Who’s Behind The Beqaa Kidnappings?

Armed gunmen kidnapped a 74 year old man called Saad Richa in Chtaura few days ago and they haven't released him yet. Almost every political and religious party in Lebanon is trying to negotiate with the kidnappers to free the man but in vain. Eventually, Richa will be freed and a ransom will be paid even if the authorities will not acknowledge it but who are these kidnappers and why can't we stop them? Kidnapping…

Stop Hating on The Girls From LBC’s “Take Me Out” Show

Back when "Take me out" had just started on LBC, I posted on how I hated the show and that it's stupid and demeaning but that we should keep in mind that these men and women have willingly accepted to take part in it and if they’re fine with "embarrassing" themselves in public, then that’s their call not ours. During the last episode, some guy came and stripped in front of the girls and all…

Ramlet El Bayda’s Privatisation Explained in 30 Seconds

5 days ago
Beirut’s last public beach will eventually be turned into a private resort, despite Beirut Governor’s claims that the beach will remain open to the public. Most of Lebanon’s beaches were taken over by private developers ...

Human Rights Watch [2016] Report: HR Situation Deteriorating in Lebanon

6 days ago
The Human Rights situation has deteriorated in 2016 in Lebanon according to the Human Rights yearly report, but the end of the presidential vaccuum and the new government’s formation present an opportunity to turn the ...
Animals & Wildlife

If They Killed 70,000 Birds in New York To Protect Planes, It Doesn’t Mean It’s Right!

1 week ago
Ever since the government decided to shoot down the seagulls near the airport, a lot of people have been unfortunately justifying this act by claiming that bird-killing programs were also adopted in other countries, mainly ...

How Are Hunters NOT Threatening Flights Safety?

1 week ago
I think we should stop coming up with jokes when it comes to serious matters because the authorities are taking us way too seriously. I can’t believe they actually invited hunters to shoot down the ...

15 Things That Need to be Changed at The Beirut Rafic Hariri Airport

1 week ago
The Beirut Rafic Hariri was renovated 14 years ago, but it has been neglected ever since and there are plenty of things that need to be drastically changed and/or improved the soonest. To name few: ...

Kfarman Municipality Trying To Use a 100 Year-Old Law To Ban Alcohol

1 week ago
What is happening in Kfarman (Nabatieh) and several other Lebanese villages in the South mainly is alarming and dangerous. It’s been years now that extremist and some religious groups have been trying to close down ...

Riyadi (Sporting Club) Sanctioned Over Anti-Homenetmen Chants

1 week ago
The Lebanese Basketball Federation fined Riyadi and banned their fans from attending the next game after Turkish flags were raised and disrespectful slogans were chanted during their latest encounter with Homenetmen. Sagesse fans were also ...

No More Political & Religious Slogans on Tripoli’s Roundabouts?

1 week ago
Tripoli’s municipality is trying to cut down on political & religious slogans in the city by removing all barriers across its roundabouts. Technically speaking, there’s no official decision taken yet to ban these slogans but ...