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Why don’t we have trains?

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It’s obvious now that the Jounieh/Dora highways traffic problem is not going to be solves specially if they’re building bridge onramps right in the middle of the highway so how about the government builds a train track? Imagine how much traffic that would solve. I hate it how the government spends all their time fighting with each other instead of solving our current day to day problems. I’m pissed. For fucks sake we don’t even have 24 hour electricity yet!

Check out this article on Daily Star which talks about a guy called Elias Maalouf who wants to bring trains back to Lebanon. That’s a guy I respect. It’s probably a hopeless case but at least he’s passionate and doing something. [Link]

Miss Lebanon caught cheating?

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There were reports of corruption and bribery in the recent Miss Lebanon Pageant but nothing confirmed yet. I must say it is not very hard to imagine “wasta” being used with some of the jury especially when the ministry of tourism is deeply involved this time.

However and funnily enough, it was the previous Miss Lebanon 2010-2011 Rahaf Abdallah who was apparently caught cheating during a final exam in LAU. [Link]

Lebanese Tourism minister is polluting

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Pictures of the fire that caught the plastic industry belonging to no one but our dear minister of tourism Fadi Abboud.

I wonder if the necessary precautions are being taken by the ministry of health to avoid any harm on the nearby residential areas and if the minister in question is going to justify the incident or not.

On the positive side, Fadi Abboud did leave the Miss Lebanon ceremony after hearing about the fire. [Link]

Thanks Cyril for the pics

To believe or not to believe …

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A submarine cable which will give Internet service providers the capacity they need to supply high-speed Internet services, including 3G, was put into action Monday, after months of waiting. “The tap was closed, and now it’s open,” Antoine Boustany, an adviser to Telecoms Minister Nicolas Sehnawi said Tuesday. [DailyStar]

So we should be hoping for a faster and cheaper internet soon.

Ever wondered why the internet is that expensive?

Unlike government-owned Alfa and MTC, ISPs currently pay some $3,000 for a line which costs the government $100 to supply, and Tarabay said that this is prohibitive to ISPs being able to provide affordable fast Internet to users.

“At the moment it’s as if they were inviting you to buy property in Downtown [Beirut],” he said. “There’s a lot of land, but nobody can afford it.”

We should call it a national holiday the day we get a decent internet connection in this country. Nevertheless, I am not buying this story and won’t believe a word they say until I have a proper connection at home.

Egyptian vs. Lion

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The fight that was scheduled between an Egyptian man and the lion he purchased finally took place few days ago and the Egyptian came out as victorious from what looked more like a fake show off rather than a real fight.

Apparently the lion was fed a whole donkey before the fight and he was too lazy to do anything, leaving Al-Sayed al-Essawy to poke him for 20 minutes before he declared himself a winner. [Link]

What a lame dude.

Sea View 3al zbele

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I’ve come to realize that the place causing most of the traffic on the maritime road facing City Mall lately is a new open air night club in town, called Pier 7.[Chahe’s post]

I don’t want to judge it before going there but is it a smart idea to open an open-air place in an industrial area and facing the Karantina garbage mountain? Can you imagine the smells there? How about the inexisting parking spaces in that area that Chahe mentioned as well?

It is always refreshing to see new places opening up, but I wish people thought a bit further before rushing and opening new places just because that’s the trend and “of course its gonna work”.

I am not saying the place is bad, just that this is a very bold move to open there, so the expectations will be very high from people and any ‘smelly’ night might cost the place dearly.

Gino went to the opening night and wrote a review for those interested in reading it [Review]. No mention of smells though, maybe he had a cold.

Automatic Parking Cashier at Beirut Souks

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I spotted this automated parking cashier at the Beirut Souks’ parking the other day. It is very easy to use and lets you insert 1000 LL, 5000 LL and 10000 LL, as well as coins which is very convenient.

Maybe the park meter people should think about doing the same instead of forcing us to go from one shop to the other looking for coins.

Unibrow in the new government

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Meet the guy in charge of making our internet lives more miserable and our phone bills higher than ever like all his predecessors did.

I was reading about unibrows a bit and according to Victorian criminologist Cesare Lombroso, unibrows are a sign of criminality [Wiki].

Jokes aside, I am guessing this is the minister who’s gonna introduce 3G technology in September, so let’s wait and see how things are gonna go.

Skybar Beirut to open on thursday

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Looks like our friend Gino has some strong connections when it comes to the Lebanese nightlife. According to his Weekly Leaks, SkyBar will open on Thursday June 16th.

Added to that, The club’s decor has completely changed and the construction works were clearly noticed if you passed by BIEL the past winter and spring. [Link]

As for the opening party’s host, it’s gonna be T-Pain. [YouTube]

Unlocked Iphone now available in the US

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Apple is rumored to begin selling unlocked versions of the iPhone 4 in the U.S. starting at $649 on Wednesday. MacRumors is now reporting that unlocked iPhones have “shipped to Apple Stores this week” and will be priced at $649 and $749 for 16GB and 32GB models, respectively. [Link]

Hoping that this will put an end to the fluctuating and unrealistic iPhone prices that we have in Lebanon. I remember iPhone 4 was being sold as high as 1500$ in Lebanon when it was first launched.

Via Stateofmind13