Valrhona Easter Contest 2016: Lebanese Pierre Abi Hayla Wins 1st Prize

Pierre Abi Hayla, from LE NOIR Atelier Du Chocolat, took part at the Valrhona Easter Contest 2016 and won the first prize. His Easter egg, "Egstrate" , consists of seven layers of chocolate and includes Valrhona’s four colors . Valrhona is a French premium chocolate maker and is considered one of the best chocolate manufacturers on the planet. Valrhona focuses mainly on high-grade luxury chocolate marketed for commercial use by chefs as well as for…

Let’s Take a Moment To Applaud The Person Who Translated/Published This Story

Let's take a moment to applaud the person who read this story, thought it was worth sharing and took the time to translate and publish it online, and I'm not just talking about MTV here. I think it's about time we come up with the Durex D'or awards, to congratulate these people and shed the light on these life-changing and mind-boggling stories. If you want more "insights" on the "Mystery ejaculator at a Hanoi swimming…

16 Lebanese Army Soldiers Released By Al Nusra Front, 9 Are Still ISIS Captives

9 months ago
Via Al Jazeera Sixteen Lebanese soldiers were released today by Al-Nusra Front after a year and a half in captivity. The soldiers were freed in exchange for 13 prisoners and 5 women, including Saja al ...

Will Lebanon Shutdown Its Airspace Or Not?

10 months ago
Update: All flights will take off on time today but might take longer than usual, few airlines cancelled scheduled trips to Beirut. Lebanon received an official memo from the Russian navy asking to shut down ...

Beirut Hunger Strikers’ First Dish Is Mloukhieh

1 year ago
I’m glad that the protesters have finally decided to stop their hunger strike. Their decision to go on an open-ended hunger strike was a brave one but badly timed in my opinion as it is ...

How Beirut River Looks Like These Days (Wel Kheir La 2eddem)

1 year ago
via Maytham If you are still wondering where all this garbage is going nowadays, go to the Beirut River and see what’s happening there. It took us years to get rid of the Karantina garbage ...

#ABCLebanon Has Signed A Zero Waste Act And Is Now Recycling

1 year ago
I passed by ABC Achrafieh last week and noticed that they had kicked off a recycling campaign and replaced their old bins with new ones that separate recyclable from non-recyclable items. Moreover, I learned that ...

#BeirutWall Is Down

1 year ago
via Nader Houella It barely lasted 24 hours. The question is though who put it up in the first place and how much did it cost to install it and remove it? More wasted money. ...
Animals & Wildlife

AUB Serial Cat Killer Finally Identified

1 year ago
I just got confirmation this morning that the guy who has been killing kitten at AUB has been identified and questioned by the AUB protection office. Based on what I’ve heard, the guy confessed that ...

Quote Of The Day: Assir Finally Lives Up To His Name …

1 year ago
via Washington Post Terrorist Ahmad al Assir was finally arrested today after more than two years on the run. He was caught flying to Cairo and using a fake Palestinian passport. A photo is being ...