What does the VAT Increase from 10 to 11% Mean for You?

The newly approved VAT increase from 10% to 11% will have a negative impact on all Lebanese as it will lead to an increase in living expenses and a decrease in the purchase power. Some are suggesting that the 1% increase will eventually lead to a 5 to 7% increase in the prices of goods, which means that consumers will feel poorer. Consequently, businesses will start to struggle as well as consumers will start spending…

Men Who Assaulted Syrian Arrested by the ISF

Interior Minister Machnouk tweeted this morning that the Lebanese men who assaulted and humiliated A Syrian man the other day and shared the video on Facebook. The video emerged following an anti-Lebanese army campaign that was led by a hateful and racist FB group whose job was to fuel tensions between Lebanese & Syrian refugees. Acts of violence and hate crimes against Syrians and other nationalities are not new in Lebanon but they should NEVER…

Founder of Syrian Union LB Facebook Page Arrested

3 days ago
LBC reported just now that the person behind the “Syrian Union in Lebanon” page, also known as “اتحاد الشعب السوري في لبنان” was arrested by the Lebanese authorities. He’s a 24 years old Syrian who ...

Pro and Anti-Lebanese Army Protests on Tuesday in Beirut

4 days ago
The Syrian Union in Lebanon (اتحاد الشعب السوري في لبنان) is calling for a peaceful protest on July 18th at the Samir Kassir square in Beirut against the practices of the Lebanese Army & Lebanese ...

Did you Like Fairouz’s “Yemken” Song?

5 days ago
Fairouz is releasing a new album on September 22 which will feature ten new songs. The album is the first collaboration with Fairouz’s daughter Reema Rahbany who is producing the album and the first time ...
Animals & Wildlife

Dog Chained on Adloun Highway

6 days ago
Several people apparently reported spotting a dog chained on the Adloun highway so a guy rushed to his help and filmed the whole thing. I’ve never seen something like that and I have no idea ...

Are “Rimon” Videos Funny or Wrong?

1 week ago
Rimon is some guy from Zahle whose ice bucket challenge video went viral so those who filmed it decided to set up a page for Rimon and share more funny videos there. Needless to say, ...

Contact the ICRC If You Know Someone who Went Missing in Times of War

1 week ago
Last year, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) launched the #TheDayIDisappeared campaign to draw attention to the fate of the individuals who went missing through conflict, disaster and migration and show solidarity with ...

Ballatna el Ba7er Zbele!

1 week ago
A couple of weeks ago, a video emerged showing tons of toxic waste being illegally dumped daily into the notorious Burj Hammoud that was supposedly closed down years ago. Last week, a report by Marie-ève ...

Tarit El 3asfouriyye

1 week ago
Update: I was informed by a friend who’s well knowledgeable on that matter that this is a rather old story and the Asfourieh has always been a private property: – The actual owner is the ...