Beirut Street Named after PM Saad Hariri

Beirut Municipality issued a statement yesterday where they agreed unanimously to name one of Beirut's streets after PM Saad Hariri. Streets are usually named after martyrs, historic and famous people but it's also common to name streets after popular politicians as a sign of support. As far as Hariri is concerned, he left Saudi Arabia for Paris and landed earlier this morning. He is expected to return to Beirut soon but we still don't know…

Freedom of Expression Above All

Whether you like Marcel Ghanem or not, I think we can all agree that he is the best TV host we have in Lebanon and that his show is among the most popular and respected among Lebanese and is way ahead of the competition. This being said, I was quite surprised to hear that he's being legally pursued because of his Saudi guests on last week's episode. I watched the episode and found the two…

Alarming Statistics That Show The Reality Of Sexual Violence In Lebanon

6 days ago
I was watching a report on LBC on Sunday regarding sexual violence in Lebanon and the numbers they showed are quite scary to say the least. More importantly, they shed the light on the pathetic ...

We’re Making Hariri Jokes, but the Joke is Really on Us!

1 week ago
Ever since PM Saad Hariri announced his resignation from KSA on Al Arabiya channel, we’ve all been receiving tons of jokes, memes and videos and while most of the jokes are quite hilarious, the sad ...

There’s Already a Page

2 weeks ago
Ever since PM Hariri resigned, I’ve been receiving tons of jokes and videos and apparently someone even came up with a website asking to free Saad Hariri. That’s what we’re so good at as Lebanese, ...

Video Showing the Middle East’s Oldest Brewery Getting Demolished

2 weeks ago
The Laziza brewery (“Laziza Grande Brasserie du Levant”), which was established in the early 1930s and closed in 2003 got demolished a couple of days ago to make way for a new project called “Mar ...

Dumping Burj Hammoud’s Mountain Garbage into the Sea still Ongoing

2 weeks ago
The Burj Hammoud garbage mountain is being slowly dumped into the sea and no one’s doing anything to stop this catastrophe. In fact, there’s barely any mention of it on the news and it appears ...

Lebanese Minister of Economy Just Realized We have a Refugee Crisis

4 weeks ago
Lebanon’s Minister of Economy held a press conference where he tackled the impacts of the Syrian crisis from 2011 till today on the Lebanese economy and stressed that we can no longer bear this crisis. ...

After 35 Years: President Bashir Gemayel Killers Sentenced to Death

1 month ago
Lebanon’s highest state security court sentenced earlier today Habib Chartouni and Nabil al-Alam to death in absentia in the case of the 1982 assassination of President-elect Bashir Gemayel. Both were stripped from their civil rights ...

Lebanese Flag History Video

1 month ago
I found this nice 4-minute video on the story of the Lebanese flag and how it came to be. While the historical facts are accurate, the flag they showed is not the official Lebanese flag ...