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#UpForSchool: Three Brothers Rapping To Help 1 Million Refugees Go To School

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We are currently witnessing the world’s worst refugee crisis in decades and the victims are first and foremost the children. Millions of refugee children are unable to attend schools and end up on the streets leading a catastrophic lifestyle which poses many risks on their physical and mental well-being.

I never tire of repeating that any form of education is better than no education especially for refugee children and education remains the best weapon against extremism and terrorism. Providing a safe environment for these kids is essential to help them grow up normally and focus on acquiring a good job and building a happy family rather than resorting to violence and extremism.


There are plenty of ongoing campaigns to help these refugees get the education they need and the latest is a pretty cool one as it focuses on three talented young brothers, Samir, Abdulrahman and Mohammed, who arrived in Lebanon four years ago and love rapping. They’ve been rapping about their struggle and the Syrian People’s struggle and are sending out a message that every child has potential but it cannot be realized without an education.

The campaign aims at giving hope Syria’s Young Talent by signing the petition at or even taking action if you are willing to.

Check out the video, sign the petition and help spread the word!

PS: The petition will be taken to world leaders at the the Syrian Donors Conference in London in February.


Zaffatleh El Tari2, He Gets My Vote

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Michelle & Noel Keserwany, the sisters behind the hilarious “Jagal el Usek” and “Panique Bil Parlement” video clips just released a new song called “Zaffatleh El Tarik”.

The song is spot on and right on time before the elections that should take place (hopefully) this year. I hope Lebanese will listen carefully to the lyrics and hold their Zaiims and MPs accountable this year for the disastrous situation we are in right now.


Fairouz Greets Lebanon On New Year With Bizzare Video

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I think this is the first time ever that Fairouz shows in a public video wishing the Lebanese a Happy New Year. I love how her voice, one of the most beautiful voices in the World, is still the same but the video is low quality and a bit weird to be honest which is surprising. What’s with the dark setup and candles, the thunder sounds and the creepy look at the end?

The video was posted on Reema Rahbany, Fairouz’s daughter, on her Facebook page. I saw it on MTV yesterday but can’t find the video anymore for some reason. I found another one on YouTube though.

In all cases, I’ve listened to it like 10 times already just because it’s Fairouz so enjoy it!


Did You Like Mashrou3 Leila’s New Album?

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I was never really a Mashrou3 Leila fan but I always appreciated and encouraged their satirical and daring take on problems associated with life in Beirut, mainly sex and gay rights.

Mashrou’ Leila is out there trying to change the Arab pop music and they are definitely succeeding in doing so. Their performances are always highly praised, their concerts are always sold out and the most recent album release at the Barbican Center in London was a major success. In fact, and I’m quoting The Guardian here, “It was such an impressive performance that stadiums seem not only possible but imminent”.

ibn el leil#‎ibnelleil‬ was now #1 on the iTunes store in the Middle East ahead of Adele’s Hello.

I wasn’t there to judge their performance and I’m probably not qualified to do so but I listened to the album during the weekend and didn’t like it at all. In fact, I barely liked anything past their early album and I can’t understand a word Hamed says in his recent songs which is very annoying to be honest. In one of the recent songs, I couldn’t even tell if they were singing in Arabic or not. Moreover, I couldn’t even finish the Djin song which was #1 last week ahead of Adele’s Hello!

Of course I’m not writing that to criticize their success. I’m very proud and we should all be of a Lebanese band touring the world and impressing everyone but I just want to see if I’m the only one who finds their recent songs annoying? Am I missing something? Are you guys able to understand what he’s saying? How can some people find the album so brilliant yet I can barely finish a song?

All in all, Mashrou3 Leila is definitely one of the most successful (and controversial) indie pop bands in the Middle East, they are breaking a lot of taboos in our society and elsewhere, their politicized lyrics are powerful and are helping in promoting gay rights and fighting homophobia in the region among other things but I just can’t stand the music lol!

You can buy their new album [here] and I wish them the best of luck!


Raksit Leila is still my favorite song till now: