Julian Assange Gives Rare Interview At The 2016 Free Connected Minds Conference in Beirut

The 2016 “Free Connected Minds” Conference, which is organized by the May Chidiac Foundation, took place on November 26 at Phoenicia Hotel, Beirut and the highlight of the event was an interview the founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange which was moderated by Producer, News Anchor and Head of the English News Desk at Future Television Ms. Youmna Nawfal. Assange hadn't released a public statement in months before that interview and was deprived of his internet,…

Bashir Gemayel Assassination Trial Reopen After 34 Years

Bashir Gemayel was assassinated on September 14th 1982 when a bomb exploded in the Beirut Kataeb HQ in Achrafieh. He was only 34 years old and had just been elected President of the Lebanese Republic. A member of the Syrian Socialist National Party called Habib Shartouni was charged with the assassination at the time but he escaped prison in 1990 and no one knows his whereabouts ever since. On Friday and after 34 years, Lebanon's…

Prominent Cellphone Dealer (Amhaz) Arrested After 16 Years

5 months ago
Kamel Amhaz was arrested today by the Lebanese authorities on charges of smuggling phones into the country. We are talking about over a million and a half mobile phones smuggled since 2000 and worth $45 ...

Arab News/YouGov Poll: 44% Would Vote for Hillary Clinton, 9% Only Would Vote Trump

5 months ago
An Arab News/YouGov poll surveyed 3,017 people in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) on the US elections and presidential candidates and found that: – 47% of Arabs wouldn’t vote for any of the ...

Three Important Draft Bills Approved By the Lebanese Parliament

6 months ago
The Lebanese Parliament was able to convene for the first time since 2014 and approved over 20 pending bills, including three crucial bills: – An anti-gunfire law proposed by MP Ghassan Moukheiber that heavily penalizes ...

The Gardens Naccache: The Hottest New Venue in Town

6 months ago
The Naccache Gardens is a new cluster of restaurants, cafes and bars that recently opened in Naccache 50 meters away from Spinneys. There are currently ten outlets open there, including three Lebanese restaurants Enab, Beit ...

Man Kills Four People in Achkout After Dispute Over Dog

6 months ago
A General Security officer called Tony Abboud el Chidiac killed four of his neighbors because his daughter was being harassed by their dog. Chidiac killed three members of the same family as well as another ...

We’ll Be Getting a Better Mecanique Service Soon (Hopefully!)

7 months ago
We’re finally getting a new company to handle the mecanique in Lebanon and they are already making very ambitious promises. Mecanique in 15 minutes, 13 new Mecanique centers, drive-through cashiers, a better infrastructure and no ...

The Latest Victim of Hate Crimes Against Arab Americans Is Lebanese Khalid Jabara

8 months ago
A 37-year old Lebanese man called Khalid Jabara was shot dead yesterday by his neighbor, 61-year-old Stanley Vernon Majors. Majors was just released from prison and had a long history of criminal charges and racial ...

Waking Up To A Horrific Terror Attack in Nice

9 months ago
VALERY HACHE / AFP – Getty Images I got back home around 10:30 PM yesterday and was chatting with a close friend of mine in Nice while watching the Jounieh fireworks. An hour later, he ...