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Anthony Touma sings « Chanter pour ceux »


Anthony Touma has become an inspiration to many Lebanese and has now made it to The Voice’s finals to become the first Lebanese to ever do so. I know it’s a hassle to find videos of previous performances online due to TFI’s copyright restrictions so I thought I share this one before it gets blocked. You can also check it at this [Link].

Best of luck to Anthony!

Pictures and Video: Guns N’ Roses in Lebanon


Check out tons of pictures from the Guns N’ Roses concert in Lebanon [Here] and a video uploaded by Francois on his blog below. There are other videos that will follow but the internet connection doesn’t allow more than one video per day. I still haven’t uploaded my ASOT600 videos because they are around 200mb each.


Here’s the video clip of my favorite Guns N’ Roses song: November Rain.

Champlain in concert


You may have not heard of it before but Champlain is a Lebanese group and one of the very few Francophone Lebanese bands that writes and composes its own songs, which varies from rock, pop, funk to blues and jazz. They already have an album entitled “Permis de rêver”. Champlain has been around for quite a while and had a few lead vocalists including the Lebanese talent Anthony Touma who is very talented and one the favorites to win this year’s edition of the Voice in France.

Il fait soleil sur la Tamise

Here’s a list of the band members taken from their Facebook page

Voix : Anne-Sophie Azzi, Anthony Touma, Eid E. Eid, Fouad Maroun
Guitares : Fouad Maroun, Jack Boutros
Claviers : Elias Kateb
Batterie : Roy Khoury
Basse : Walid Sarrouh
Arrangements :Christophe Haroun, Walid Sarrouh
Musique : Fouad Maroun, Roy Khoury, Walid Sarrouh, Christophe Haroun, Eid E. Eid, Jack Boutros, Anthony Touma
Textes : Eid E. Eid

Champlain will be in concert on the Palais des Congrès Dbayyeh, on Friday 05-Apr-12 at 20:30 pm. Tickets are available at all Virgin Mega stores and profits will go to the association INCLUDE.