Lebanese Parliament Finally Votes to Criminalize Torture Practices

Lebanon has finally amended its penal law to criminalize all acts of torture. Even though Lebanon had ratified the United Nations Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment in 2000, Article 401 of the Lebanese Penal Code did not "cover situations where torture is used other than for obtaining confessions or information" and did not criminalize non-physical forms of torture, such as mental or psychological torture. The new draft law…

About that Tripoli Beauty Parlor’s Controversy

A picture of a foreign worker holding the Arguile pipe for a customer at a beauty parlor has gone viral in the past couple of days. To be honest, when I shared the picture, I made sure the customer and worker's faces are blurred because the point was not to bash them personally, but to show what we've come to in our society, and how Arguile has become a must even in a freaking beauty…

Almost $100 Million Dollars in Aid Money Did not Reach Refugee Children in #Lebanon

1 day ago
Hundreds of millions of dollars were given to Lebanon, Turkey & Jordan: the three countries with the largest number of Syrian refugees, but a 55-page report by Human Rights Watch that tracked pledges made at ...

ISF Launches New Campaign To Crackdown on Texting & Driving Offenders

5 days ago
Policemen in civilian clothes is apparently part of the latest ISF campaign to enforce traffic law and fine texting & driving offenders. I watched the below report twice and looked up on the ISF Facebook ...

I’m Glad They Cancelled the Lebanese Army Festival in Beirut

6 days ago
I have no idea who was behind this brilliant idea, but organizing a festival to celebrate the Lebanese Army’s victory few days after parents of the martyred soldiers had buried their kids is a terrible ...

Man Attacking Passersby & Policemen with Knives in Hay el Selloum

1 week ago
Some guy called Abou Ali was threatening people with his knives yesterday in Hay el Selloum. He is seen in the video keeping away policemen and people trying to take him down but it doesn’t ...

How Some People Chose to Pay Respect to the Martyred Soldiers

1 week ago
The families of the Lebanese army soldiers urged everyone in a statement NOT to celebrate with guns during the slain soldiers’ funerals but some insisted on doing so and the result was one injured man ...
Animals & Wildlife

Hunting Crimes in Mount Lebanon Documented by The Committee Against Bird Slaughter

1 week ago
The indiscriminate killing of migratory birds is still ongoing in Lebanon and the Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) documented one of the many massacres taking place following a visit to Mount Lebanon. I heard a ...

Kid’s Reaction to Mansourieh’s High-Voltage Power Lines Says it all

2 weeks ago
The authorities been trying to force the installation of high-voltage lines over Mansourieh & Ain Saadeh for years with complete disregard to the residents’ demands and protests. Instead of figuring out other means to complete ...

A National Day of Mourning & An Investigation Into the 2014 Events

2 weeks ago
The DNA tests on Wednesday verified that the remains found near the Lebanese-Syrian border belong to the missing army men and a national day of mourning was declared on Friday. The relatives of the slain ...