Arab News/YouGov Poll: 44% Would Vote for Hillary Clinton, 9% Only Would Vote Trump

An Arab News/YouGov poll surveyed 3,017 people in the Middle East and North Africa on the US elections and presidential candidates and found that: - 47% of Arabs wouldn't vote for any of the two candidates if they were given the chance to vote. - 44% would vote for Hillary Clinton while only 9% would vote for Donald Trump. - 78% of respondents said Hillary Clinton would be better for the Arab World. - More…

SOLIDE Founder & Activist Ghazi Aad Hospitalized and in Critical Condition

: Ghazi Aad has passed away this morning. Hundreds of Lebanese families have been trying for years to uncover the fate of their relatives which are missing or still detained in Syrian prisons and Ghazi Aad, who founded the organization Support of Lebanese in Detention and Exile in 1990, has been helping them and keeping this issue alive ever since. Ghazi has been doing everything he can to resolve the issue and called on several…

Reunited Guns N’ Roses Are Coming to Dubai Next March, No Stops in #Beirut

1 year ago
The Guns N’ Roses are getting back together after almost 23 years and are coming to Dubai on March 3, 2017 for a live concert at Autism Rocks Arena as part of their “Not in ...

Meet Madees Khoury: The only Female Beer Brewer in the Middle East.

1 year ago
Taybeh beer is one of the most popular beers in the Middle East and Madees Khoury, who works as a general manager at the Taybeh Brewing Company, is believed to be only the female beer ...

Zoom Tube: Your Daily Dose of Dabke

1 year ago
I spent a couple of hours last night watching Dabke videos on ZoomTube. There are some really cool Dabke clips from all over the Middle East. What amazes me about Dabke dancers is how they ...

Ferrari #PanoramaLebanon 2016: It’s Happening Soon & I’m a Proud Partner!

1 year ago
Scuderia Lebanon is not done with Lebanon just yet this year. Following the exclusive and successful test drive that I took part in last August, Scuderia Lebanon is planning to organize another event called Panorama ...

Mauritania’s Epic Reply to Lebanon’s Health Minister Remarks

1 year ago
Lebanon’s Health Minister Wael Abou Faour was overheard questioning Mauritania’s ability to host top delegations back in July, and his comments “triggered a spat between Lebanon and Mauritania, where Lebanese officials were attacked by journalists ...

Human Rights Watch Response To Lebanon’s Foreign Minister Over Discriminatory Nationality Law

1 year ago
Human Rights Watch issued a statement to respond to Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil’s controversial tweet on the nationality law and stated that the foreign minister’s remarks “undermine efforts to reform a discriminatory nationality law that ...

Top Chef Middle East Starts On September 21

1 year ago
I usually follow Top Chef France and I love it. The Top Chef Lebanon edition wasn’t that great to be honest, so I hope this one will be better. The judges for Top Chef Middle ...

First Arabic TAG Heuer Digital Watch Face Designed by Lebanese Yazan Halwani

1 year ago
Lebanese graffiti and street artist Yazan Halawani has been commissioned by Swiss luxury watchmaker Tag Heuer to design the first ever Arabic face for its Connected watch. The Arabic watch-face design was launched last week ...