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It’s Carmageddon everyday in Lebanon!

I was reading about LA authorities planning to close Interstate 405 for 53 hours for some maintenance work and the campaign they’ve done to keep LA citizens from using their cars to avoid what they called “Carmageddon”. [Link]

I am sure the Lebanese authorities in charge of our roads are laughing at those Americans. Weeks of campaigns to prevent people from getting stuck in traffic and alarming them to stay home just because of some works on the highway??

Where’s the element of surprise if we tell people about upcoming road works?

Where’s the fun if we don’t let people get stuck in traffic unexpectedly for hours?

PS: Heading towards the weekly Dora-Casino du Liban carmageddon in 2 hours time if anyone likes to join me.

How the Estonians were freed

We were all happy to see the Estonians freed yesterday, but no one still knows how and who freed them?

More importantly, and according to many sources and articles I read, it appears that the Lebanese Security forces, be it army, ISF, army intelligence and other factions, had no clue about the operation!

I don’t know if any of you guys watch the UNIT, but this story could make a great episode. We should email the guys behind this series ask them to include it. [The UNIT]

Here are few articles, from [Al-Akhbar] & [Naharnet] on the matter.

Ghassan Sarkis to coach Lebanese National Basketball Team

[Old Picture of the National team]

Whenever you hear the Lebanese Basketball officials appointing a Lebanese coach head of the National team, it teams they are running out of money. Ghassan Sarkis was assigned the task of head coach of the Lebanese Basketball National Team after the miserable results Tab Baldwin provided.

Some of you recall how I critisized that guy even before he was appointed and how terrible were our results because of his stupid tactics. [Link]

Back to Coach Sarkis, I never liked him and I think he only became famous because of Hekmeh’s achievements which were due to Elie Mechantaf (Estez el Riyadi) rather than his coaching skills. The positive side of the story is that we won’t have to pay him 100,000$ to screw us up like Baldwin did.

You ask me why I am always pessimistic about our national team, It’s mainly due of 3 issues:

- The players are never paid and treated like slaves. They have to show up or else be penalized, yet they are barely provided with transportation and training shoes. The federation and ministry of sports are to be blamed here.

- The coaches are never given time to prepare the team and never signed for 3 to 5 years. We expect miracle workers all the time. Most coaches we got were bad as well so it turned into a nightmare. The federation and ministry of sports are to be blamed here.

- Lebanese Coaches are paid ridiculous amounts compared to non-Lebanese ones, but at least they are paid something unlike the players. However, and here’s the worst part, our dear federation invests all its money every year to naturalize and pay for a Lebanese-American player and expects him to do wonders. As a result, other players not getting a penny feel insulted and disrespected and don’t give a damn about the team as a whole.

Escorts needed

This was taken from new paper similar to Al Waseet and Al Hadaf called “Al Wassel”. I didn’t know escort services were even allowed in Lebanon.

Not sure if you guys noticed, but those in charge of this paper apparently like to put dots between every two digits for some reason as if it’s some IP address or location.

Estonians finally freed

BEIRUT (AP) — Lebanon’s foreign minister says seven Estonians who were abducted nearly four months ago have been released.

A Lebanese security official said the seven were released in the Bekaa Valley and were on their way to Beirut. He spoke on condition of anonymity in line with regulations. [Link]

Good news to start our day.
Reports stated they were released near the village of Brital where most stolen cars end up.

Why don’t we have trains?

It’s obvious now that the Jounieh/Dora highways traffic problem is not going to be solves specially if they’re building bridge onramps right in the middle of the highway so how about the government builds a train track? Imagine how much traffic that would solve. I hate it how the government spends all their time fighting with each other instead of solving our current day to day problems. I’m pissed. For fucks sake we don’t even have 24 hour electricity yet!

Check out this article on Daily Star which talks about a guy called Elias Maalouf who wants to bring trains back to Lebanon. That’s a guy I respect. It’s probably a hopeless case but at least he’s passionate and doing something. [Link]

Miss Lebanon caught cheating?

There were reports of corruption and bribery in the recent Miss Lebanon Pageant but nothing confirmed yet. I must say it is not very hard to imagine “wasta” being used with some of the jury especially when the ministry of tourism is deeply involved this time.

However and funnily enough, it was the previous Miss Lebanon 2010-2011 Rahaf Abdallah who was apparently caught cheating during a final exam in LAU. [Link]

Meet Miss Lebanon 2011 Yara Khoury Mikhael

Yara Khoury Mikhael won the 2011-2012 Miss Lebanon title yesterday in a competition held in Beirut Souks. Other winners included 1st runner up Carolina Nassar, 2nd runner up Sonia Lynn Gabriel and 3rd runner up Paloma Mady. [Link]

Not sure if she deserved to win or not, but she is way more beautiful than the previous one we had last year.

Also and no offense to anyone, but is the IQ of the competitors diminishing by the year? I watched a bit when they were answering questions and it was just sad. And why were they talking about twitter like it’s the newly discovered cure to cancer?

Back to our new Miss Lebanon, that’s my favorite quote from her first interview:
“Wou badde se3id el ahel li 3am bida77o kteer ma3nawiyyan la yi2amno mousta2bal la wledoun”. [YouTube]

Ma3nawiyyan it is indeed.

Funny thing is that LBCI asked her if she’s gonna have her own website. How about coming up with a website for Miss Lebanon in the first place? Oh and throw in a Twitter account cause it’s the cool thing to do.

For those interested in reading more about it, check out those cool updates from the Daily Star. [Link]

Lebanese Tourism minister is polluting

Pictures of the fire that caught the plastic industry belonging to no one but our dear minister of tourism Fadi Abboud.

I wonder if the necessary precautions are being taken by the ministry of health to avoid any harm on the nearby residential areas and if the minister in question is going to justify the incident or not.

On the positive side, Fadi Abboud did leave the Miss Lebanon ceremony after hearing about the fire. [Link]

Thanks Cyril for the pics