Stop Hating on The Girls From LBC’s “Take Me Out” Show

Back when "Take me out" had just started on LBC, I posted on how I hated the show and that it's stupid and demeaning but that we should keep in mind that these men and women have willingly accepted to take part in it and if they’re fine with "embarrassing" themselves in public, then that’s their call not ours. During the last episode, some guy came and stripped in front of the girls and all…

Nuts The Movie: Lebanese Cinema off to an Encouraging Start in 2017

2 months ago
I attended earlier today the press screening of the Lebanese Movie “Nuts” at Empire Premiere in Sodeco and it’s by far better than the lousy movies that been popping left and right, the likes of ...

Ter2at el Zefet (Continued)

3 months ago
Remember MTV’s road safety campaign where a car rental employee re-assures a tourist that the car is blessed (insured) by Saints and that there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to lack of street ...

Vox Cinemas Now Showing 4DX Movies!

3 months ago
Four months after launching the first IMAX theater in Lebanon, VOX Cinemas just opened the first 4DX Movie Theater in Lebanon! 4DX is a motion picture technology that allows a motion picture presentation to be ...

Teta Jacko: The Real Independence Hero

4 months ago
Jacko told Bechara el Khoury that the French must leave in the 1940s. Jacko suggested adding the Cedar tree to the flag. Jacko inspired Camille Chamoun to call his party the National Liberal Party. Jacko ...

Lebanese Sevag Babikian Advances To The Final Rounds of Stars Of Science

4 months ago
Sevag Babikian is the only Lebanese contestant left in Stars of Science, which is a reality TV show by MBC dedicated to innovation and aimed at promoting young Arab innovators. Sevag got ranked first in ...

#EnsaJoura: MTV & LiveLebanon’s Attempt at Repairing Potholes

5 months ago
MTV Lebanon and LiveLebanon kicked off this week the #EnsaJoura national campaign for better roads in Lebanon. The aim is to quickly repair hazardous potholes across the country and engage with people to report these ...

How Bad is LBC’s “Take Me Out” Show?

5 months ago
“Na2ashit” is basically the Lebanese version of “Take me out”, a popular dating game show in Australia and the UK. It started broadcasting on LBC few weeks ago and it is presented by singer and ...

Ton Amie Liliane is Ton Amie Lara Now

5 months ago
We all grew up in Lebanon listening to “Ton Amie Liliane” songs and watching her plays. I was more of a “Captain Majed” fan myself but we barely had a couple of TV stations with ...