Remembering The Mothers of the Disappeared

The years are passing by, and nothing is being done to clarify of the 17,000+ missing from Lebanon's civil war. Their families are still waiting and fighting to learn of their loved ones’ fate. Imm Rashid is one of many mothers who are still hopeful that their son is still alive even though he has gone missing since 1976. These mothers want to bury their children and weep for them, they need to close this…

#Ntebho_Online: An Awareness Campaign on Online Threats

If you ever decide to give your child a connected device, it is important to make sure that you are in total control because it's a big an dangerous virtual world out there, just as dangerous as the real one sometimes if not more. Awareness is never enough on that topic but it's a good start and the Ministry of Social Affairs/Higher Council of Childhood has just kicked off an online campaign called Ntebho_Online "highlight…

Why Lebanese Parents Need to Register Their Children

7 months ago
Believe it or not, there are a lot of Lebanese parents who forget to register the birth of their children. Some of them don’t do it out of ignorance, neglect or simply failing to get ...

Financial Times Take on LBC’s “Take Me Out” (Na2ashet) Show

8 months ago
It’s pretty surprising to find an article on on LBCI’s controversial show “Take me out” but it’s a good take on the show and a polite bashing of the conservatives and bigots who want ...

Learn to Love #Beirut

8 months ago
So a French astronaut shows interest in our city which he happens to find beautiful, and we just take this opportunity to roll out all our anger and negativity. A foreigner shares his fascination with ...

Human Rights Watch [2016] Report: HR Situation Deteriorating in Lebanon

9 months ago
The Human Rights situation has deteriorated in 2016 in Lebanon according to the Human Rights yearly report, but the end of the presidential vaccuum and the new government’s formation present an opportunity to turn the ...

Parliament’s Administration and Justice Committee Agreed to Abolish Article 522

10 months ago
Update: Just to be clear, the committee agreed to scrap the article but the parliament still needs to vote on it. Also LBCI reported that the committee has only agreed so far to scrap it ...

Abolish Article 522 of Lebanon’s Penal Code

10 months ago
Article 522 in the Lebanese Penal Code allows rapists to get away with their crime if they marry the woman they raped. That article was meant to preserve the “honor and dignity of the victim’s ...

#NotYourAshta Campaign

10 months ago
THE KIP Project on Gender and Sexuality has launched the #NotYourAshta campaign to shed light on the issue of street harassment in Lebanon. The campaign kicked off on November 14 and ends on November 25 ...

Lebanese Girls Asked If They Would Date a Syrian Guy

11 months ago
A group of Lebanese female students were asked if they would date a Syrian and all of them said no because they come from a different culture. Some of the answers were really dumb but ...