ABC Verdun Officially Opening on July 28

It's official! ABC Verdun will open on July 28. I've shared early pictures during a sneak peek visit and the video showing how it should look like. Here are some more details on Beirut's hottest new mall. In terms of construction, the facades are already visible and nearly finished. What’s left are minor works of finishing as well as electro-mechanical testing and commissioning . The parking is also nearly done with outstanding works and cleaning…

French Presidential Elections (Round 1) Results in Lebanon

Who did the Lebanese-French vote for in the first round of France's Presidential elections? The French Embassy tweeted the official results and surprisingly more people voted for Fillon than Le Pen which is a good sign. Macron got the second highest number of votes. What's also surprising is that around 51% of subscribed voters casted their vote, which is a higher percentage than what we see during Lebanese elections.

Expect a Hellish Traffic in Hamra till mid-April

1 year ago
There are planned road works on Makdssi street in Hamra starting March 24 until April 10 and few roads will be blocked during that period. Traffic is already horrible in Hamra so I’m finding it ...

Ogero Stand at MWC 2017 – Barcelona

1 year ago
Ogero is taking part as an exhibitor at the Mobile World Congress 2017 this year. The above picture of the stand was tweeted by Ogero and shows Lebanon’s map with “Internet of things” written all ...

No More Political & Religious Slogans on Tripoli’s Roundabouts?

1 year ago
Tripoli’s municipality is trying to cut down on political & religious slogans in the city by removing all barriers across its roundabouts. Technically speaking, there’s no official decision taken yet to ban these slogans but ...

Meet the Lebanese Who Hijacked Six Planes – A Record to This Day

1 year ago
Plane hijacking was unfortunately quite common in the 1970s and 1980s and a certain Lebanese named Hamza Akel Hamieh, holds the record for the largest number of hijackings (6) between 1979 and 1982 and one ...
Middle East

Several Lebanese Reported Missing And/Or Injured At The Istanbul NYE Reina Attack

1 year ago
39 people, including at least 15 foreigners, were killed in a terrorist attack on one of Istanbul’s most famous nightclubs, Reina. At least 69 people are being treated in hospitals according to Turkey’s interior minister ...

Good & Bad News For The Families of Captive Lebanese Soldiers

1 year ago
16 Lebanese Army soldiers were released a year ago by Al Nusra front in exchange for 13 prisoners and 5 women, but nine are still ISIS captives and there are still no news regarding their ...
Gossip & Rumors

Follow Lebanon’s Fake News Watch Page

1 year ago
Spreading false rumors and fabricated stories has unfortunately become a trend in Lebanon (and worldwide) and most of the TVs and news outlets don’t even bother verifying a story before publishing it. If we look ...

New Lebanese Government Announced: Who are our New Ministers?

1 year ago
The new government was just announced few minutes ago from Baabda palace by Council of Ministers secretary-general Fouad Fleifel. It’s quite shameful that there’s only one female minister and that the minister of state concerned ...