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Cedarcom vs. MOT

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As some 4,000 Lebanese take 3G for a test-drive this month, battles continue to rage between the Telecommunications Ministry and Cedarcom, an Internet Service Provider petitioning for the technology’s suspension.

Cedarcom has taken legal action against the ministry, alleging that the government had not taken the proper legal routes to release the new service. [DailyStar]

I don’t know who’s right or wrong in this case, but I hope both parties reach some sort of agreement on this matter as it is unacceptable that we keep connections as they are.

It would be nice to hear Cedarcom’s feedback since they read the blog before we hear Sehnaoui tonight.

UAE international Theyab Awana killed in car accident

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What a terrible loss for the UAE national football team!

The Emirati winger Theyab Awana was involved in a fatal accident when his car crashed into a truck on Sunday after leaving the national team’s camp, while his brother remains in hospital. [Source]

For those of you who follow the blog, he’s the UAE football star who shot the penalty with his back heel in a friendly against Lebanon, causing a controversy. [Link]

Nour Merheb commits suicide

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Quite shocking to hear such news specially that Nour was very active and fighting for quite some time the unjust accusations by the Military Court against him. You can read more about this case [Here].

Nour Merheb is a Lebanese Human Rights and Strategic Nonviolent activist.

Nour left a message on his Facebook around 3:30 am showing he intended to take his own life and apparently left a video explaining why he wants to end his life. [DailyStar]

Honestly, I find suicide as the easy way out of life’s problems and can never understand it.

May he rest in peace and may God bless his soul.