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Beirut Oil Depot Explosion kills 7

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Seven people were killed and several others wounded Monday evening in an explosion in a fuel oil depot at a gas station on the outskirts of the Ashrafieh neighborhood of Fiat Bridge, state-run National News Agency reported. The bodies of five victims were moved to Hotel Dieu Hospital, while two other bodies were moved to Rizk Hospital, according to NNA. The gas owner is among the dead.
Al-Jadeed television reported that the explosion resulted from an electrical failure during a welding operation on a fuel oil tank. [Naharnet]

I don’t recall the last time we had such an unfortunate incident. Thank God though that the explosion did not take place during day time as it would caused way more kills. May the dead rest in peace.

Lebanese hacks Sony for the 13th time

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A Lebanese hacker known as Idahc dumped another user database at Sony Europe containing approximately 120 usernames, passwords (plain text), mobile phone numbers, work emails and website addresses. The attacker claims that he used standard SQL injection techniques to acquire the database. [Link]

Seems like this hacker is really bored or has some serious grudge against Sony.

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Another Guinness World Record: Biggest Human Blood Drop

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Donner Sang Compter is planning to create the world’s biggest ever human blood drop on the upcoming World Blood Donor day. More than 3500 Lebanese people will participate in this event. [Link]

Who the hell has time to organize such pointless things? Are we on some sort of mission to have the world’s silliest Guinness records? Wouldn’t it be smarter to raise money and open an additional yet very much needed blood bank, and with that prevent hospitals from trafficking blood by selling them to those in need?

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Egyptian to fight lion

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I thought nothing could beat UFC’s action but it looks like we are one step away from having gladiators again.

In an unusual move to revive Egyptian tourism, a young Egyptian man has announced he will fight an African lion. Al-Sayed al-Essawy said he bought the lion, which weighs 280 kilograms, for $4,200 and he’ll use only an iron shield and dagger to defend himself… but will kill the lion with his own hands. [Link]

Not even Lebanon’s Chamchoun dared such a thing.

I truly hope the local authorities will stop him from this barbaric act as I don’t see how killing a lion could revive Egypt’s tourism.

Chili’s to open in Gemmayze

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Chili’s Margarita bar will finally open its doors on June 1st in Gemmayze. I heard that the municipality was giving them a hard time which is why the opening got delayed by a few months.

According to Gino’s Weekly leaks, they’ve been ready to open for quite some time. [Story]

Hoping that more bars with awesome food like Chili’s open up to replace the many overpriced lousy-food bars we have now.

Nadine Labaki wins award at Cannes International Film Festival

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Lebanese actress-director Nadine Labaki on Sunday was awarded the Francois Chalet prize for her film “Halla2 Lawen” (Where Do We Go Now?). The prize is awarded annually for best feature film. Labaki won the trophy under the “Un Certain Regard” category, which contained the event’s second largest pool of competitors.

This is great news for Nadine Labaki but I am curious as to why this award is not shown on the Cannes Festival official website. The movie is showing under the official selection for the mentioned category but it is no where to be seen under the 2011 awards section, nor is Nadine Labaki’s name. [Link]

Obama’s indestructible Cadillac halted by driveway ramp

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Obama’s limo nicknamed “The Beast” was revealed in 2009 and is supposed to be the world’s most indestructible limo. It has 8in thick armor-plated doors, its own oxygen supply, pump-action shotguns, night-vision cameras, Obama’s own personal storage of blood, Kevlar-reinforced tires that are puncture and shred-resistant, and special steel wheels that can drive without the tire attached.

Yet with all these features and it got stuck on a ramp! [YouTube]

Pictures from Mazraat Yachouh’s horrific accident

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Two deaths and three injuries were the result of the accident that occurred yesterday in Mazraat Yachouh when a truck lost its brakes and crashed into four cars. One of those cars was my friend’s uncle’s car who was lucky enough to escape with minor damage to the car.

This is not the first major accident on that stretch of road and I wonder how many deaths are needed before officials make a move. Maybe they are waiting for a real tragedy like a bus full of children or elderly men and women?

This was a Honda Civic

No clue what that car was

The truck driver escaped

Thanks Cyril for the pics