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Sir Richard Branson on Censorship, Virgin Radio Opening and V Festivals


As I stated in a previous post, I went to meet Sir Richard Branson today and had the chance to ask him few questions. Here’s what I asked and what he told me in brief:

1- What do you think about the Lebanese authorities and the way they condemn and ban music, movies and books? Do you find it justifiable specially that you were among the first few people to sponsor and sign controversial bands?

He told me that the last time he was there, he was aware of the censorship issues in Lebanon and asked us if things had become better? (To which I answered: No it actually got worse). Then he continued saying that “Freedom of speech is extremely important and that it’s a pity that we ban or censor music, cds and videos in Lebanon. Every individual should have the freedom to decide what to listen to or watch or what not to”

2- Do you think Virgin Radio Lebanon should have opened before in Lebanon? isn’t the radio market saturated by now? Should we expect something like the V festival to take place in Lebanon?

He said that Virgin should have indeed opened before but there are a lot of difficulties to initiate such a project and that now he’s found people ready to cooperate with and make it happen. As for the V Festivals, I was told we should be expecting major events with big artists in Lebanon.

Gino asked questions regarding Virgin Galactic that you can check [Here].


I didn’t expect Branson to be such a cool and down to earth guy. It was an honor meeting him and I hope he comes back again to Lebanon. As for now, Virgin Radio Lebanon is now officially on and you can listen to it on 89.5 FM!

Picture from VirginRadio FB

Anthony Touma sings « Chanter pour ceux »


Anthony Touma has become an inspiration to many Lebanese and has now made it to The Voice’s finals to become the first Lebanese to ever do so. I know it’s a hassle to find videos of previous performances online due to TFI’s copyright restrictions so I thought I share this one before it gets blocked. You can also check it at this [Link].

Best of luck to Anthony!

Pictures and Video: Guns N’ Roses in Lebanon


Check out tons of pictures from the Guns N’ Roses concert in Lebanon [Here] and a video uploaded by Francois on his blog below. There are other videos that will follow but the internet connection doesn’t allow more than one video per day. I still haven’t uploaded my ASOT600 videos because they are around 200mb each.


Here’s the video clip of my favorite Guns N’ Roses song: November Rain.