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Updated: Where can I go without a visa?

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This is an update on last year’s post on VISA restrictions for Arab countries.

According to Henley & Partners’ Visa Restrictions Index, a global ranking of 194 countries according to the travel freedoms their citizen enjoy, passport holders from parts of the Arab world now need visas to enter more countries. Not surprisingly, the lowest-ranked Arab country was Lebanon with visa-free access to 33 countries. [Link]

Jad was kind enough to compile the list of countries Lebanese can have visa-free access to. Check out the full list [Here].

Lebanese are not that stupid

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Yesterday’s blast in Antelias could have easily killed a dozen people if not more, yet and according to the new interior minister Marwan Charbel, and I quote, “the explosion was a result of a financial and personal dispute between several people, including some car dealers.” [Naharnet]

I mean seriously??? All TVs reported that one guy was on his knees planting a bomb when it exploded in his hands. Do you need to plant a bomb under someone’s car to settle some old scores? Can’t you just smash it with a bat or scratch it?

“Our investigation so far does not point to an act of sabotage,” he told reporters.

How does it point to a personal dispute then? Those are two close friends coming to an area unknown to them, taking over 100,000$ from a nearby bank and almost succeeding in planting a bomb and running away.

I don’t care about the political background of the interior minister or the killers but claiming that this is a personal dispute is an insult to our intelligence.

PFLP-GC Accidentally Kidnapped the Seven Estonians

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The chief negotiator charged with ensuring the release of the seven Estonians cyclists revealed that they were accidentally abducted by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command, he told Asharq newspaper in remarks published on Wednesday.

The negotiator, who chose not to disclose his name, said that the abductors were seeking to kidnap Americans, then Frenchmen as a second choice, and English nationals as a third one. [Naharnet]

So we know who kidnapped them and their exact location yet we can’t do anything about it because they did not realize they were Estonians, and not American, English or French?

Maybe the Lebanese government should issue a decree urging kidnappers and evil doers to check their victims’ passports before kidnapping or killing them.

Chili’s Margarita bar finally open

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Chili’s Margarita bar finally opened in Gemmayze some 10 days ago. The first opening date was set to June 1st but got delayed.

I went there last week and it’s as great as the original Chili’s is. Very spacious, good food, good music, great Margaritas and excellent customer service.

To make things even better, there’s little chance you’ll run into screaming and yelling 12 to 15 years old kids.

Jad Aoun: the guardian of Beirut’s image

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“I needed something that would create a more lasting impression. Sending emails is fast and easy but so is deleting them: The answer had to be something more solid and that can travel the world with ease – that is when I came up with the ‘Looks Like Beirut’ Certificate,” he says.

He has now posted 60 LLB certificates around the globe (although he has recorded 150 comparisons since early 2009, it is not always possible to find physical addresses for many of the culprits), each reading, “In recognition of the work done to keep the overused, worn-out, tired cliché ‘… looks like Beirut …’ alive.” [Full Article]

More recognition for Jad Aoun and his consistent efforts to take out that old cliché “Looks like Beirut” from all around the world.

Two new Guinness Records for Lebanon

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The longest “Lahme Chich Shish Kebab” and Longest Dabke line records were both set in Dhour Choueir in Mount Lebanon yesterday.

The “Lahme Chich Shish Kebab” was over 100 meters and was supervised by Chef Antoine el Hajj. [Link]

Here are few thoughts for new world records to beat:

– Biggest Falafel in the world.
– Longest “Fwerigh” in the world.
– Tallest Shawarma Stand in the world.
– Longest Labneh wou Zeitoun sandwich in the world.

Lebanese men can’t beat or kill their women anymore

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As absurd as the title may seem, that’s what the law amendments proposed by MP Sami Gemayel few months ago were all about and today they were finally approved by the government and put into action.

The old law basically stated that if a man were to surprise his wife or one of his female relatives in bed with someone, and committed a crime against them, it would not be considered as a first degree murder but an “honor killing” and would receive a lower sentence.

Mabrouk for all Lebanese women and men!