#ForwardWithLebanon: Lebanon and the EU

Since 2011, it feels like most of the work being done by the international community in Lebanon, has been geared towards refugees. While the refugee crisis has required a lot of support from the rest of the world, Lebanese communities haven’t been left out to dry. One example of longstanding partnerships with Lebanese communities across the country, is with the European Union. For years, the EU has helped out in diverse projects that have helped…

Remembering April 13 1975: The Missing Have Been Absent yet Somehow Still Present

Thousands of Lebanese disappeared and have been missing since April 13 1975, their names are still on electoral lists but they're not here. Their families are still looking for answers but the government has yet to pass a law for the families of the missing to unveil the fate of their beloved ones and ease their indescribable pain. With the Lebanese Parliamentary Elections set to take place on May 6, ICRC Lebanon has launched a…

Dutch Ambassador Jan Waltmans Joins Eves on Wheels for a Bike Ride in Tripoli Mina

5 months ago
What began as a simple photography project to celebrate women and their bicycles in Tripoli has turned into frequent bike rides around Lebanon, and a regular call to celebrate life with women on bikes. The ...

Lebanese Women’s Struggle in One Infographic

6 months ago
Megaphone shared an infographic showing the various obstacles that Lebanese women had to overcome over the years in their struggle for women’s rights, and the many struggles that remain. The infographic showcases ten key stages ...

Insights Into Men & Gender Equality in Lebanon

6 months ago
Promundo and UN Women, with ABAAD and Connecting Research to Development (CRD) surveyed 1,050 men and 1,136 women between the ages of 18 and 59, representing both the Lebanese and Syrian populations living in Lebanon ...

UN Listens: Submit Your Ideas Today

7 months ago
During the past few years, living in the shadow of the conflict in Syria, it’s easy for many to assume the UN just works with refugees in Lebanon. This though, is far from the case. ...

Verbal Violence Against Lebanese Women in Common Language & Sayings

9 months ago
The National Commission for Lebanese Women (NCLW) along with the UNFPA has launched a campaign aimed at shedding light on the verbal violence facing women in the common language and sayings. They basically reversed these ...

Brilliant Campaign on Consensual Sex

9 months ago
I never imagined someone would tweak a Lebanese mom force feeding a guest into a campaign on consensual sex and how it’s wrong to force people to do things against their will. Awesome and creative ...

Alarming Statistics That Show The Reality Of Sexual Violence In Lebanon

10 months ago
I was watching a report on LBC on Sunday regarding sexual violence in Lebanon and the numbers they showed are quite scary to say the least. More importantly, they shed the light on the pathetic ...

Article 522 Finally Abolished?

1 year ago
I just read on LBCI, Naharnet and a couple of other media portals that the Lebanese Parliament has officially abolished Article 522 of Lebanon’s Penal Code. Eight months ago, the Parliament’s Administration and Justice committee ...