The Gardens Naccache: The Hottest New Venue in Town

The Naccache Gardens is a new cluster of restaurants, cafes and bars that recently opened in Naccache 50 meters away from Spinneys. There are currently ten outlets open there, including three Lebanese restaurants Enab, Beit Salwa & Assafir, Caribou coffee shop, Yoshii , Smoking Bun , La Pizzaria, Sud, La Petite Table, Heights and a Mexican place called Bandidos. I was at the opening two days ago and it's a really cool new space. Unlike…

Beirut’s Uruguay Street Shuts Down

Photo Credits: Executive Magazine Five years after its launch, Uruguay Street is unfortunately shutting down. The pedestrian nightlife spot located just behind Samir Kassir Garden and the Annahar building had at some point over 30 pubs and restaurants. I used to go there quite often after work and it was always packed but the events that took place last year, the security measures taken in the area and the unrealistic rent prices in Solidere forced…

Four Ways To Celebrate New Year’s Eve In Lebanon

1 year ago
via Siestke New Year’s Eve is 4 days away and I’m sure a lot of people didn’t decide on what to do yet, but it’s not too late unless you were planning to travel somewhere. ...

15+ Restaurants & Bars Are Opening Soon In The Village Dbayyeh

1 year ago
We’ve been hearing for quite some time about a community of pubs and restaurants opening in Dbayyeh and it looks like it’s finally happening. The Village Dbayyeh is opening next week and will include more ...

Where To Spend Halloween [2015] In Lebanon?

1 year ago
Here are my five favorite Halloween events for the weekend. You can check out the full list of Halloween events and parties in Beirut [here]. 1- Mix FM’s Decadeath: It’s hosted by DJ Rodge and ...

20 Things To Do In Tripoli – Lebanon (Part2)

1 year ago
via Budkheir I’ve finally managed to compile the second part of the “20 things to do in Tripoli” series that I started a month ago. Eid Al Adha is around the corner so it’s the ...

Seven Sisters: Beirut’s Newest Nightlife Venue Is Opening Tonight!

1 year ago
The hottest nightlife destination this summer in Beirut is Seven Sisters and it’s opening tonight. I passed by the venue yesterday for a sneak peek visit and it’s a pretty cool concept at an ideal ...

UBay: A Rooftop I Recommend In Jounieh

1 year ago
It’s the summer and rooftops are the best place to enjoy an afternoon drink and watch the sunset with friends. I usually prefer going to rooftops in Beirut after work in order to avoid going ...

Hitler’s Skybar Drama

1 year ago
This is an old funny video from 2010 that shows Hitler’s reaction when he finds out he couldn’t get a table at Skybar. I am sharing it because it shows how popular Skybar was back ...

Pictures Of The Skybar Beirut Fire

1 year ago
A big fire broke out around 2am today at Skybar Beirut causing some major damages. I’m not really sure what happened as I was unable to get in touch with anyone yet but I read ...