A New Garbage Mountain in Saida?

The Lebanese Transparency Association are sharing a video showing a new garbage mountain emerging in Saida. Just when we thought they got rid of the 30+ years old mountain garbage in Saida, the company in charge of recycling garbage and putting an end to the garbage crisis off the coast of Saida is apparently not doing its job properly. The video is showing a pinkish area flooded with garbage right next to the garbage mountain.…

(Updated) A Lecture On How To Cure Homosexuality in Tripoli

Update: The lecture was cancelled following a letter sent to the order of Physicians. “Homosexuality: A Disease and Treatment”. This is the title of a lecture being held tomorrow in Tripoli by Dr. Adnan Traboulsi under the patronage of Metropolitan Ephraim Kyriakos. The first thing that came to mind was that lecture held by AUB's Insight Club on homosexuality that was hosted by "two doctors and university professors who believe that homosexuality is an illness…

Why Don’t We Have Side-Walks on The Way to Harissa?

1 day ago
Every year during May, tens of thousands of Lebanese visit the shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon in Harissa. Many choose to go by foot during the day and even organize night hikes to dedicate ...

Riad Salameh Re-appointed as Central Bank Governor for 6 More Years

2 days ago
That’s probably the best decision our politicians have taken ever since we had a new president and government. I find it hard to believe that some were against renewing for Salameh after all that he’s ...

Another Flop From Lebanon’s Tourism Minister

3 days ago
First Tourism Minister Guidanian says he prefers Armenia over Lebanon and now he’s attacking Middle East Airlines and promoting non-Lebanese airlines. During a radio interview with Sawt Lebnen, he stated that what the MEA is ...

1 Year Already …

5 days ago
I honestly didn’t know what to write on this date or whether I wanted to write at all. I ended up preparing a small photo album, going through hundreds of old pictures of dad during ...

Riyadi & Homentmen Basketball Fans Captured Singing Disgusting Chants

5 days ago
“Armane Armane ya 3****t choulli jebak choulli jebak 3a Beirut” “Jaroudi 3*****te Shaker ya l***i Ha ntoj al riyadi Ya ekhwet al m*****ke” Disgusting chants, disgusting fans and a disgusting finale. I saw the most ...

Deghri Messengers, Beirut’s First Bike Messenger Service, to Cease its Activities

5 days ago
Deghri Messengers is a green courier service that was founded in 2013 and that provides deliveries by bicycle of goods and packages inside Beirut. Unfortunately, it released a statement this morning announcing that it will ...

So-called Lebanese Nationalists Mixing Leftism & Homosexuality

1 week ago
I don’t even know where to start with this video. I’m not sure if it was meant to be satire or a serious one because nothing adds up. Here’s what they’re saying briefly: – In ...

VAPE’s Latest Ads

1 week ago
I’ve seen the VAPE ads several times now on the road and I’m still not comfortable with the one with the local thug. The ad with the teacher is kinda funny even though professors shouldn’t ...