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My Contribution To Venues That Play The Best Music In Beirut

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I was asked by Kotex to write a couple of guest blogs for their blog (, which is a website addressed to girls where they post articles related to Fashion, Entertainment, Dating and Relationships, Wellness and Personal Makeover. I laughed when I first read the email but then I thought I’d go for it as it sounds fun and different. Moreover, the topics were similar to what I usually post about so why wouldn’t I do it?

My first article is about the venues that play the best music in Beirut. As you all know, Beirut is all about music. Whether you like Jazz, hip-hop, trance, underground, old traditional Arabic, Rock, Pop, live shows and bands, French or any other genre, you will easily find venues in Beirut that cater to your taste. Check them out [Here].

Music 4 Sara El Khatib – The Coldplay Covers Edition

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Sara el Khatib may have lost her fight with cancer but she remains an inspiration to many specially after her brave Tedxtalk. Sara is still inspiring many and a group of artists are organizing a concert in her memory and to raise funds for children with cancer.

The concert is taking place on December 26 at the Forum De Beyrouth starting 7:30pm. You can find below all the details and book your tickets [Here].


Sara is more than just a 22 year old pharmacy graduate, she’s inspired so many, so we’ve come together, family and friends, organizers, promoters, musicians, DJs to give you a special place and time to celebrate this strong, will powered, Coldplay fan, happy, amazing Sara!

Date: December 26th, 2014
Location: Forum de Beyrouth

A documentary of Sara’s life by Clouds will be screened at 7:00 PM.

Hitting the stage at 7:30 PM with their own songs and covers of Coldplay:
BUTTERFLY with Tanya Rizkala & Mario Agostine from EPIC + Ralph Asfour

(not in order)

Followed on the decks by:

(not in order)

This concert will be hosted by:

All funds will go to the Treatment of Children with Cancer.

Hiba Tawaji Doesn’t Need To Go To The Voice

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Hiba is a very talented singer but I don’t know if it’s good idea to take part in the Voice, specially after what happened with Aline Lahoud and Anthony Touma. The judges are very random and she might lose out because of that, not because she’s not talented enough.

Anyway, that doesn’t mean that I am not excited about her participation and I will be encouraging her all the way till the end.


Lebanese Pianist And Composer George Samir Tomb Off To Hollywood

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George Tomb is a 22 year old Civil Engineering students at Balamand and more importantly the youngest composer in Lebanon’s history to have his piece played by the Philharmonic orchestra. George is also preparing a baccalaureate in classical piano under the supervision of Lisa Tutundjian at the National Higher Conservatory of Music and will be participating “in the very selective and competitive Hollywood Music Workshop held under the direction of the celebrated Lilo Bellotto”.

It’s always great to hear about such young Lebanese talents. Best of luck George!

George Samir Tomb, a civil engineering student on his last year at Balamand, will be participating in the very selective and competitive Hollywood Music Workshop held under the direction of the celebrated Lilo Bellotto. As part of the workshop, George will attend private courses in composition and orchestration with Conrad Pope, known for his award-winning soundtracks for such box-office hits as “Harry Potter,” “The Legend of Zorro,” “The Hobbit” and many others.

Member of a family of artists and musicians – his father is the composer Samir Tomb – George is preparing a baccalaureate in classical piano under the supervision of Lisa Tutundjian at the National Higher Conservatory of Music. He has been playing the piano since the age of 4 and composing since he was 6.

Despite his young age, George, 22, has participated in several concerts with the Lebanese vocal group Triorient in Lebanon and abroad, including at the Royal Opera House in Oman. He is already a member of SACEM-Paris and has performed in small auditions at the Juilliard Music School of New York, the Berklee College of Music in Boston, and at El Camino College in Los Angeles, where his collaboration with Joanna Nashef started.

George credits Dr. Nashef with being herself “a sign of hope” who has given him much confidence and furthered the faith in his work already nurtured by his father. He describes “Hope” as a “romantic melody with sudden, broken accords.” Written for the orchestra, “the harmony is kept plain with yet a certain touch of modern character.” [Source]

G Tomb

Ten Things You Should Know About Lebanese Singer Sabah (Jeanette Gergis Al-Feghali)

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1- She has participated in over 80 movies and over 25 plays.
2- She has produced more than 3000 songs.
3- She was known as “Al Chahroura” because she was from Wadi Chahrour and her uncle who was called “Chahour Al Wadi” .
4- She got married at least 7 times.
5- She performed in the world’s most prestigious halls like L’Olympia in Paris and Sydney Opera House in Sydney.
6- A TV series “Al Shahrourah” based on her childhood and her life’s most significant achievements was produced in 2011 with Sabah’s personal approval.
7- There’s a “Sabah Forever” bag collection made by Sarah’s bag.
8- She’s one of Lebanon’s cultural icons which include Wadih el Safi who passed away last year and Fairouz who turned 79 few days ago.
9- She produced her first song in 1940 and had a six-decade long career.
10- Here’s what Sabah said about death once:

“I’ve been waiting for death for a long time now. I want it. I want to know its secret. I want to know what comes after it. Everyone I’ve playes with, lived with and sang with are gone, what’s left anymore? They’ve even destroyed Lebanon. I’ve got to leave this life.”

I was never a big Sabah fan but I love some of her old songs and cannot but respect an artist who managed to last this long in the entertainment business and be admired by so many around the world. May she RIP.