Contact the ICRC If You Know Someone who Went Missing in Times of War

Last year, the International Committee of the Red Cross launched the #TheDayIDisappeared campaign to draw attention to the fate of the individuals who went missing through conflict, disaster and migration and show solidarity with their loved ones. They also submitted a request to collect biological reference data from the relatives of missing persons to facilitate identification later on by cross-checking DNA samples. This year, the ICRC has created a hotline 03/186386 asking people who know…

#ByYourSide: How The British Embassy is Helping Lebanese Cope With The Syrian Crisis

A lot of Lebanese believe that foreign embassies and NGOs are showing more support to Syrian refugees in Lebanon and ignoring the Lebanese but that's definitely not the case when it comes to the British Embassy in Beirut. Since 2011, the UK has been involved in hundreds of projects from renewable energies, water tanks, new schools, irrigation canals, sports fields, waste management and supporting local communities in over 250 municipalities in Lebanon. To name few:…

After Beirut, Tripoli Gets its own Wall of Kindness

1 month ago
A group of Tripolitans loved the idea behind the Wall of Kindness that was set up in Sodeco a week ago and decided to do the same in Tripoli, one of Lebanon’s largest and poorest ...

Lebanon’s Wall of Kindness: Offering Help to Homeless & Needy People

1 month ago
A group of people have apparently heard about the first wall of kindness in Iran and decided to bring a little Kindness to Beirut. Lebanon’s first Wall of Kindness is located in Sodeco along the ...

Why Quotas for Women in Politics are Needed in #Lebanon

2 months ago
Lebanon currently ranks 180th out of 187 countries in the world in terms of women representation in parliament. We scored for years the lowest rates in terms of women political empowerment with less than 3% ...

31 Wedding Dresses Hung in Beirut to Protest Article 522

2 months ago
ABAAD hung 31 wedding dresses on Ain el Mraysseh to protest Lebanon’s law on rape that still allows a rapist to get away with his crime if he marries his victim. The 31 partially-shredded symbolize ...

Batman to the rescue in the Bekaa

2 months ago
War Child is an international NGO investing helping out children and young people affected by armed conflict. They’ve been doing an amazing work for years now in Lebanon helping out Syrian refugees and they’ve just ...

Mental Health now Covered in Lebanese Hospitals

3 months ago
Mental disorders touch 25% of the Lebanese population according to reports and everyone of us is vulnerable to these mental health issues. We’ve seen plenty of awareness campaigns this year in regards to mental illness ...

#PreventChildAbuse: Break The Silence & Report

3 months ago
The month of April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month and Himaya, the local NGO working on child protection, is initiating an awareness campaign and asking people to break the silence and report child abuse ...

Remembering The Mothers of the Disappeared

4 months ago
The years are passing by, and nothing is being done to clarify of the 17,000+ missing from Lebanon’s civil war. Their families are still waiting and fighting to learn of their loved ones’ fate. Imm ...