Can #Plogging Work in Lebanon?

I was reading the other day about a new trend in Sweden called #Plogging, whereas people go for a jog and pick up litter at the same time, and was thinking if it would work here in Lebanon. Not only does this eco-friendly activity help the Environment but it apparently makes jogging a more effective exercise. Since I always walk/jog around the house, I thought of giving it a try last weekend so I took…

When Trashing Each Other and Spreading Hate Become a Trend

I barely commented on what happened in the past week, from Murr's controversial comments on MTV's high advertising rates and audience, to MTV reporting videos & posts bashing them on Facebook and the reactions that followed in "Menna W Jerr", "Hayda 7ake" and LBC's "Lahone w bass". Everyone was eagerly waiting to see how Hisham will comment on Murr's infamous comments. I wasn't to be honest and I wasn't looking forward to Adel Karam's show,…

UN Listens: Submit Your Ideas Today

3 days ago
During the past few years, living in the shadow of the conflict in Syria, it’s easy for many to assume the UN just works with refugees in Lebanon. This though, is far from the case. ...

Malls Should Fine Cars Taking Up Two Parking Spaces

5 days ago
Don’t you just hate cars who take up two parking spots at the mall? Especially when it’s peak time and you’ve been driving around for half an hour looking for a spot? Of course this ...

UNDP Latest Poverty Assessment Report: 30% of Lebanese are Poor

1 week ago
The last “Rapid Poverty Assessment in Lebanon” report conducted by UNDP was back in 2008 back when the Syrian Crisis hadn’t begun yet. That’s why a more recent one was conducted over a year ago ...

Syrian Student Pledged Not To Love/Marry a Lebanese Woman in Exchange of VISA

1 week ago
Since we’re still celebrating Valentine this week, here’s one interesting and disturbing piece of news that Legal Agenda reported this week, whereas a Syrian student was apparently forced to sign a pledge for the General ...

Awesome LOGI Video Raises Concerns On Proposed Oil & Gas Draft Laws

2 weeks ago
LOGI (Lebanon Oil and Gas Initiative) is an independent Lebanese NGO that’s working hard to advocate for transparency in Lebanon’s Oil & Gas Industry. I love their work and the follow-up and commitment they’ve shown ...

AUB President Clarifies Appearance in Makhzoumi Electoral Video

2 weeks ago
I was surprised to see LAU & AUB presidents featured in Fouad Makhzoumi‘s latest electoral video, as it looked like some sort of endorsement for the candidate. However, AUB president Fadlo R. Khuri clarified the ...

Why I don’t Bother Going to Mzaar/Kfardebian on Weekends Anymore

2 weeks ago
Whether I’m planning to go ski, take my kid to play with the snow or go out with the family to have lunch, Kfardebian & Mzaar are always last on my list. I love it ...

What are We Teaching Our Children? What Were These Parents Thinking?

3 weeks ago
The video showing two young Amal supporters holding machine guns and cursing Gebran Bassil & President Aoun is still going viral and I can’t finds the right words to comment on it. Why would any ...