12 Gun-Related Crimes & 13 Victims in the Past Month in #Lebanon

There's a list being shared online showing the names of 17 victims of violence in the past 21 days. That's a shocking number to say the least but I did check every single one of them and the list is unfortunately accurate. 1- Lamis Nacouche: 8 year old killed by mistake during a gun fight. 2- Palestinian Ali Harouk: Killed by mistake by his friend. 3- Sheikh Nidal al Danaf: Killed during a gun fight.…

#OnlyInLebanon: Tomatoes & Eggs are More Dangerous than Guns & RPGs

When unarmed young men & women protest by throwing eggs and tomatoes at politicians renewing their term for the third time illegally, they can beaten severely and humiliated in front of the cameras, and no one is held accountable. When a group of people celebrate the release of a criminal by firing guns, machine guns and RPGs in broad day light in the middle of the street, the video goes viral on Facebook and no…

1,400 Tons of Toxic Waste Dumped Daily in Burj Hammoud

5 days ago
Just like Saida is getting a new landfill, the Lebanese Transparency Association shared a video few days ago showing how tons of toxic waste are being illegally dumped daily into the notorious Burj Hammoud that ...

The New Electoral Law: How Does it Work?

6 days ago
The Lebanese cabinet has finally approved an electoral law after months of ongoing debates and disputes. To be honest, I stopped following up on this matter a month or two ago and I was almost ...

Woman Waving Flag in Horrific Grenfell Fire Believed to Be Lebanese Mother of Three

1 week ago
The above is one of the most harrowing images to come out of London’s Greenfell Tower fire where a woman is seen waving a flag from her window. The woman has apparently been identified as ...

What Justice For Roy Hamoush?

2 weeks ago
Every time an innocent person gets killed by armed thugs, whether at a night club or on the road or even by accident, we start asking for justice and condemn the state of lawlessness that ...

One Killed in Tripoli Mina Drag Race Held in Broad Day Light

2 weeks ago
Every Sunday, reckless and dangerous drag races are organized all over Lebanon in broad day light and the police is nowhere to be seen. Sometimes road are blocked (illegally) and other times they just race ...

A New Garbage Mountain in Saida?

4 weeks ago
The Lebanese Transparency Association are sharing a video showing a new garbage mountain emerging in Saida. Just when we thought they got rid of the 30+ years old mountain garbage in Saida, the company in ...

Another Flop From Lebanon’s Tourism Minister

1 month ago
First Tourism Minister Guidanian says he prefers Armenia over Lebanon and now he’s attacking Middle East Airlines and promoting non-Lebanese airlines. During a radio interview with Sawt Lebnen, he stated that what the MEA is ...

#AUB4Refugees: Dispelling Negative Perceptions with Facts

1 month ago
AUB professor and Director of Research at the Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs Dr. Nasser Yassin is addressing the Syrian refugee crisis with facts, as part of the #AUB4Refugees initiative. The ...