Controversial Article 50 of the 2018 Budget Paving the Way for Naturalization?

You'd expect the Lebanese parliament to make the new 2018 Lebanese budget available online or in the papers, especially that it's the first budget we pass since 2005 but I couldn't find it anywhere and even more specifically, none of the articles on the budget had any reference to the controversial Article 50 that allows any foreign national who invests in a real estate starting at around $500,000 inside Beirut and $330,000 elsewhere to obtain…

List of Donors at the #CEDRE Conference

Lebanon received more than $11 billion between loans and grants at the CEDRE conference last week, in a bid to support development projects and reforms in the country. We were looking for investments between $16 and $17 billion for Phase I and Phase II of the Capital Investment Program that was being presented, so the outcome is rather positive and exceeded expectations. However, these billions don't really mean anything and will only increase our debts…

Can We Use The New Driving License Abroad?

2 weeks ago
Biometric driving licenses were introduced a year ago and they’re relatively easy to acquire. All you need to do is go to the “Nef3a” with a passport photo, a copy of your ID and your ...

Dutch Ambassador Jan Waltmans Joins Eves on Wheels for a Bike Ride in Tripoli Mina

2 weeks ago
What began as a simple photography project to celebrate women and their bicycles in Tripoli has turned into frequent bike rides around Lebanon, and a regular call to celebrate life with women on bikes. The ...

A Part of Me Doesn’t Want “CEDRE” To Succeed

3 weeks ago
We’ve been to Paris already three times now, and every time made reform promises that never came to be. Our debt has accumulated over the years, most of the projects to enhance the infrastructure and ...

90K Registered Lebanese Expats Data Leaked?

3 weeks ago
When the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants was asking Lebanese expats to register online to vote in the upcoming elections, a lot of questions were raised on the privacy policies on the website and ...
Animals & Wildlife

Brutally Beaten Horse in Tripoli Rescued by Animals Lebanon

3 weeks ago
Following the horrible video that emerged online showing a horse being brutally beaten in a farm in Tripoli, Animals Lebanon notified the officials, went to the crime scene with the ISF and confiscated the horse. ...

Unemployment Rate in #Lebanon at 46%?

3 weeks ago
I was just reading that President Aoun warned yesterday “that the grave economic situation, presence of Syrian refugees and the reluctance of Lebanese to take low-paid jobs has caused unemployment to soar to 46 percent”, ...

After Yoga, Tattoos are Now Satanic

4 weeks ago
I’m glad I tuned in to watch Joe Maalouf yesterday, especially the segment on the gothic-style wedding that took place in Ballouneh and caused in controversy. To be honest, I didn’t comment on the wedding ...

Why do Lebanese Keep Voting for the Same People Over & Over Again?

1 month ago
The only good thing about the new electoral law is that it’s truly showing every party’s true colors. Even though the law was handcrafted by those in power, the fact that they’re not used to ...