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Rescue Mission with a funny ending

A 40 years old lady was rescued after she fell inside a well in the village of Darb el Sim located in South Lebanon. The woman was slightly injured and is expected to recover soon which is great but the story doesn’t end here.

While the team was rescuing the trapped woman, one of the dispatched “experts” to the scene was standing on the crane when he tripped and fell off and injured himself lol. [Link]

A third smoke stack to be added to Zouk’s powerplant?

I always complained that nothing’s being done to remove this power plant that’s polluting the whole Zouk area and causing numerous diseases, turns out there are plans to add a third smoke stack !!!!

Here’s an excerpt from a report done by Al Jomhouria.

وكشف كامل عن قرار اتخذ لزيادة وحدات الإنتاج فيه، ما سيحتمّ إضافة عمود ثالث على المجموعة. مُتوعّدا أنه سيقف في وجه كل من يحاول تنفيذ هذا المشروع، “سنكون لهم بالمرصاد، ليس فقط في الذوق، بل في كل معامل الكهرباء الموجودة في لبنان وغير المستوفية للشروط القانونية”ØŒ مؤكدا أنه “مش ممكن اليوم نِجِي نضَوّي لبنان على حساب صحة المواطن وحياته”ØŒ مشددا على ضرورة نقل هذه المصانع إلى أماكن بعيدة من المناطق السكنية.

[Full Report]

The ironic part is that instead of revolting against their municipalities and doing something to stop this pollution, the people in Zouk are actually building new apartments facing the power plant and selling them at crazy prices, and the worst part of all is that people are buying!

Lebanese excited about the royal wedding

A lot of Lebanese are anxiously waiting for today’s Royal wedding to kick off. I am sure some of them even made the trip to watch it.

There’s also a sold out gala lunch at Le Royal hotel in Dbayyeh organized by the British embassy where around 400 guests will be able to watch the wedding live. [DailyStar]

Check out the site for the Royal wedding.[RoyalWedding2011]

I am sure a lot of Lebanese guys will be cursing that day as their fiancees will take the opportunity to get some ideas for their wedding lol.

I can imagine some talks:

“Lek lek hal arrangemenet chou 7elween! lezim na3mil mitloun”

“Meen 7elle2a dakhlak? 7abbet chou 3emle”

“Badde khetim mitil hayda hayete, stofil chouf chou baddak ta3mil!”

Mark wins lawsuit against Benihana

The court ruled in favor of Mark from 248am in Benihana’s lawsuit against him.

For those unaware of this lawsuit, Mark was sued by Benihana restaurant in Kuwait for having reported a bad experience he had at their restaurant. [Link]

Here’s an article from LorientLejour on the lawsuit. [Link]

This is great news for Mark and all bloggers!

PS: Now we can get back to critisizing restaurants safely.

The Daily Star Redesign

The Daily Star website has finally been redesigned! It’s the third time since it’s gone under a major redesigned since it was launched back in the late 90s but even after the second redesign though it still looked and felt like an outdated news site from the 90s. It seems the third time is the charm since the new site is a lot cleaner than before, easier to use and also easier to read.

But, the only reason the site is great is because the old site was horrible. I personally think the new site lacks any personality when say compared to or The header says it’s still in “BETA” stage so there might be more changes coming. In any case, check out the redesigned site [Here]

Thanks Haissam

Fear of nuclear traces in recent rains in Lebanon?

It seems to me that someone wants to freak us all out. I didn’t even think of a way that the nuclear disaster in Japan could affect us, but “It is feared that nuclear traces from Fukushima’s leaking nuclear reactors, heavily damaged in March’s devastating earthquake, could have spread to the Mediterranean and rained down on the region following heavy showers in recent days. ” [Link]

According to The National Council for Scientific Research, further analysis of the rain drops are expected to be completed Wednesday before reaching any conclusion.

More info on the Roumieh Prison Riots

Can anyone explain to me what are Roumieh inmates complaining about? Because all what I’ve read so far is that the reason that triggered all this mess was that they were deprived of their cell phones?

I still can’t believe they were allowed to have phones in the first place.

Add to that, most of them are among Lebanon’s most wanted criminals, either wanted for murder, terrorism, theft, drug trafficking etc …

A mother was on TV yesterday arguing on what’s wrong if her boy sells a bit of drugs since the government is doing worse things. What sort of nonsense is this?

Another 50 year old woman burned herself (WTF?!) asking to release her son from Roumieh. [Link]

Looking at the inside report that NowLebanon published, they are very well treated compared to foreign prisoners and given the crimes they’ve committed.

Last but not least, who’s brilliant idea is it to ignite fires inside the prison cells as a sign of protest?