UNESCO Adds Arabic Coffee To “Cultural Heritage” List

Source UNESCO announced the new additions to its Intangible Cultural Heritage list last week and the tradition of making Arabic coffee was among the 20 new traditions. Quoting the UNESCO report, "Serving Arabic coffee is an important aspect of hospitality in Arab societies and considered a ceremonial act of generosity. Traditionally, coffee is prepared in front of guests. The most important or oldest guest is served first, filling a quarter of the cup, which can…

Europe’s Refugee Crisis In Comparison To Lebanon

We have 1.5 million refugees in a country of 4 million people. That's the equivalent of: - Germany hosting 20 million refugees. - America hosting 80 million refugees. We are all aware of the situation but it's very hard to compare the situation in Europe vs Lebanon. When Germany plans to welcome refugees, they allocate the needed resources to integrate them and naturalize them on the long run, while in Lebanon refugees came in because…

Lebanese Car Makers W Motors Just Launched A Second SuperCar: The Fenyr Supersport

10 months ago
Three years after launching the world’s most exclusive super-car, the Lykan Hypersport, with only 7 units produced, Dubai-Based W Motors has just unveiled at the Dubai Motor Show yesterday their second super-car: The Fenyr Supersport. ...

My First Time At The #DubaiMotorShow

10 months ago
I just landed in Dubai and I’m here to attend the 2015 Dubai International Motor Show. I’m here with the Ford & Lincoln team and I’m looking forward to another exciting experience. This is my ...
Middle East

The Middle East’s First Official Apple Store Is Now Open In Dubai

10 months ago
The first official Apple Store in the Middle East will officially open tomorrow to the public in the new Mall of the Emirates extension in Dubai, followed by a second launch at Yas Mall in ...
Gossip & Rumors

Netflix Might Be Launching In The Middle East Soon

11 months ago
According to IGN, Netflix has confirmed they will be launching in the Middle East soon. In an email to IGN ME, Netflix’s Joris Evers said, “We plan to complete our global expansion by the end ...

Doomsday Seeds Transferred From Syria To The Bekaa In Lebanon

11 months ago
The Global Seed Vault in Svalbard in Norway This is quite an incredible story. Apparently things have become so bad in Syria that the Svalbard Global Seed Vault has sounded the doomsday alarm and made ...

Gibran Khalil Gibran Exhibition At The Sharjah Art Museum Till Dec 10, 2015

11 months ago
The Sharjah Art Museum in collaboration with the Gibran National Committee is hosting an exhibition entitled Drawings of Gibran: A Humane Perspective that will showcase artworks by the Lebanese-American artist, poet, and writer. More than ...

The State Of Broadband 2015 Report: Lebanon vs The Arab World

11 months ago
According to Ogero’s July 2015 report, there are 3,638,051 internet users in Lebanon as of December 2014, out of which 2,505,875 mobile internet users. The internet penetration is 86% which puts Lebanon in 4th position ...

Lebanon is 400 Times Smaller than Europe Yet Has 4 Times More Syrian Refugees

1 year ago
The innocent victims of the civil war in Syria – Picture From TheGuardian Ever since Europe and more specifically Germany agreed to receive Syrian refugees, we’ve been hearing all sorts of heartwarming stories on the ...