#BlogWaladi: Five Things I am NOT Enjoying As a Parent

After sharing the five things I am enjoying the most as a parent, here are the five things I am NOT really enjoying: 1- Bottle cleaning Separate each part of the bottle, rinse the bottles and attachment with a special brush using a special detergent, then fill the bottle sterilizer with water after making sure it's clean, put the bottles and attachments and turn it on. Once done, re-assemble the bottles and put them in…

What Are We Teaching Our Kids In Lebanon?

Last week, my wife and I managed to get out of the country and spend a few days in Europe. We wanted to recharge our batteries and get away from the daily pressures we all face in the country. The whole trip was amazing and we managed to disconnect and enjoy the beautiful cities of Budapest and Vienna during winter time. Looking back at the trip and any other trip, you realize that so many…

#BlogWaladi: Five Things I am Enjoying The Most As a Parent

8 months ago
Brian will be 7 months old on February 1st, and every day is proving to be a new adventure for us. Here are five things I am enjoying the most as a parent so far. ...

#BlogWaladi: Baby Brian’s First Christmas

10 months ago
The most wonderful time of year became even more wonderful this year with Baby Brian around. I’ve been reading tips and tricks on how to make his first Christmas a special one but the truth ...

#BlogWaladi: Five Things I’m Getting Baby Brian For His First Christmas

10 months ago
I think it’s pretty obvious from all my pictures and posts that Christmas is my favorite time of year. I love everything about this month (except traffic of course). This year we’re very excited for ...

#BlogWaladi: Are We Taking Too Many Pictures Of Our Kids?

11 months ago
I currently have 852 pictures and 83 videos of our baby in my library and he’s barely 4 months old. At this rate, I will have over 2000+ pictures by the time he turns 1 ...

#BlogWaladi: Blogging As A Parent

1 year ago
I was looking at dad blogs before writing this post but I couldn’t find any in Lebanon or the Middle East. I know it’s not very common for men to share their experience as parents ...

I’m Now Officially A Father And It Feels Awesome!

1 year ago
My wife gave birth to a healthy baby boy at 9:17am this morning weighing 2.87 kilos. I’m not sure I can describe how it felt to see the baby popping out but it was an ...

Getting A Wedding Loan Is The Worst Idea Ever!

1 year ago
This is one of the many wedding loan promotions I see in Lebanon – I scratched the bank’s name because the post is directed to couples rather than criticizing banks that are simply doing what’s ...

10 Reasons Why I Love Reading Ivysays

1 year ago
1- She’s smart, witty and pretty. 2- She has become a good friend and she’s a great person to talk to. 3- She makes great burgers. 4- She’s original and consistent in her posts and ...