Insights Into Men & Gender Equality in Lebanon

Promundo and UN Women, with ABAAD and Connecting Research to Development surveyed 1,050 men and 1,136 women between the ages of 18 and 59, representing both the Lebanese and Syrian populations living in Lebanon and came up with this one of a kind qualitative study on War, Masculinities, and Gender Relations with Lebanese and Syrian Refugee Men and Women. Here are some of the finds and you can read more . - 26% of men…

The “Arabic Dream” Song is 20 years Old Already!

The "Arabic Dream" song, which came out in 1998 and trended in 2000 following the second Palestinian Intifada is now 20 years old! Just to think that things were so bad back then, yet they've become somehow even worse nowadays, whether in the Arab world or in Lebanon. Here's the official song: and the SLCHI epic version:

Damaged Marine Cables Between Cyprus & Alexandria Affecting Internet in #Lebanon

2 months ago
If you’re wondering why internet in Lebanon has slowed down* in the past week, this is due to a rupture of two cables connecting Cyprus to Europe. The latest update I read stated that the ...

Beirut’s St. George Cathedral & Al-Amine Mosque Light Up for Jerusalem

4 months ago
Yesterday evening, and in response to U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to declare Jerusalem the capital of “Israel”, images of Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulcher and Al-Aqsa Mosque were projected against the facades of ...

Here’s why I’m Voting, and YOU Should Vote, for Lebanese Innovator Fouad Maksoud

5 months ago
Fouad Maksoud is the only remaining Lebanese candidate at this year’s Stars of Science show and is well positioned to win this year’s edition after scoring a whooping 96 for his invention: the highest score ...
Middle East

Australia Ends Syria’s World Cup Dreams, Egypt Qualifies

6 months ago
War-torn Syria’s World Cup journey came to an end today when they lost against Australia. Syria needed to win or draw to advance to the next round but Tim Cahill’s second header and 50th international ...

Five Lebanese Women Among World’s 10 Most Powerful Arab Women (And They’re all Abroad)

6 months ago
Twelve Lebanese made it to the Forbes Top 100 Most powerful Arab businesswomen this year, and five of them were named among the world’s 10 most powerful Arab Women. However, all five of them almost ...
Middle East

MEA Suspends Flights to Iraq’s Erbil

6 months ago
Iraq’s Kurdistan vote for independence has resulted in more than 92% of voters saying “Yes” and the Iraqi authorities don’t seem too happy about it. They have already ordered the country’s Kurdish area to surrender ...

CNN’s Top 20 Middle Eastern foods

8 months ago
CNN asked Lebanese-American food blogger Bethany Kehdy about her favorite Middle Eastern dishes and got inspired from Kehdy’s taste to list the top 20 Middle Eastern foods. Hummus came on top of the list, followed ...

Lebanon not Among The Top 10 Countries with Most Guns

8 months ago
I was checking out a recent report on the top 10 countries with the most guns per 100 residents and 4 out of the 10 top countries are in the Middle East but Lebanon is ...