Tripoli’s Fayha Choir Won “Choir of The Year” in Dubai

Photo Credits: Natheer Halawani The Fayha Choir, from Tripoli Lebanon, won during the weekend "The Choir of The Year" award at the Choir Fest Middle East 2016. ChoirFest Middle East is an annual festival in Dubai that features performances by choirs of all musical traditions. Its aim is to "nurture the choral scene of the Middle East by recognizing and supporting the music of both non-western and western choral traditions and providing wider public access…

Lebanese Expats are Being Punished By The Lebanese State, not Saudi Arabia

via AlAraby Saudi Arabia decided to freeze the delivery of nearly $4 billion of grants to Lebanon last week, then it warned its citizens not to travel to Lebanon, followed by Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar. Next thing you know, there are reports of Lebanese working in Saudi Arabia getting sacked for their alleged links to Hezbollah. None of the reports of Lebanese families getting deported were confirmed but it happened before and…

72% of Lebanese Think Torture is Justified

9 months ago
Picture Showing Roumieh Prison Inmates Being Tortured 72% of Lebanese think that torture is justified according to a spring 2015 Pew Research Center survey of 38 nations. The question asked was as follows: “In the ...
Middle East

Another Amazing Mashup By Noel Kharman: Evanescence’s My Immortal + Fairouz

10 months ago
After singing Adele’s Hello with a Fairouz twist, Palestinian Artist Noel Kharman just added a Fairouz twist to one of Evanescence’s most popular songs: My Immortal. Ba3dak 3ala Bali matches perfectly with My Immortal and ...

#UpForSchool: Three Brothers Rapping To Help 1 Million Refugees Go To School

10 months ago
We are currently witnessing the world’s worst refugee crisis in decades and the victims are first and foremost the children. Millions of refugee children are unable to attend schools and end up on the streets ...
Middle East

Queen Rania’s Spot-On Reply To Charlie Hebdo’s Racist & Tasteless Cartoon

10 months ago
A lot of people, including myself, condemned the terrorist attacks against Charlie Hebdo in the name of free speech, but many people were against using the #JeSuisCharlie hashtag simply because this magazine’s views do not ...

Ghena Bou Hamdan: The Young Syrian Girl Singing For Syria’s Children Of War

10 months ago
Back in the late 70s and early 80s, famous Lebanese child singer Remi Bandali captured Arab hearts by singing “3touna el toufouli” and “Imani A7la Iman” to a war-torn Lebanon. Over 35 years later, Ghena ...

UNESCO Adds Arabic Coffee To “Cultural Heritage” List

11 months ago
Source UNESCO announced the new additions to its Intangible Cultural Heritage list last week and the tradition of making Arabic coffee was among the 20 new traditions. Quoting the UNESCO report, “Serving Arabic coffee is ...

Europe’s Refugee Crisis In Comparison To Lebanon

1 year ago
We have 1.5 million refugees in a country of 4 million people. That’s the equivalent of: – Germany hosting 20 million refugees. – America hosting 80 million refugees. We are all aware of the situation ...

Lebanese Car Makers W Motors Just Launched A Second SuperCar: The Fenyr Supersport

1 year ago
Three years after launching the world’s most exclusive super-car, the Lykan Hypersport, with only 7 units produced, Dubai-Based W Motors has just unveiled at the Dubai Motor Show yesterday their second super-car: The Fenyr Supersport. ...