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Jad Aoun: the guardian of Beirut’s image

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“I needed something that would create a more lasting impression. Sending emails is fast and easy but so is deleting them: The answer had to be something more solid and that can travel the world with ease – that is when I came up with the ‘Looks Like Beirut’ Certificate,” he says.

He has now posted 60 LLB certificates around the globe (although he has recorded 150 comparisons since early 2009, it is not always possible to find physical addresses for many of the culprits), each reading, “In recognition of the work done to keep the overused, worn-out, tired cliché ‘… looks like Beirut …’ alive.” [Full Article]

More recognition for Jad Aoun and his consistent efforts to take out that old cliché “Looks like Beirut” from all around the world.

Two new Guinness Records for Lebanon

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The longest “Lahme Chich Shish Kebab” and Longest Dabke line records were both set in Dhour Choueir in Mount Lebanon yesterday.

The “Lahme Chich Shish Kebab” was over 100 meters and was supervised by Chef Antoine el Hajj. [Link]

Here are few thoughts for new world records to beat:

– Biggest Falafel in the world.
– Longest “Fwerigh” in the world.
– Tallest Shawarma Stand in the world.
– Longest Labneh wou Zeitoun sandwich in the world.

Lebanese men can’t beat or kill their women anymore

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As absurd as the title may seem, that’s what the law amendments proposed by MP Sami Gemayel few months ago were all about and today they were finally approved by the government and put into action.

The old law basically stated that if a man were to surprise his wife or one of his female relatives in bed with someone, and committed a crime against them, it would not be considered as a first degree murder but an “honor killing” and would receive a lower sentence.

Mabrouk for all Lebanese women and men!

Lionel Messi: I’m very hurt

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Lionel Messi is not hurt because of a car accident, just because the Argentinian national team did not play well during the Coppa America. He’s in Chile still and preparing for a friendly game tonight. [Link]

This whole rumor about Messi being involved in a car accident was started on some website and picked up by the Lebanese media for unexplainable reasons.

Hope I did not give the Messi fans a scare with the title.

Mosaic reopening soon

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Mosaic is set to reopen its doors next week at the Intercontinental Phoenicia Hotel in Beirut after being closed for renovation. [Link]

This place has the best buffet in town by far and I am looking forward to seeing its new layout.

Lionel Messi involved in a car accident?

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Few hours ago, I read on Kataeb News portal that Lionel Messi had a car accident in Argentina and was seriously injured. His gf was with him and died instantly because of the crash. I googled to see if it’s true or not and found nothing online. Some 20 minutes later, the same portal denies the news so I forgot about it until LBCI just mentioned the news few minutes ago!

So I checked again and could not find anything online about this. There is not even a mention of a rumor of Messi having an accident. So I ask LBCI where the hell did they get this piece of information from and how can they allow themselves to report such news without verifying it?

Update: Messi is in Chile not even in Argentina today and all this rumor about him getting involved in a car accident is a lie. [Link1] [Link2]

Fireworks banned in Lebanon

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Interior Minister Marwan Charbel banned the use of firecrackers and restricted the use of fireworks in a statement carried by the National News Agency Monday. [More]

Does this decision remind you of any previous one? I really want to see how our new minister is gonna implement this law. Imagine cops running after little kids playing with firecrackers in every little town in Beirut to celebrate Ramadan. That’s gonna be fun.