Said Akl Graffiti Vandalized in Gemmayze

Said Akl's graffiti in Gemmayze was recently vandalized. Few months ago, someone added some lipstick on the poet's lips but now it got totally ruined. Said Akl is considered one of the most important modern Lebanese poets and philosophers; he passed away in 2014 aged 102. I wouldn't be surprised if this was done on purpose as there are many who hate Akl for his political stances back in the 1980s. Nevertheless, he's still a…

Youth Minister Just Banned MMA in Lebanon

I just read Lebanon's Minister of Youth and Sports Mohammad Fneich has just banned mixed martial arts in Lebanon and removed all licenses linked to this game. Here's the full resolution as mentioned on Sports-961: Article 1: Resolution 67/1/2016 on 10/4/2012 regarding MMA is annulled, and so the said game becomes one of the non-practiced sports in Lebanon. Article 2: It is prohibited to any party, and under any title, to hold games, competitions and…

Ramlet el Baida Construction Works Halted by Lebanon’s Shura Council

1 day ago
Lebanon’s Shura Council issued a decision today to halt temporarily construction works of a luxury resort on the Ramlet el Baida beach, following a request for review that was submitted by Green Line Association and ...

Lebanon’s Energy Ministry Blames Electricity Problems on Refugees

2 days ago
The easiest thing to do these days is blame everything on Syrian refugees and the Syrian crisis. Air pollution? Syrian refugees. Increase in crime rates? Syrian refugees. No 24/24 electricity? Syrian refugees. There’s no doubt ...

WTF is Happening in Kaslik?

2 days ago
Prostitution rings, fist fights, gun fights outside nightclubs, I have no idea what’s happening in Kaslik these days and I had no idea there are so many people who go party there still. Check out ...

Marine Le Pen Refused to Cover Herself Up To Meet Mufti

3 days ago
I wasn’t really surprised to hear Le Pen refused to cover herself up when she went to meet Lebanon’s Grand Mufti today. Some will interpret it as a disrespectful act while others will claim that ...

Why Lebanese Parents Need to Register Their Children

4 days ago
Believe it or not, there are a lot of Lebanese parents who forget to register the birth of their children. Some of them don’t do it out of ignorance, neglect or simply failing to get ...

Financial Times Take on LBC’s “Take Me Out” (Na2ashet) Show

5 days ago
It’s pretty surprising to find an article on on LBCI’s controversial show “Take me out” but it’s a good take on the show and a polite bashing of the conservatives and bigots who want ...

Red-Light Enforcement Cameras Installed in #Beirut

5 days ago
The Traffic Management Center (TMC) is teaming up with Sensys Gatso Group, the leading provider of traffic safety solutions delivering systems, to install the first Red-light systems in Beirut. The red-light cameras were first tested ...

Sagesse Basketball Club Back on the Right Track?

1 week ago
Sagesse Basketball Club has one of the largest and most loyal fan-base in Lebanon but the team hasn’t been able to perform well in recent years due to poor management and a lack of sponsors ...