What’s So Funny About The War In Syria?

It's not the first time I see a TV anchor laughing for no reason during the news, but I don't think it was appropriate from Ameen Abou Yehya, who's apparently Lebanese, to upload the video of himself laughing since he was reporting tragic news from Syria.

Lebanese Amale Andraos Appointed Dean of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture

2 years ago
Lebanese architect Amale Andraos has been appointed as the new dean of the Graduate School of Architecture, Preservation and Planning at Columbia University (GSAPP) in New York City and will assume the position on September ...

Brazilian Football Team Not Coming To Lebanon Anymore?

2 years ago
Annahar is saying Brazil may call off the friendly game they had planned with Lebanon on September 4, mainly for security reasons. Since this is just the Olympic team, I don’t think they will need ...

Lebanese Mahmoud Bazzi To Be Deported From The US

2 years ago
Mahmoud Bazzi was arrested 3 weeks ago by the US authorities and will be deported to Lebanon after he dropped his opposition during an immigration court hearing in downtown Detroit. Bazzi has been living in ...

Huffington Post On How Lebanese Journalists Handle Rumors

2 years ago
Journalists all over the world, not just in Lebanon, are handling rumors in a much worse fashion than 10 or 20 years ago. Speaking of Lebanon, there isn’t one single source I can follow blindly, ...

LBCI Celebrating News Anchor Dalal Abou Haydar’s Engagement

2 years ago
[YouTube] Here’s a happy event to counter the unfortunate incidents that took place yesterday. Dalal is one of my favorite news anchors on LBCI. Congrats and all the best! via LBCBlogs ...

Lebanon Not So Stable And Secure

2 years ago
Just when we thought things had calmed down in Lebanon, suicide bombers are back to remind us of how fragile the situation is. The only “positive” aspect of the last two bombings is that the ...

Bourj Hammoud Brawl Update: Man Hit By The Big Gas Cylinder In A Critical Condition

2 years ago
[YouTube] WARNING: Video Not safe for work or sensitive viewers. The fight that started in Burj Hammoud yesterday resumed today for a short while before the Lebanese army intervened. Five Syrians were so far arrested ...

Woman Gives Birth on Zalka Highway

2 years ago
[YouTube] Isn’t there a couple of hospitals on the Zalka Highway? I wonder why she had to deliver on the road. Thanks Mustapha! ...