#UpForSchool: Three Brothers Rapping To Help 1 Million Refugees Go To School

We are currently witnessing the world's worst refugee crisis in decades and the victims are first and foremost the children. Millions of refugee children are unable to attend schools and end up on the streets leading a catastrophic lifestyle which poses many risks on their physical and mental well-being. I never tire of repeating that any form of education is better than no education especially for refugee children and education remains the best weapon against…

Zaffatleh El Tari2, He Gets My Vote

Michelle & Noel Keserwany, the sisters behind the hilarious "Jagal el Usek" and "Panique Bil Parlement" video clips just released a new song called "Zaffatleh El Tarik". The song is spot on and right on time before the elections that should take place this year. I hope Lebanese will listen carefully to the lyrics and hold their Zaiims and MPs accountable this year for the disastrous situation we are in right now.

Ya Baba Ta3 La Hon: It’s Falefil Not Falafel

10 months ago
I spotted this hilarious ad on Facebook for Dish Arabic TV a week ago but totally forgot to share it! The idea is brilliant, the song is hilarious and the lyrics are spot on! My ...

Fairouz Greets Lebanon On New Year With Bizzare Video

11 months ago
I think this is the first time ever that Fairouz shows in a public video wishing the Lebanese a Happy New Year. I love how her voice, one of the most beautiful voices in the ...

Hello, From The Garbage Side: A Parody By Nour Habr

11 months ago
A kind reminder that there’s still garbage around us. The lyrics are spot on! [YouTube] ...

Did You Like Mashrou3 Leila’s New Album?

1 year ago
I was never really a Mashrou3 Leila fan but I always appreciated and encouraged their satirical and daring take on problems associated with life in Beirut, mainly sex and gay rights. Mashrou’ Leila is out ...

Adele’s “Hello” With A Fairouz Twist – By Noel Kharman

1 year ago
Palestinian Artist Noel Kharman just added a Fairouz twist on Adele’s latest song “Hello” and it’s awesome. Her voice is incredible by the way. Check it out! [YouTube] ...

Remi Bandali Is Back

1 year ago
Remi Bandali, the famous Lebanese child singer from the 80’s, is back after all these years with a new song called Akid Bhebak. Remi is 36 years old now. [YouTube] Speaking of Bendali, who remembers ...

ASHEKMAN Gift Snoop Dogg An Arabic Calligraffiti Portrait

1 year ago
Snoop Dogg taking a shot of his portrait Lebanese street artists and ASHEKMAN founders Omar and Mohamed Kabbani gifted American rapper Snoop Dogg a calligraffiti portrait. The portrait was handed to the West-coast rapper by ...

KOHAR: Celebrating Armenian Heritage Through An Outstanding & Magical Performance

1 year ago
I’m sure you’ve all noticed how the Forum de Beyrouth was beautifully lit up and transformed in the past few weeks to accommodate KOHAR’s performances. KOHAR originally started as an independent musical and cultural institution ...