Who’s killing innocent people in Lebanon?

Two days ago, the body of a middle-aged man was found in the garbage in the Maameltein area. The body was burned and ISF were unable to identify it. Yesterday, two middle-aged men were found shot dead under the Antelias bridge and in Jisr al-Wati Sin el Fil. Early investigations did not show any link between the two murders but I must say I don't recall hearing about such crimes in Lebanon in the past…

3 HSBC branches closed

News about HSBC closing down branches came some 3 weeks ago, and today it was announced officially that 3 HSBC branches in Beirut were closed. You can read more about it .

Nadine Njeim on Tony Baroud’s “A7la Jalse”

5 years ago
I saw few minutes of Tony Baroud’s new show on LBCI called “A7la Jalsse” and Nadine Njeim, Miss Lebanon 2004, was among his guests. During one part of the show, they asked all guests to ...

Minimum Wage raised to 700,000

5 years ago
On Tuesday, the cabinet increased the minimum wage to LL700,000 from LL500,000. It also raised by LL200,000 the wages of workers earning less than LL1 million. As for those who earn between LL1 million and ...

Fight erupts at Beirut vehicle inspection center

5 years ago
Why did the fight erupt? Because some guy’s car did not pass inspection even though “the broker, identified as Mohammad Ali Khatoun, had asked clerks at the center to “allow” the car of Habib Jaafar ...

R.I.P Steve Jobs

5 years ago
Apple’s Steve Jobs dies at 56. ...

Lebanese Danielle Salamouny Miss Teen Supermodel 2011

5 years ago
Lebanon World Supermodel- Danielle Salamouny and Pacific Islands Miss Teen Supermodel- Mickaela Swamy were crowned the winners of this year’s Miss Teen Supermodel and World Supermodel Pageant at the Amanuca Island Resort yesterday. [Link] This ...

Protests against electricity grid in Mansourieh

5 years ago
Mansourieh residents are peacefully demonstrating against the installation of high-tension electricity grids in their region and the “Panthers” unit is sent to disperse them?? There are families, women and children in this protest. Why the ...

Purse snatchers drag woman

5 years ago
This was broadcasted on MTV last night. It’s appalling… [YouTube] Thanks Omar ...

Gulf News pulled a CNN

5 years ago
After CNN mistakenly confused Lebanon’s Tripoli with Libya’s few weeks back, it’s time for Gulf news to do the same. Via Jad Aoun ...