No We are Not Getting an Apple Store in #Beirut Soon

I have no idea who told we're getting an Apple store in Beirut but I spoke to a couple of friends who work at Apple and they both denied hearing such news. Also, it's hard to believe that Apple will open a store in Beirut that is run by a third party. In all cases, I didn't find any online sources about a store in Beirut and if you look at Apple's job openings…

“Submarine” by Mounia Akl Censored in Lebanon

Here's another silly act of censorship by the Lebanese authorities. Submarine, a movie by Mounia Akl, that tells the story of a Beirut that is still dealing with a trash crisis is apparently being censored in Lebanon. The reason why the movie won't be screening is not clear but Akl is saying it could be related to the garbage scenes and Beirut being portrayed negatively. The funny/sad part is that "Submarine" is being praised abroad,…

AUB Pays $700,000 to Settle Lawsuit

1 day ago
Now that’s a first! The American University of Beirut has agreed to pay a financial penalty of $700,000 to settle a lawsuit after being accused of assisting three organizations linked to Hezbollah. One example was ...

Beware of Sextortion

2 days ago
I’m glad Gino brought this issue up and shared SMEX Beirut’s very useful video on this matter. For those who are not familiar with this term, Sextortion is “a serious crime that occurs when someone ...

Ogero Head Promises Faster Internet by End of March

2 days ago
I missed out on new Ogero Head Imad Kreidieh’s talk at Arabnet this year but I just read an article where he’s promising to “double or triple the internet speed by end of March”, which ...

Gap in City Mall Bridge Kills Motorist

4 days ago
Two days ago, a motorist named Badih el Mir fell into a gap on the City Mall Bridge and died instantly. The 70 year old man used to drive his scooter to skip traffic and ...

Remembering The Mothers of the Disappeared

5 days ago
The years are passing by, and nothing is being done to clarify of the 17,000+ missing from Lebanon’s civil war. Their families are still waiting and fighting to learn of their loved ones’ fate. Imm ...

UK Just Banned Laptops, Tablets on Flights from Lebanon & Five Other Countries

5 days ago
After US authorities banned electronic devices from cabin baggage on flights from more than 10 Middle Eastern and North African countries, the UK followed suit and issued a similar flight ban on anything electronic larger ...

(Updated) AUB’s Insight Club Controversial Lecture on Homosexuality

5 days ago
Update: The lecture has been cancelled. Here’s the [memo]. The Insight Club is hosting a public lecture on Thursday 23rd of March at the Issam Fares Lecture Hall – AUB (near AUBMC) at 5PM on ...

US Ban on Electronic Devices to Affect 9 Middle Eastern Airports

6 days ago
CNN, BBC and The Guardian are reporting that the US authorities have just banned electronic devices from cabin baggage on flights from more than 10 Middle Eastern and North African countries. The requirement would forbid ...