Google is Celebrating Iconic Arab Poet Nizar Qabbani

Google is celebrating Nizar Qabbani's 93rd through a series of four different doodles. Nizar Qabbani, considered the titan of Arab literature, is one of the most revered contemporary poets in the Arab world. The doodles depict different periods in the poet's life during which he wrote some of his most celebrated works, one of them being Beirut of course. The illustrations are also inspired from Nizar Qabbani’s poems; such as the jasmine flowers from his…

Lynn el Hayek From Tripoli Mina Wins The First Edition Of The Voice Kids

6 months ago
The first edition of MBC the Voice Kids, the young Arab talent competition, ended yesterday with Lebanese Lynn el Hayek, who’s originally from Tripoli el Mina, winning the best voice title. Lynn, who is on ...

Valentine Song Of The Year: B7ebbik, 7ob Aoun Wou Geagea (Full Lyrics)

7 months ago
Anthony and Shant (3as3us) strike again! بحبك ما بعرف ليش بحبك راح قلك قديش بحبك قد ما في بجع بحبك حب عون و جعجع بحبك و كرمالك بحرق دولاب بحبك قد ما نبيه بري صرلو ...
Middle East

Another Amazing Mashup By Noel Kharman: Evanescence’s My Immortal + Fairouz

7 months ago
After singing Adele’s Hello with a Fairouz twist, Palestinian Artist Noel Kharman just added a Fairouz twist to one of Evanescence’s most popular songs: My Immortal. Ba3dak 3ala Bali matches perfectly with My Immortal and ...

A Hilarious Song for Education Minister Elias Bou Saab

8 months ago
The students are enjoying the storm and making good use of these days off. Bou Saab is by far Lebanon’s most loved (by students) and hated ( by parents) minister. [YouTube] ...

#UpForSchool: Three Brothers Rapping To Help 1 Million Refugees Go To School

8 months ago
We are currently witnessing the world’s worst refugee crisis in decades and the victims are first and foremost the children. Millions of refugee children are unable to attend schools and end up on the streets ...

Zaffatleh El Tari2, He Gets My Vote

8 months ago
Michelle & Noel Keserwany, the sisters behind the hilarious “Jagal el Usek” and “Panique Bil Parlement” video clips just released a new song called “Zaffatleh El Tarik”. The song is spot on and right on ...

Ya Baba Ta3 La Hon: It’s Falefil Not Falafel

8 months ago
I spotted this hilarious ad on Facebook for Dish Arabic TV a week ago but totally forgot to share it! The idea is brilliant, the song is hilarious and the lyrics are spot on! My ...

Fairouz Greets Lebanon On New Year With Bizzare Video

8 months ago
I think this is the first time ever that Fairouz shows in a public video wishing the Lebanese a Happy New Year. I love how her voice, one of the most beautiful voices in the ...