Video Shows How Badly Equipped & Trained Our Firefighters Are

Fire Fighters have old fire trucks, old equipment, no substances to fight the fires and sometimes barely any water. They are not properly funded nor trained to do their work and the government has yet to invest in a decent firefighting unit and invest in fire prevention methods. A video is being circulated since last night showing firefighters trying to extinguish a burning car and failing miserably. Not only did they get there late, but…

Everything is Wrong about the Jal el Dib Sea Side Road

Few days ago, a couple of speed bumps were installed in front of Aishti Sea Side causing huge traffic and leaving motorists passing-by furious. How are they allowed to place speed bumps on a main road? Who gave them permission to do so? The truth is everything is wrong about this road and it's hazardous to drive there especially at night. There's no lighting, no signs, no safety barriers. The road is not even straight,…

Apps with Car Plates Directories Are Still Available Online

1 day ago
A friend was showing me yesterday an app she uses to figure out who’s blocking her car at the parking lot. It’s called MinMsakar where you simply need to enter the car’s license plate number ...

Spielberg’s Latest Movie “The Post” May be Banned in #Lebanon

4 days ago
I was asking around if there’s any avant-premiere events for Spielberg’s latest movie THE POST which features Tom Hanks & Meryl Streep but I was surprised to hear that the movie apparently didn’t pass censorship ...

Lebanese Cabinet Wants to Expand Costa Brava Landfill

5 days ago
Few days ago, I was arguing that “we don’t need McKinsey to clear garbage from the streets and recycle, we need competent ministers who are convinced that burning garbage is bad for our health and ...

Can McKinsey Help Revive Lebanon’s Economy?

1 week ago
Lebanons is hiring McKinsey & Co. to help restructure the economy and has apparently given the company half a million dollars in advance to kick off the study. The six-month agreement should kick off next ...

Stop Spreading that Stupid #Goatman Story in Choueifat

1 week ago
I can’t believe people still fall for such stories. Someone started a rumor that a human-goat hybrid is hiding somewhere in Choueifat and has already eaten four people, and that the security forces are after ...

VAT is Officially 11% Now in #Lebanon

2 weeks ago
The increase in VAT from 10 too 11% officials went into effect yesterday on Jan 1st 2018. The 1% increase is expected to lead to a 5 to 7% increase in the prices of goods, ...

LRC & AUBMC On New Year’s Eve: Don’t Drink & Drive

2 weeks ago
Every year, it is important to remind all party goers on New Year’s Eve not to drink and drive. If you’re planning on getting wasted, take a cab or just grab a ride with your ...
Animals & Wildlife

Ghobeiry Municipality Issues Statement, Says They Didn’t order the Killing of Stray Dogs

2 weeks ago
Following the horrendous video that was shared yesterday showing Ghobeiry municipality members poisoning and killing stray dogs, the municipality issued a statement today claiming they did not order the killing and that the act was ...