“3eesh Kteer” Teta Jako Has Passed Away

Al Jadeed just tweeted that Jeanne D'arc Zarazir, the actor who played Jacko in the TV Show "3eesh Kteer" has passed away. She was such a funny and lovable character. She will be dearly missed. This video is from her first acting role was in 2010: And here's one of her many stunts where she went to a pharmacy to buy viagra for her husband:

U.S Embassy Bars any Movement of its staff to Casino du Liban

A friend just asked me if there's anything happening at the Casino du Liban and shared with me a statement from the U.S. Embassy in Beirut barring any movement of U.S. government staff to that Casino. Here's the full statement dated September 14th 2017: Due to ongoing threats to locations such as the Casino Du Liban in Jounieh, Lebanon, the U.S. Embassy in Beirut has barred any movement of U.S. government staff to that Casino.…

Ziad Doueiri Was Released & Got His Passports Back

8 months ago
After being shortly detained at Beirut airport on Sunday, French-Lebanese Ziad Doueiri appeared today in front of a Lebanese military court and was released on bail. Doueiri, whose latest movie “The Insult”, won the Venice ...

Beirut Municipality to Plant 7000 Trees By 2019

8 months ago
The Municipal Council of Beirut City is set to plant about 7000 trees, within a year from this date. The types of trees that are expected to be planted are Barakititium, Jacaranda, Olive, Albizia, Magnolia, ...

Lebanese Army Pays Tribute to Barcelona Terror Attack Victims

9 months ago
The above photo was shared yesterday on the LAF official website with the below message in English & Spanish: A salute from our troops fighting ISIS in the jurds of Ras Baalbek to the victims ...

Lebanese Army Launches Offensive Against ISIS

9 months ago
The Lebanese Army is fighting a historic battle against ISIS on the northeast border with Syria. The “Fajr al-Jouroud” operation got underway at 5AM after Army commander General Joseph Aoun tweeted the below: “In the ...
Animals & Wildlife

Animal Protection & Welfare Law Finally Approved!

9 months ago
This week marks a major victory for all animal lovers in Lebanon as Lebanon’s Parliament has finally approved the animal protection and welfare law after years of lobbying. The law “protects all animals in all ...

Lebanon not Among The Top 10 Countries with Most Guns

9 months ago
I was checking out a recent report on the top 10 countries with the most guns per 100 residents and 4 out of the 10 top countries are in the Middle East but Lebanon is ...

Lebanon Just Appointed 3 new Female Ambassadors

10 months ago
Amal Mudallali, Sahar Baassiri and Tracy Chamoun were appointed this week by the Lebanese government as new ambassadors for Lebanon. Dr Amal Mudallali, who works as a CEO for Bridges International Group, is a contributor ...

Lebanese Soldiers Fight off Terrorists & Suicide Bombers in Arsal

10 months ago
The Lebanese Army stormed two refugee camps in Arsal’s outskirts and managed to arrest and kill several terrorists. The operation wasn’t that easy as the first man they were looking for blew himself up, then ...