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Sea View 3al zbele

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I’ve come to realize that the place causing most of the traffic on the maritime road facing City Mall lately is a new open air night club in town, called Pier 7.[Chahe’s post]

I don’t want to judge it before going there but is it a smart idea to open an open-air place in an industrial area and facing the Karantina garbage mountain? Can you imagine the smells there? How about the inexisting parking spaces in that area that Chahe mentioned as well?

It is always refreshing to see new places opening up, but I wish people thought a bit further before rushing and opening new places just because that’s the trend and “of course its gonna work”.

I am not saying the place is bad, just that this is a very bold move to open there, so the expectations will be very high from people and any ‘smelly’ night might cost the place dearly.

Gino went to the opening night and wrote a review for those interested in reading it [Review]. No mention of smells though, maybe he had a cold.

Automatic Parking Cashier at Beirut Souks

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I spotted this automated parking cashier at the Beirut Souks’ parking the other day. It is very easy to use and lets you insert 1000 LL, 5000 LL and 10000 LL, as well as coins which is very convenient.

Maybe the park meter people should think about doing the same instead of forcing us to go from one shop to the other looking for coins.

Unibrow in the new government

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Meet the guy in charge of making our internet lives more miserable and our phone bills higher than ever like all his predecessors did.

I was reading about unibrows a bit and according to Victorian criminologist Cesare Lombroso, unibrows are a sign of criminality [Wiki].

Jokes aside, I am guessing this is the minister who’s gonna introduce 3G technology in September, so let’s wait and see how things are gonna go.

Skybar Beirut to open on thursday

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Looks like our friend Gino has some strong connections when it comes to the Lebanese nightlife. According to his Weekly Leaks, SkyBar will open on Thursday June 16th.

Added to that, The club’s decor has completely changed and the construction works were clearly noticed if you passed by BIEL the past winter and spring. [Link]

As for the opening party’s host, it’s gonna be T-Pain. [YouTube]

Unlocked Iphone now available in the US

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Apple is rumored to begin selling unlocked versions of the iPhone 4 in the U.S. starting at $649 on Wednesday. MacRumors is now reporting that unlocked iPhones have “shipped to Apple Stores this week” and will be priced at $649 and $749 for 16GB and 32GB models, respectively. [Link]

Hoping that this will put an end to the fluctuating and unrealistic iPhone prices that we have in Lebanon. I remember iPhone 4 was being sold as high as 1500$ in Lebanon when it was first launched.

Via Stateofmind13

55% of Gas stations in Lebanon are illegal

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It is quite sad that something tragic needs to occur for Lebanese to wake up and realize the dangers surrounding them. Two days ago, a blast at gas station in Beirut left 7 dead. The next day, officials were raising concerns over safety measures adopted at gas stations and our dear minister felt he should share with us the fact that half of the gas stations in Lebanon are illegal. [DailyStar]

According to minister Gebran Bassil, we have 3250 gas stations out of which only 1450 have licenses, 700 with expired licenses and 1100 with no licenses whatsoever. [NowLebanon]

Added to that, we have almost four times more gas stations in Lebanon when compared to Italy and a gas station for every 1250 Lebanese.

I don’t know what our officials or ministers want to prove, but I would have resigned when facing such facts.

PS: There are two gas stations facing the one that had the blast, even though it is not allowed for gas stations to be built near each others.

Beirut Oil Depot Explosion kills 7

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Seven people were killed and several others wounded Monday evening in an explosion in a fuel oil depot at a gas station on the outskirts of the Ashrafieh neighborhood of Fiat Bridge, state-run National News Agency reported. The bodies of five victims were moved to Hotel Dieu Hospital, while two other bodies were moved to Rizk Hospital, according to NNA. The gas owner is among the dead.
Al-Jadeed television reported that the explosion resulted from an electrical failure during a welding operation on a fuel oil tank. [Naharnet]

I don’t recall the last time we had such an unfortunate incident. Thank God though that the explosion did not take place during day time as it would caused way more kills. May the dead rest in peace.

Lebanese hacks Sony for the 13th time

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A Lebanese hacker known as Idahc dumped another user database at Sony Europe containing approximately 120 usernames, passwords (plain text), mobile phone numbers, work emails and website addresses. The attacker claims that he used standard SQL injection techniques to acquire the database. [Link]

Seems like this hacker is really bored or has some serious grudge against Sony.

Via BeirutSpring

Another Guinness World Record: Biggest Human Blood Drop

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Donner Sang Compter is planning to create the world’s biggest ever human blood drop on the upcoming World Blood Donor day. More than 3500 Lebanese people will participate in this event. [Link]

Who the hell has time to organize such pointless things? Are we on some sort of mission to have the world’s silliest Guinness records? Wouldn’t it be smarter to raise money and open an additional yet very much needed blood bank, and with that prevent hospitals from trafficking blood by selling them to those in need?

Via BeirutSpring

Egyptian to fight lion

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I thought nothing could beat UFC’s action but it looks like we are one step away from having gladiators again.

In an unusual move to revive Egyptian tourism, a young Egyptian man has announced he will fight an African lion. Al-Sayed al-Essawy said he bought the lion, which weighs 280 kilograms, for $4,200 and he’ll use only an iron shield and dagger to defend himself… but will kill the lion with his own hands. [Link]

Not even Lebanon’s Chamchoun dared such a thing.

I truly hope the local authorities will stop him from this barbaric act as I don’t see how killing a lion could revive Egypt’s tourism.