British Singer Seal Sheds Light On Local Talent During His Beirut Visit

Original Story via Stepfeed British Soul and R&B singer Seal was visiting Beirut and held a great, but sort of short, concert on Thursday at the Beiteddine Festival. During his stay, Seal dropped by Beirut Souks where he discovered an aspiring and talented young Lebanese musician called Peter Chouchani and decided to perform with him and share the duet on his Facebook page. To be honest, I've never heard of Peter Chouchani before but I've…

Americans React To Lebanese Singers

Watch Americans react to the instagram accounts of Nancy Ajram, Myriam Fares, Elissa, Najwa Karam, and Yara. Everyone liked Nancy Ajram, the guys thought Mariam Fares was super hot and wanted to DM her, Elissa was nicknamed the Madonna of Lebanon and all were shocked that Najwa Karam is 50 years old. If they wanted priceless reactions, they should have included Haifa Wehbe or Miriam Klink maybe.

Najwa Karam’s “New Album” By Mawtoura

2 months ago
Mawtoura My favorite tracks: – Yo2borne el Rjeil (Duo ma3 Nadine Njeim) – 3al Matbakh foute LOL! PS: This is satire not the real album, just in case 🙂 ...

The Song You’ve All Been Waiting For: Ya Albi – [Full Lyrics]

3 months ago
So a friend of mine was very bored this morning and sent me the lyrics of “Ya Albi”, the latest hit by our rising star Nabil Harfouch. I counted 54 “Albi”, 15 “Rou7i” and 9 ...

That Singer We’ve All Been Laughing at is Apparently A Crook

3 months ago
Nabil Harfouche, or as I like to call him Moustachio, is apparently involved in a very serious corruption case that was raised last year by Rima Karaki. If we were to believe Rima’s report, and ...

A Beautiful Oriental Version of Pink Floyd’s The Wall

3 months ago
It’s performed by a group called Bizimkiler Layihesi, a group of musicians that were brought together by the ANS television channel (Azerbaijan TV). They also interpreted other great songs such as “We Will Rock You” ...

Save The Ba2douniss

3 months ago
This is a hilarious animation video but the message it is trying to pass is not funny at all. In fact, it reflects perfectly the sad truth we are living in: that climate change is ...

Fares Karam: Lebanon’s Candyman/ Bilzerian-Wannabe

4 months ago
The Lebanese Kardashians: check. The Lebanese Candyman (CandyshopMansion): check. Fares Karam is trying hard to be Lebanon’s Dan Bilzerian but he’s not there yet. FK University because Fares Karam likes his escorts to have a ...

Evolution of Arabic Music: From Sayed Darwish To Haifa’s Bouss El Wawa

5 months ago
Enjoy a funny interpretation of 42 of the most popular Arabic songs from 1900 till today. After watching the video, I realized I barely know any of the songs after 2010 and I’m glad I ...

Mashrou’ Leila Banned in Amman

5 months ago
Mashrou’ Leila will not perform in Amman as planned on Friday 29th of April as their authorization to play has been withdrawn by the local authorities. The official reason provided is that “the performance would ...