beirut Made Easy

9 months ago
“What are we having for lunch”…”Which nearby restaurants deliver”…”Who has restaurant X’s number”…These questions have become an almost inevitable part of our everyday at the office. Outside of the workplace, this same scenario probably happens ...

#BlogWaladi: Brian’s #CheerioChallenge Picture on MTV’s Connected Segment

11 months ago
So I decided to do the #CheerioChallenge with Brian today in the afternoon and next thing you know the picture got featured on MTV’s Connected segment tonight. It even got to the top posts under ...

Breakfast at Furn el Sabaya: Home-Made, Delicious & Clean

11 months ago
I’ve been meaning to visit this small bakery for quite some time but I never got the chance to do so. However on Sunday, Brian woke up early and everyone was still asleep, so I ...

#BlogWaladi: Baby Brian’s First F1 Experience

11 months ago
Prior to the F1 showrun that took place a couple of weeks ago, The Red Bull F1 team made two stops in the Cedars and Byblos. Since I couldn’t take Brian to the show run ...

Huawei Mate 8 Review: My First Experience with a Huawei Phone

1 year ago
Even though Huawei phones have been in the market for quite some time, I’ve never had the chance to use or review any of them. A month ago, I spotted the Messi commercial with the ...