Fairouz Songs Banned At the Lebanese University – Hadath

A group of LU students decided to honor their friend who recently died in a car crash so they invited his mom and wanted to play Fairouz songs in the university since he loves Fairouz , but Hezbollah students did not approve, a fight erupted and the whole thing was cancelled. The sad part is that his mother was there and witnessed what happened, as if losing her child wasn't enough pain for her. There's…

Chico Records [Beirut] Among The World’s Best Record Shops

Video Chico was established as a record store in the 1960s and has long been considered as a Mecca for vinyl collectors in the region. Chico was recently featured in an article on . Chico Records was established by Katchik Mardirian in Ras Beirut in 1964 and is currently run by his sons Paul and Diran. In 1982, the shop switched from vinyl to rent videos but the owner decided to once again turn his…

Pink Martini Sings Al Bint Al Shalabiya by Fairouz

1 week ago
I am a Pink Martini fan but this is bad. Mish Zabta lol! Via Mustapha ...

Paragliding “Band” Plays Lebanese National Anthem in the Sky

2 weeks ago
A group of para-gliders got their instruments up in the sky and played the Lebanese National Anthem while flying. Manale Nehme, Valerie Zakka, Nabil Abou Assi and Patrick Mouaness produced this video for Lebanon’s Independence ...

Lebanon at the Disco Dance Finals in 1980

3 weeks ago
I have no idea how my friend Mark dug out this video but it’s pretty cool. There was a Lebanese participant at the the 1980 Disco Dance World Finals called Henri Daou. I have no ...

So “Jenno Notto” is a Thing Now?

3 weeks ago
I once heard that song a while ago but I thought it was a joke. After seeing it on Adel’s show yesterday, a friend told me it’s now trending in weddings and night clubs now. ...

“Kafas” By Joumana Haddad: Rawness, Boldness, Comedy and Anger

1 month ago
“Kafas” (“قفص”) is the most recent play by the one and only Joumana Haddad. Haddad is a Lebanese journalist, activist, poet, instructor, author and the head of the cultural pages for An Nahar newspaper. She’s ...

Google Celebrates Wadih El Safi

1 month ago
Google’s doodle today is a tribute to Wadih el Safi, one of Lebanon’s most prominent cultural icons, on his 95th birthday. El Safi passed away two years ago at the age of 92. El Safi ...

R.I.P Melhem Barakat :(

1 month ago
Lebanese composer and singer Melhem Barakat passed away today at the age of 74 after a battle with illness. He was one of the most popular singers and composers in the Middle East and was ...

Messi Meets Lebanese Pop Star Yara but Doesn’t Recognize her

1 month ago
Lebanese pop star Yara flew to Barcelona to watch her favorite team and Messi play at the Nou Camp. She also got the chance to meet the Argentinian football legend and other Barcelona players at ...