A Platform We Desperately Need For the Upcoming #Elections

As elections are approaching, we have everything from informational videos on the electoral process, poll-based apps, apps that inform you further on the candidates and their programs, but the one missing platform that no one has bothered develop yet, at least not to my knowledge, is one that tracks down every candidate's political statements and alliances throughout the past 5 or 10 years. If going through all candidates is a hassle, the simplest thing is…

#Elections2018: Polling Stations Still ill-equipped To Accommodate People with Disabilities

Elections are in a couple of weeks and Lebanese with disabilities won't be able to vote at the majority of polling stations because they are ill-equipped to accommodate citizens with disabilities. Tens of people were protesting in Beirut's Riad el Solh square asking the government to fulfill their promises and guarantee an accessible voting process for people with disabilities, but in vain ... Lebanon signed the U.N.’s Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities…

Updated Working Hours for Government Employees

4 days ago
Minister of Social Affairs announced yesterday a new schedule for government employees that goes as such: Monday till Thursday from 7:30AM till 3:15PM Friday from 8AM till 11AM In other words, they will be only ...

Lack of BDL Housing Loans (Isken) is a Serious Problem

5 days ago
It is still not clear how the total amount for housing loan subsidies for 2018 has been completely used up in just one month but as a result of that, banks are no longer accepting ...

Prominent Activist Take On The 24/7 Electricity Electoral Promises

1 week ago
Not only are some candidates’ electoral videos lacking in credibility but they are even lacking in creativity. Take a look at LOGI’s awesome video on the proposed oil & gas draft laws and compare it ...

Blocking an Ambulance To Make Way for an Armored Convoy

1 week ago
Last week, I was stuck in traffic right next to an ambulance waiting for armed men in civilian clothes to clear the way. I have no idea if the ambulance was in a rush or ...

I Loved El 3ama’s Live Interview with MP Nadim Gemayel!

1 week ago
Whether we’re into politics or not, we’re all bombarded left and right by electoral campaigns, political TV shows and talk shows but honestly speaking, none of it is as captivating and genuine as El 3alam’s ...

Controversial Article 50 of the 2018 Budget Paving the Way for Naturalization?

2 weeks ago
You’d expect the Lebanese parliament to make the new 2018 Lebanese budget available online or in the papers, especially that it’s the first budget we pass since 2005 but I couldn’t find it anywhere and ...

List of Donors at the #CEDRE Conference

2 weeks ago
Lebanon received more than $11 billion between loans and grants at the CEDRE conference last week, in a bid to support development projects and reforms in the country. We were looking for investments between $16 ...

Can We Use The New Driving License Abroad?

2 weeks ago
Biometric driving licenses were introduced a year ago and they’re relatively easy to acquire. All you need to do is go to the “Nef3a” with a passport photo, a copy of your ID and your ...