Tripoli School Teacher Beats Up Student, Breaks Two Fingers

via lebanonfiles I still can't believe these things still happen in Lebanese schools. The kid was apparently beaten up, taken to the hospital and the mother was told that he "fell accidentally" and injured himself. I can't confirm the details yet but the Education Minister has to investigate what happened and fire that teacher and the principal if the story is confirmed.

After Two Years, We Finally Have a Lebanese President … in Brazil

Michel Temer has officially become acting President in Brazil after the Senate suspended Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff. The 75 year old vice-president of Lebanese origins "was a key figure in the recent upheaval". Who is Michel Temer? - He has been Brazil's Vice President since 2011. - He is president of Brazil's largest party, the PMDB. - He has always been known as the "kingmaker, but never the king, having helped form coalitions with every…

Beirut Results Are in! At Least 40% voted for Beirut-Madinati

7 months ago
Beirut-Madinati has indeed lost but the big surprise is that the difference in votes was around 15,000 only! It is also worth noting that the difference was 7,156 votes between Elie Yahchouchi (39,089) who got ...

Beirut Madinati Candidates Announced – Nadine Labaki on The List

7 months ago
Beirut Madinati just announced today at 4PM their candidates’ list for the Beirut Municipal elections at Ain el Mraisse in Beirut. Half men, Half women including technocrats, social activists and Lebanese actress and director Nadine ...

Yorgui Teyrouz: The Man Behind DSC Lebanon Running With Beirut Madinati

7 months ago
I learned this afternoon that Yorgui Teyrouz, a civil rights activist, the founder of Donner Sang Compter Lebanon and a good friend of mine, is running on the Beirut Madinati list for the Beirut municipal ...

Michel Smeha Sentenced To 13 Years in Prison

8 months ago
Ex-Minister Michel Samaha was charged with the possession of explosives for the purpose of carrying out terrorist attacks and was sentenced to 13 years in jail with hard labor. The verdict cannot be appealed. Mabrouk ...

World-Renowned Architect Zaha Hadid Dies at 65

8 months ago
The world-renowned architect Dame Zaha Hadid has dies aged 65. She had a heart attack today while in hospital in Miami, where she was being treated for bronchitis. Hadid is considered the world’s top female ...

Valrhona Easter Contest 2016: Lebanese Pierre Abi Hayla Wins 1st Prize

8 months ago
Pierre Abi Hayla, from LE NOIR Atelier Du Chocolat, took part at the Valrhona Easter Contest 2016 and won the first prize. His Easter egg, “Egstrate” (Egg + strata which means geological layer), consists of ...

Let’s Take a Moment To Applaud The Person Who Translated/Published This Story

9 months ago
Let’s take a moment to applaud the person who read this story, thought it was worth sharing and took the time to translate and publish it online, and I’m not just talking about MTV here. ...

16 Lebanese Army Soldiers Released By Al Nusra Front, 9 Are Still ISIS Captives

1 year ago
Via Al Jazeera Sixteen Lebanese soldiers were released today by Al-Nusra Front after a year and a half in captivity. The soldiers were freed in exchange for 13 prisoners and 5 women, including Saja al ...