Lebanese Wines Marsyas & Bargylus Featured In France’s Le Monde

Karim and Sandro Saadé, the two brothers and owners of Château Marsyas in Lebanon and Domaine de Bargylus in Syria got a special two-page feature in the French daily newspapers Le Monde, one of the most important and widely respected papers in France and the world. The report. entitled "The Grapes of Hope" was more than just publicity for the well-established wines but also aimed at portraying the positive side of Lebanon and the perseverance…

The Week Middle East: Is Lebanon Sinking?

The Week Middle East featured our PM Tamman Salam on its cover page with the title "Is Lebanon Sinking?" in reference to the ongoing garbage crisis. I tried looking for the magazine but couldn't find it at Virgin or anywhere so I looked it up online and bought the issue as a souvenir haha! The article on Lebanon's garbage crisis is on page 6 and it says "River of Rubbish: Lebanon's inability to act". It…

BlogBaladi Earning The Top Spot In Communicate Levant’s Book of Tens (Top Social Media Influencers)

2 years ago
Communicate Levant just released their book of tens 2015 which includes comprehensive lists of everything that happened in Lebanon last year from viral campaigns, YouTube hits, epic media mistakes, promising local startups, bad outdoor ads, ...

It’s Confirmed! Whitney Houston Is Still Alive According To Nadine Magazine

3 years ago
Since a lot of people have asked me about the Whitney Houston article I shared this morning, I asked a friend to pick up the Nadine Magazine from a nearby library and see if it’s ...

Mia Khalifa #JeSuisCharlie

3 years ago
Charlie Abdo it is lol! ...

Living The Single Life In Beirut

3 years ago
[YouTube] I am happily married because I chose to, but I’ve never understood the pressure that families and society in general here in Lebanon put on single women and men who don’t wish to get ...

I am Spécial Magazine’s Geek Of The Month

3 years ago
I am this month’s geek on Spécial Magazine. You can check out the full interview in their September issue or on their [new iPhone app]. Thank you Joyce! ...

Time Out Beirut Closes Down

3 years ago
Update: Timeout Beirut’s website now redirects to Timeout.com As you can see from the tweets below, someone was asking why TimeOut Beirut is now called BeirutView on Twitter and then a previous employee replied and ...

Nadine Magazine Spot On Cover Page And Headline

4 years ago
The woman on the front page with her panties showing told the magazine she will succeed without compromises. I believe you 😀 ...

Lebanese Alternative Rockers Mashrou’ Leila On The Cover Of Rolling Stone – Middle East Magazine

4 years ago
The issue will be released for public on April 6 for those interested. Mabrouk to [Mashrou3Leila]! Rolling Stone Middle East has chosen the first regional artists to appear on the cover of their next magazine ...