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IMAX Theater To Open By Mid September at VOX Cinemas – City Centre Beirut

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VOX Cinemas are putting the final touches on their IMAX theater that will be available by mid-September hopefully. I passed by today to check it out and it should be done very soon. I already know (tentatively) which movie will premiere at the IMAX theater and I will definitely have tickets to give away so stay tuned!

I’m definitely looking forward to the IMAX experience but I’m more interested right now in winning the trip for 2 to Hollywood that VOX is offering for every online booking! Fingers crossed 😀



Nocturne In Black By Jimmy Keyrouz Among The 2016 Student Academy Awards Finalists

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The official list of Student Academy Awards finalists is out and “Nocturne in Black” by Jimmy Keyrouz from Columbia University is among them. Jimmy Keyrouz is a New York based director and screenwriter. He completed his undergraduate studies in Filmmaking at the Institute of AudioVisuals and Cinema in Beirut and is currently a Screenwriting/Directing M.F.A candidate at the prestigious Columbia University School of the Arts. [Bio]

nocturne in black cast

“Nocturne In Black” tells the story of a musician struggling to rebuild his piano in a war-ravaged Middle Eastern neighborhood. Keyrouz’s movie has already won Jury Selects at the Columbia University Film Festival, a National Board of Review Student Grant, the Caucus Foundation production grant, the Marion Carter Green Award and the IFP Audience Award.

Best of luck to Jimmy and the whole cast! The ceremony is taking place on September 22, 2016.

Nocturne In Black – Trailer from Jimmy on Vimeo.

Thanks Reem!

Texas A&M University To Honor Lebanese Jean-Claude Kalache, DOP at Pixar Studios

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JCK1 Photo Credits: [VentureBeat]

Jean-Claude Kalache traveled to the US in 1990 to continue his studies and earned a Bachelor of Environmental Design degree in 1993 and a Master of Science in Visualization degree in 1997. Kalache got offered a job at the Academy Award-winning film studio Pixar and has been working as the director of photography ever since.

He was part of the team that produced Oscar winning movies such as Geri’s Game AK, “Toy Story 2”, “Monsters Inc”, “Cars”, “UP” which earned an Oscar in 2010 for Best Animated Feature and earned a Best Picture nomination, and he’s currently working on “Toy Story 4,” scheduled for a 2018 release. Kalache was nominated for a top achiever award and will be honored this year by the Texas A&M College of Architecture as an outstanding alumni.

This honor is the highest honor bestowed by the college to former students.

JCK I first wrote about Kalache back in 2012.

“He leads teams of artists and technicians who execute a film’s director’s vision,” said Tim McLaughlin, head of the Department of Visualization, in a nomination letter. “It’s both an artistic and technical task. He acts as a painter by depicting mood and character through the use of color and intensity, and as a technician by directing his crew through the language and tools of computer graphics.”

Thank you Patricia!

A Dive From The Top Of Raouche Back in 1983

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There are very few documented jumps from the Raouche rock but apparently it was quite common back in the old days and people would do it to show off not to commit suicide. The below video is taken from a 1983 Lebanese movie called “عودة البطل” (Hero’s return) where a stuntman called Mohammad Itani dove from the top instead of the actor Mohammad Mawla. According to NostalgiaLB, Itani was used to jumping off the Pigeon Rock.


He definitely looked relaxed jumping off the Raouche rock.

British-Lebanese TV Host Liliane Daoud Arrested And Deported From Egypt

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British-Lebanese political talk show host and Former BBC Journalist Liliane Daoud was arrested and deported from Egypt yesterday night. She was the host of ONTV’s political show “Headlines”.

“Eight men who said they were from the border police force took her to an unknown location after taking her telephone and her British passport,” Daoud’s ex-husband Khaled al-Berri had earlier told Agence France Presse. Daoud also holds a Lebanese passport. The prominent TV talk show host’s arrest came after her contract with Egyptian OTV television expired, Berri said. [Telegraph]

I remember I saw one a popular hashtag in Egypt asking Liliane to leave because she was “interfering with Egyptian affairs” according to the tweets. Arrests and detentions of journalists opposed to the regime or even remotely criticizing it have become all too common in today’s Egypt. It looks like Mubarak’s security state is making a slow come back.

#BlogWaladi: Brian’s #CheerioChallenge Picture on MTV’s Connected Segment

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brian connected

So I decided to do the #CheerioChallenge with Brian today in the afternoon and next thing you know the picture got featured on MTV’s Connected segment tonight. It even got to the top posts under #CheerioChallenge on Instagram. The challenge was started by Life of Dad and is quite simple: Wait for your baby to fall asleep, then build a stack of Cheerios on said child and post the picture online.

I only stacked five Cheerios on Brian’s nose before he woke up but I am going to give it another try tonight since I got challenged by Jimmy who stacked twelve cheerios lol!

Many thanks to MTV & Jerry for this feature!



Probably The Worst & Cruelest TV Prank Ever

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Egyptian pranksters seem to have a talent for coming up with the most f*cked up pranks ever! As if Ramez Galal’s pranks were not evil enough, there’s a new prank show called Mini Daesh (Seriously?) where they trick celebrities into thinking that they are kidnapped by a terrorist group.

Actress Heba Magdi was the first victim and she was weeping and begging for life while men were pointed guns at her and trying to put a fake suicide vest over her shoulders. The actress looked clearly shaken and traumatized by the experience.

I have nothing against pranks but there’s nothing even remotely funny about this one. I have no idea who comes up with these twisted shows but they should be stopped.


PS: Speaking of Ramez Galal, Steven Seagel knocked Galal out after her tried to prank him a month ago.

Casa Brutale: Stunning Faqra House Built Inside A Cliff

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Netherlands-based architects Open Platform for Architecture (OPA) are building a cliff residence in Faqra for Demco Properties’s CEO Alex Demirdjian. The 2,906 square feet residence should be completed by 2018. Looking at OPA’s website, the project was originally planned to be completed above the Aegean Sea but it looks like they had a change of plans and will build it in Faqra instead.

The residence was described by [Archdaily] as the ideal pad for Bond villains. Let’s hope they finish it in time for the 25th Bond film.


Located on Faqra Mountain outside Beirut at an altitude of 1,969 feet, the concept of Casa Brutale has progressed in many ways. What began as a 1,938 square-foot residence has now expanded to 2,906 square feet and comfortably accommodating up to six people. With an estimated budget of $2.5 million, the house now has an underground parking for up to three cars, and a northwest orientation that prevents it from turning into a greenhouse.




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Hayda “Mongolé” He Shouldn’t Work Here

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MBC did a stunt at one of Lebanon’s supermarkets and recorded how people reacted to a customer disrespecting an employee with special needs (both were actors). I loved how EVERYONE stood up for the employee and bashed the customer, and even told the arrogant customer to bag the groceries himself.

Watch the video [here].

PS: I wish people would stop use the term “Mongolé” in Lebanon because it’s demeaning and disrespectful. If you hear a friend or a family member using it, let him know it’s wrong to do so.