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Xriss Jor

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I don’t know if Xriss Jor is her real name because it doesn’t sound Lebanese at all

The first time I heard about Xriss Jor was after her live performance at the Angry Monkey in Gemmayze and her brilliant interpretation of Alicia Key’s Empire State of Mind (New York) song. She also performed live in other venues and took part as well in MTV’s Hek Menghanne show and The Voice. She’s a very talented singer and she was given the chance of a lifetime last Wednesday after she won the talent hunt at the Dubai Music Week.

In short, Xriss Jor will have the unique opportunity to work with Quincy Jones to produce a single and a video, so let’s hope she makes the best out of it and wish her the best of luck!

On another note, I noticed 2 other Lebanese among the five pre-screened performers, Dubai-based Lebanese band Jay Wud and Lebanese pop singer DD Fox. I’ve heard of Jay Wud before but had no clue who DD Fox was.

A 27-year-old Lebanese singer has been given the chance of a lifetime after she was picked as winner of a talent hunt by a star-studded panel on the second day of the Dubai Music Week late Wednesday night.

Singer Xriss Jor, who impressed judges, Timbaland and Quincy Jones with her rendition of the Beyonce song, Listen, will get the opportunity to work with the legendary Jones to produce a single and a video.

“Thank you so much. It’s an honour,” said breathless Jor, who was chosen among five pre-screened performers at the Producers Panel on the second day of the Dubai Music Week. Her competitors were Emirati Soul singer Hamdan Al Abri, Dubai-based Lebanese band Jay Wud, Lebanese pop singer DD Fox and Sudanese R&B singer Nile. Jor who won fans with her covers of popular Western songs on the Arabic version of singing reality show The Voice last year, was picked on Wednesday for her voice and confidence, said the judges, who deliberated for five minutes before picking her.

“I liked how you drew people in as soon as you began singing,” producer and Timbaland told her. “ and I were impressed by the tone in your voice. You can also make a good rapper.” Jor, who counted Celine Dion, Alicia Keys and Pink as her inspirations, said she’s been wanting to work on her own original songs. “Well, your life is just about to begin,” Timbaland told her. [Source]

Omar Dean at X Factor Australia 2013

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I’ve been told this guy is Lebanese-Australian and is apparently a hot favorite for winning X Factor Australia. I tried looking online but couldn’t find anything on his [website] or [Facebook Page].

The only thing I found was this [post] on Lebomemes and his video shared on the Lebanese in Australia Facebook page.

Either way, he’s definitely impressing the judges so the best of luck to him!

Thanks Fouad!

Jan Blomqvist at Skybar this Friday

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I’ve been listening to “Big Jet Plane” by Jan Blomqvist on repeat for most of the week and I just found he’s going to be at Skybar this fucking Friday! I’m going to miss it since I’m not in Lebanon but if you’re there you should really check him out. I missed Booka Shade at Pier 7 last month and now this.

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Fadel Shaker Featured In The New York Times

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He was a known and loved artist and had the chance to play a positive role in society, instead he chose to get armed and shoot at army soldiers. What a total waste of oxygen this guy turned out to be.

You can read the whole article [Here].

SIDON, Lebanon — His success was a dream come true for this tough port city on the Mediterranean coast: a poor kid whose honeyed voice and ballads of love and heartbreak rocketed him to wealth and fame far from the gun-ridden neighborhood where he grew up.

Ahmed al-Jardali, a leader in the Lebanese branch of the Muslim Brotherhood in Sidon, said he tried to persuade Mr. Shaker to focus his piety on spiritual songs.
“Someone like Fadel could send a message much better than someone holding a rifle, so it was important for us to try to put him in the right place,” Mr. Jardali said. “But then the problems started and it was too late for him to choose a different direction.”


Standing in Mr. Shaker’s bedroom upstairs, where springs jutted from a burned mattress and a black chandelier hung overhead, Mr. Sin, the driver, shook his head.

“Even I have no idea what changed him,” he said. “How did he benefit from all of this?”

MIX FM’S 80’S Night at B018

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Before writing this post, I was checking on the last time I wrote about the 80′s night as I’ve been wanting to go forever and indeed it was back in November 2011! The reason it took me so long is that the 80′s night is held on Thursdays so it’s hard to convince working people to party on a weekday and because it’s always overbooked. Believe it or not, Mix FM has been holding this 80′s night for 7 years now and the place is booked every single week!


I got there around 11pm and the place was already full. I haven’t been to B018 in a long while but the place looked exactly the same as I last recall it. We had a small argument with the person in charge as we had reserved a table for 15 people and got one that could barely fit 4 but we finally got a decent table some 20 minutes later. However, the guy who was in charge of our table was very rude and unfriendly throughout the night and he even refused to get us a knife and plates to cut our friend’s birthday cake. I wasn’t the one who reserved so I don’t know why things got messed up but the staff weren’t friendly at all.

Putting this small incident aside, the night was a blast all thanks to one man: DJ Rodge! I am a big fan of the 80′s and he reminded me of some many good songs I had forgotten about, without forgetting the awesome tribute he did to Michael Jackson. I don’t remember having that much fun at a party in a long time, as I was singing and dancing throughout the whole night. I even went behind the DJ’s booth and had a small chat with Rodge, who’s a really cool guy.

Picture from the 80s night at B018 – Tribute to Michael Jackson

We left B018 around 3am but the place was still packed. We ended up paying around 60$ per person. If you are an 80′s fan, you shouldn’t miss out on that party. If you need more info on how to reserve, click [Here].

DJ Rodge gives out free CD copies of the night’s mix after midnight

Pet Shop Boys concert was epic!

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On Wednesday I went to the Lana Del Rey concert which I thought was pretty boring but last night I went to the Pet Shop Boys one and it was just incredible. First of all just a little backstory, my first cassette tape I ever purchased was for Pet Shop Boys back in the 80s. They’ve always been one of my favorite bands ever even though I really haven’t kept up to date with their recent work.


So anyway last night I got to the concert an hour early since I was hoping I’d be lucky enough to find a spot right in the front (I had the Golden ticket) and to my surprise the place was empty when I got there. I quickly grabbed a spot right in front of where the mic was placed and waited. There wasn’t an opening act for the concert but they were playing some pretty good music to get us moving. Then, the second Pet Shop Boys walked on stage the energy of the place completely changed. Even though the event wasn’t as packed as Lana Del Rey the people who did show up were true fans at least the ones who were standing around me in the golden ticket section. I was standing so close to the stage it was just unreal seeing them perform live and so up close. Neil Tennant was standing right in front of me and I was jumping up and down screaming wanting him to notice me.


They played a mixture of new songs and classic 80s and 90s songs that were remastered so they wouldn’t sound out of date. The changes were very subtle and I actually want to try and find those remixes online. Whenever a classic song came out the crowd just went wild as you can see in the videos I’ve put up here. Sadly the sound in the videos isn’t that great since I was standing right in front of the speakers which overwhelmed the tiny iPhone mic. Also at one point I rant out of battery and space on my phone hence why the West End Girls video ends abruptly.


Pet Shop Boys kicked ass last night and I can’t believe how old they are. I love them, 30 years later and they can still bring so much energy to the stage with their music and their never ending costumes. No exaggeration every two songs they were going backstage and changing into different outfits each one looking wilder than the other. Their two supporting dancers also did a phenomenal job as well. I’m so glad I went to the concert, it completely blew me away. For those of you who missed it you really missed out on a extremely entertaining and visually rich show. Hopefully they’ll come back again one day.

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