Salim Salam Tunnel To be Partially Closed for Two Months

Improvement works for the Salim Salam tunnel are expected to start on Monday 15th of January and take around two months. According to the ISF, the tunnel, which is one of the most vital links in Beirut, will be partially closed for mechanical and electrical works. I hope they will fix the ventilation system and lighting once and for all as they're horrible. Otherwise, enjoy the traffic LOL! صدر عن االمديرية العامة لقوى الامن الداخلي…

Beirut’s Nejmeh Square to Re-Open FINALLY!

The Lebanese army has been given instructions to remove all obstacles around the Parliament’s premises in Beirut's Nejmeh Square as it will no longer be restricted for pedestrians. This comes days after the massive celebrations that took place on Nejmeh Square to celebrate the new year. Speaker Berri "said the roads leading to Nejmeh Square will no more be restricted for pedestrians, and the movement will return just like it was before tight security measures…

No Casualties Reported On New Year’s Eve [2018]

2 months ago
For the second year in a row, no casualties were reported on New Year’s Eve thanks to the exceptional measures taken by the Internal Security Forces & Lebanese Army. The ISF reported few minor accidents ...

Beirut’s St. George Cathedral & Al-Amine Mosque Light Up for Jerusalem

3 months ago
Yesterday evening, and in response to U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to declare Jerusalem the capital of “Israel”, images of Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulcher and Al-Aqsa Mosque were projected against the facades of ...

The End of an Era: Roadster Diner Achrafieh Branch to Close Next Week

4 months ago
The first ever Roadster Diner branch is set to close next week after almost 20 years. The Achrafieh branch is closing and getting relocated to Restos St. Nicolas, a food cluster at the heart of ...

Is the Lebanese Army Finally Getting The A-29 Super Tucano Attack Aircrafts?

5 months ago
I’ve been hearing about these Tucano aircrafts since 2014 but the Lebanese Army still didn’t get any of them. Al Jomhouriya is claiming we will get two aircrafts before end of this month and LBCI ...

“3eesh Kteer” Teta Jako Has Passed Away

6 months ago
Al Jadeed just tweeted that Jeanne D’arc Zarazir, the actor who played Jacko in the TV Show “3eesh Kteer” has passed away. She was such a funny and lovable character. She will be dearly missed. ...

U.S Embassy Bars any Movement of its staff to Casino du Liban

6 months ago
A friend just asked me if there’s anything happening at the Casino du Liban and shared with me a statement from the U.S. Embassy in Beirut barring any movement of U.S. government staff to that ...

Ziad Doueiri Was Released & Got His Passports Back

6 months ago
After being shortly detained at Beirut airport on Sunday, French-Lebanese Ziad Doueiri appeared today in front of a Lebanese military court and was released on bail. Doueiri, whose latest movie “The Insult”, won the Venice ...

Beirut Municipality to Plant 7000 Trees By 2019

6 months ago
The Municipal Council of Beirut City is set to plant about 7000 trees, within a year from this date. The types of trees that are expected to be planted are Barakititium, Jacaranda, Olive, Albizia, Magnolia, ...