Shakira To Perform at The 2018 Cedar International Festival (CIF)

Pop star Shakira is performing on July 13 at the 2018 Cedar international Festival in Lebanon this summer as part of her El Dorado World Tour. Shakira will be part of the opening ceremony that will take place on Friday "in line with the festival's goal to "honour national figures and symbols." Shakira has already visited Lebanon back in 2011 and attracted over 20,000 fans to her concert at Beirut’s new seafront. Speaking of concerts,…

Abba Reunited After 35 Years to Record New Songs!

When I first read ABBA is recording new songs, I thought people were still making fun of that picture during Macron's visit to Trump. There were so many memes circulating around and the "The ABBA reunion talks are going well" was one of the funniest. Nevertheless, it turned out to be true and ABBA issued an official statement where they declared that they're joining forces again and are recording two new songs that should come…

One Awesome Music Video To Sum Up The #2018Elections in #Lebanon

3 weeks ago
I proudly took part in the shooting of that clip with Gino and it turned out to be awesome! This music video is the latest from Michelle & Noel Keserwany and is entitled ‘Men3id w ...

Google Celebrates Lebanese Legendary Singer & Actress Sabah

6 months ago
If you visit Google today, you’d notice a doodle dedicated to commemorate the life of Sabah, the legendary Lebanese singer who passed away two years ago. Sabah was known as the Shahroura, after a singing ...

When Louis Armstrong Visited Beirut in 1959

7 months ago
Famous American trumpeter and singer Louis Armstrong, who’s considered as one of the finest jazz musicians of all time, apparently visited Beirut in 1959 and performed at the UNESCO Theater. Armstrong was on a Middle ...

Fayruz New Album “Bebalee” is Out!

7 months ago
When the first song from the new album “Yemken” came out, it didn’t feel like a Fairouz song to me but it was just one song so I thought I wait for the whole album. ...

“Adonis” Launching Their Third Album!

8 months ago
It took three years but Adonis’ third studio album is finally here and it kicks ass! The popular Lebanese pop/rock band, which was formed back in 2011, is celebrating the release of “Nour” at Raw ...
Movies & Television

11-year old Lyn Khouri Impresses Judges at The Voice Kids France

8 months ago
A French-Lebanese girl called Lyn Khouri sang Whitney Houston’s “I will always love you” and made all three judges turn their chairs on the Voice Kids France. The Voice Kids is a French music talent ...

Lebanese Dabke in The Streets of Brussels

8 months ago
Nothing comes close to our Lebanese Dabke. I have no idea what the occasion was or how recent that video is but it’s pretty cool. If there’s one thing that still unites the Lebanese here ...

Ragheb Alameh Tries to Moon Walk, Slips on Stage

8 months ago
Was he trying to moon-walk? Or is this a new move by the Super Star? This reminded me for some reason of his epic butterfly dance back when he was still young. In all cases, ...